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On Pegan’s spaceship, the crew on board watched in fear as the spaceship’s scouter reading continued to rise.

It was different from the portable scouter carried by warriors.

The scouter on the spaceship is bigger and much bulkier, but the upper limit of the scouter is also higher and the maximum Power Level can be as accurate as 1.1 million!

This is also the maximum Power Level value that can be detected since the scouter was invented.

Right now, along with the changes in Lin Chen’s body, the Power Level readings on the spacecraft were constantly rising.


800 000……




On the spaceship, another big explosion suddenly occurred.

One of the surviving crew members, who was on his last breath, said with the on-board communicator on the spaceship: “Pegan…Lord Pegan! That guy, that guy’s Power Level has exceeded 1.1 million!”

“1.1 million”

On hearing this, not only Pegan, but all the aliens outside were dumbfounded.

1.1 million

In this world, apart from the Frost Demon race, there are still people with such a terrifying Power Level



A roar attracted these people’s dazed eyes.

They saw that the aura around Lin Chen had completely turned golden yellow, not only that, but his hair had almost straightened, and the original black hair had turned reddish-black!


Lin Chen let out a sigh of relief.

He could feel that he had already reached his limits.

Right now, although he hasn’t yet become a Super Saiyan, he has stepped into False Super Saiyan stage.

In this state, although it is not the real Super Saiyan, it has power similar to a Super Saiyan.

“System, what is my current Power Level” Lin Chen asked in his mind.

“Host’s Power Level: 3.9 million, ” the system replied.


Lin Chen was stunned for a moment.

He clearly remembers that according to the original work, Super Saiyan can cause the Power Level to increase by 50-times.

Although he is only a False Super Saiyan now, it stands to reason that it should have at least been a 10-times increase, but why is it not even 7-times

“System, did you miscalculate”

“The system’s calculations are accurate.”

Never mind……

Lin Chen suppressed his doubts for the time being.

Now is not the time to explore the cause.

Because when he was wondering about why his Power Level was slightly on the lower side, in the distance, the space pirates were already fleeing in panic and trying to escape.

“Too strong!”

“Run! This guy can’t be a Saiyan! He’s a demon! A demon!”

“I know, he must be that Saiyan! It must be this Saiyan who seriously injured King Frieza! We actually ran into him!”


At this time, in the sky where the cries were constantly being heard, a loud shout suddenly stopped everyone.

“A bunch of trash, shut up!”

The tall Pegan flew out of the crowd and yelled at everyone with an angry look on his face.

“What’s the point of panicking! Don’t think about it, how can a Saiyan have 1 million Power Level”

“The scouter must have malfunctioned, a mere Saiyan monkey…”

Pegan’s words were just halfway through when his eyes suddenly widened.

When he lowered his head, he saw that a hand had pierced through his chest.

Lin Chen’s faint voice sounded in his ear.

“Whether the scouter malfunctioned or not, you can experience it yourself.”

Lin Chen’s palm exploded with a flash of light, and Pegan, who was penetrated by his one hand, immediately exploded into pieces amidst a flash.

When the smoke cleared, Pegan had disappeared in front of everyone.

In the past, a strong expert with a Power Level of 170,000, no matter in which corner of the universe, may not be able to dominate that region, but he could at least come and go freely.

But in front of Lin Chen, he didn’t even last a single move.

“Escape! Escape!”

“Lord Pegan was wrong, he really has 1 million Power Level!”

“Super Saiyan, this Saiyan must be the Super Saiyan from legends!”

Amidst the sounds of fear, no one had the courage to stay here, and all the space pirates fled to their spaceship.

The spacecraft which was still emitting smoke also began to turn around and change its direction in order to quickly escape.

“Don’t even think of escaping.”

Lin Chen condensed the energy of his whole body at one point and the golden aura surged out.

Suddenly, a golden energy beam blasted out from the aura around Lin Chen.

The golden beam was like a comet, piercing through the sky and swallowing those space pirates.

Boom, boom, boom!

The entire sky was plunged into golden lights, and the space pirates were completely swallowed by the golden beams before they could even scream.

Confirming that no one escaped, Lin Chen smiled and used Instant Transmission to return to Broly’s side.

“Brother Links!” Broly rushed to Lin Chen’s side excitedly.

Lin Chen stroked his head with a smile, then looked at Nail and said, “This should be counted as fulfilling a promise, right When you see Great Elder later, remember to testify for me!”

Nail nodded, but he was inwardly shocked.

Back then, when Lin Chen met the Great Elder, at the cost of protecting the Namekians three times in the future, Great Elder agreed to unlock his potential and give him the chance to make use of the divine dragon three times.

At that time, he thought that this person was talking big.

Even if he relied on the power of Great Elder to improve his strength, saying that he could protect the Namekians with such little ability, isn’t that talking big

But who would have thought that five years later, this Saiyan’s strength would increase to such a level!

Among those space pirates just now, Nail could clearly sense that there were several people whose strength far surpassed his.

If it wasn’t for Lin Chen taking action, if they had to only rely on the strength of Namekians, I’m afraid they would face a catastrophe.

However, the Saiyan in front of him easily finished off the opponent and rescued Planet Namek once…

Great Elder’s prediction at that time was really not wrong, this Saiyan has really become the savior of the Namekians!

With Lin Chen’s Instant Transmission, the three of them quickly arrived at the residence of Great Elder.

At this time, there were already several Namekian Elders present, who were asking the Great Elder for help because of the broadcast of the space pirates that they heard before.

But the appearance of Lin Chen and the others stunned the elders.

“All right.

The danger has been taken care of.”

At this time, the old and decrepit Great Elder said: “Those space pirates have been dealt by Saiyan Links.

If there is nothing else, go back to your respective villages and let everyone be at ease.”

The elders looked at the three of them who suddenly appeared, but couldn’t speak.

Finally, someone said, “Lin, Links, you are awake.”

At that time, Lin Chen had trained on Planet Namek for a whole year and visited almost all Namekian villages, so he was naturally no stranger to the Elders.

“That’s right.

Great Elder was right just now.

I have already dealt with those space pirates.

Elders, please go back without worrying about anything.” Links laughed.

Hearing this, the Elders glanced at each other, and finally nodded and left, leaving everything to the most reliable Great Elder to deal with.


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