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Chapter 5 – This Name Matches Me Really Well

Lu Qipei did not want to go with Qi Yang – not at all, even though her heart was filled with guilt towards her.

Or rather, it could be said that it was precisely because she felt guilty towards the latter that she could not go back with her – leaving the capital and away from her was the best choice for Qi Yang!

However, Her Highness had already said the words.

Was there anyone who could refuse

The little princess, who had been wiping Lu Qipei’s face gently like water just a moment ago, didn’t give the latter a chance to refuse after announcing that she was going to take her away with her, and turned around and left.

Lu Qipei was stunned when she saw Qi Yang’s unusually resolute back, and blurted out “Princess”.

The surrounding soldiers’ faces immediately turned solemn when they heard the words, but they did not have to do anything at all.

After seeing Her Highness’s gesture, several palace maids rushed towards Lu Qipei and swarmed her, half dragging her away, sending her to Her Highness’s carriage…

The leader of the guards was stunned to see this situation, but in the end, he had been in the palace for many years and had seen a lot of things, and in the next moment he already returned to a calm appearance.

After he waves his hand, the other soldiers put away their weapons and rejoined the team, and didn’t even forget to take Lu Qipei’s ox cart away.

The clopping of hoof of could be heard, and after stopping by the roadside for less than 15 minutes, Princess Qi Yang’s carriage set off again.

Inside the carriage, Lu Qipei tidied her patched-up clothes and looked at Qi Yang with a complicated gaze.

She did not expect to meet her this early, and didn’t expect their “reunion” to be like this, so for a moment, she didn’t know what to say.

On the other hand, Qi Yang was looking at her with raised chin, smiling with a very happy look in her eyes.

She stared at Lu Qipei’s face intently, as if she were unwilling to miss a single look.

She saw the latter’s reluctant look but did not mind at all – all she did was raise her hand and point to the seat next to her, saying “Sit down.” She continued, “Sit down.

Tell me, how do you know that I’m the princess”

Lu Qipei panicked a little, but calmed down again and lowered her eyes while pretending to be ignorant.

“You are dressed very lavishly and have soldiers guarding you when you travel, how can you not be the princess”

When Qi Yang heard this, she smiled again.

She had always looked so beautiful when she smiled, and people couldn’t help but smile when they look at her pure and innocent appearance.

It was also for this reason that the Emperor doted on her and the Crown Prince treated her very well, and even the palace maids around her wanted to spoil her and protect her… Qi Yang’s life could almost be described as smooth sailing, and this in turn made her smile even more.

Lu Qipei had never seen Qi Yang lose her smile, although since her eyes was looking down right now, she couldn’t she the latter’s beautiful smiling face.

She was caught off guard as her hands were held by another pair of slim and soft hands, almost making her lose her composure.

Qi Yang didn’t care about Lu Qipei’s startled face.

She took her hand and rubbed the long soft hands with her fingertips.

Lu Qipei was raised based on the standards on a noble family’s son.

Not only was her face as white as jade, even her hands were obviously well taken care of.

Other than some traces left behind from holding a brush, carrying a sword and grasping a bow, it could basically be called flawless.

Who would believe that she was a commoner born to do rough work with this kind of hands

Qi Yang took Lu Qipei’s hand and rubbed it carefully.

Even if she pretended to be indifferent, Zhi Ting who knew her well seemed to see some satisfaction on her face… Seeing her like this made Zhi Ting feel like she was seeing something she shouldn’t see.

But Qi Yang didn’t care how Zhi Ting reacted.

She took advantage of Lu Qipei until she was satisfied, then held up the latter’s fair hands and asked the person who was stunned in front of her.

“Are you playing dumb”

Lu Qipei was dumbfounded, her mind filled with how Qi Yang was holding and touching her hands.

If the other party wasn’t her little princess, if another man tried to do something so obscene like this, she would definitely have broken their legs!

But the person in front of her was her little princess, so what could she do Of course, she could only let her be.

Lu Qipei’s heart was filled with feelings that were hard to explain, and he almost doubted if she had mistaken her for someone else.

Hearing Qi Yang’s question, her brain felt slower than usual, and she was half a beat slow to realize that her hand was being raised.

Most of her identity had probably been exposed.

For some reason, Lu Qipei actually felt relieved.

At least Her Highness was not touching her hands with an ulterior motive, and was just confirming the flaws in her suspicion.

Such a proper yet witty reason made the former Prince Consort feel even a little gratified.

But it was also impossible to tell the truth, so she withdrew her hand and said with a sigh, “I just didn’t want to participate in the Spring Exam and ran away from home.

This shouldn’t have anything to do with Your Highness, right”

Lu Qipei admitted that she had a good family background, so there was an explanation to how she recognized Princess Qi Yang’s identity.

Both Qi Yang’s dress and the number of horses drawing her carriage1 were both telling, and anyone with the knowledge could recognize it.

Qi Yang wasn’t thinking about what was wrong with Lu Qipei in front of her.

She was just surprised by her answer itself – who would’ve thought that the champion of the Spring Exam and the Qionglin banquet had escaped on the eve of the exam

Just as Lu Qipei was amazed at the difference with Qi Yang, the latter’s heart was also filled with surprise.

It was necessary to get reacquainted with each other.

Neither of them wanted to show anything weird about themselves, so they had to keep their acting skills up in full force.

So the two people who already knew each other’s identities well went around in circles for a long time, and finally exchanged names again.

Originally, Lu Qipei did not want to tell her name, but Qi Yang kept insisting to the point where she had no choice.

It was worth mentioning that similar to the past, this was their “first meeting”.

In her previous life, she walked around using Lu Qicheng’s name, so naturally the name she told her back then was Lu Qicheng’s name.

In this life, she did not want to deceive Qi Yang from the start.

Even if she couldn’t stay away from her, she did not want to let Lu Qicheng take advantage of this opportunity, so she told her real name…

“My surname is Lu, my name is Qipei.

Qi as in chéngqiánqǐhòu2 and Pei as in pèiyǔgānlín3.” Answered Lu Qipei.

It was an unknown name, and even if Her Highness took interest and went to the Ministry of Rites to check the examination list, it would not exist.

But when this name fell on Qi Yang’s ears, her heart felt sour again.

In the previous life, the elegant and unparalleled top scholar died silently without even leaving a name, everything she had taken away by someone else.

Qi Yang had spent three years secretly investigating and found out that Lu Qicheng had a twin sister, but till the end she couldn’t find out her name.

When she heard Lu Qipei say it herself right now, her heart was filled with ten thousand feelings.

The more she saw Qi Yang’s expression, the more Lu Qipei became confused.

After hesitating, she asked, “Your Highness, what is wrong with my name”

Qi Yang finally collected herself and shook her head, “Nothing, it’s a good name.” After saying that, seeing that Lu Qipei seemed relieved, she suddenly smiled again and continue, “I think this name matches me very well.

You should become my Prince Consort.”

Once those words came out, it was not only Lu Qipei who was stunned.

Even Zhi Ding who was standing by couldn’t help standing up.

Zhi Ting had always felt that Her Highness was acting weird like this, but she couldn’t stand it anymore if it’s as weird as this! The current Zhi Ting did not have the calmness and composure she had in her later years yet, and she almost jumped in front of Qi Yang, hurriedly saying, “Your Highness, don’t! The matter of Prince Consort isn’t a joke!”

Lu Qipei also reacted.

His expression turned complicated for a while before saying, “Your Highness, please don’t joke, I…”

The situation was moving so fast that Lu Qipei did not have enough time to react.

She only knew that she could not repeat the same mistake from before, so she subconsciously wanted to tell Qi Yang that she was a woman.

However, it was as if Qi Yang saw through her intention as she raised her hand and pressed it on Lu Qipei’s lips, stopping all those unspoken words.

At the same time, she restrained her smile and said seriously, “I’m not joking.”

Lu Qipei’s heart instantly beat a little faster, but Zhi Ting felt as if the sky was going to collapse – she had not even figured out how to persuade Her Highness to release this person before they enter the palace gates yet, but Her Highness ended up being too amazing! She could randomly pick someone up by the road and make them the Prince Consort!

This kind of thing, this kind of thing… if His Majesty found out, he would definitely peel their skin off, right!

But ignoring whether the two were shocked or frightened, Qi Yang pressed her fingertips on Lu Qipei’s soft lips, only to feel a slight itch in her heart.

Her last bit of reason prevented her from doing anything even more outrageous, but she was too reluctant to withdraw her hand on Lu Qipei’s lips.

Author notes:

Lu Qi Pei (rejoicing): My little princess is still innocent.

She didn’t touch my hands to take advantage of me, just trying to check the flaws in her suspicion.

Qiyang (ready to cause trouble): I want to bring home the Prince Consort I caught right away, then do whatever I want with her…

Translator notes:


There’s a rule regarding the number of horses that draws a carriage in ancient China.

The Emperor’s carriage has six horses, and commoners’ have one, with different ranks in between having two to five horses.


Lu Qipei is using known idioms to show which exact character make up her name (because there’s many similar sounding words in Chinese).

This one mean inheriting the will of the ancestors and opening/creating a path for future descendants, where the Qi from Qipei is the opening/creating part.


This one is an idiom meaning abundant rain, sweet heavy rain, where Pei means abundant/abundance.

I think there’s a bit of irony in the meaning of Lu Qipei’s name (creating abundance) when she ended up only being used to create abundance for someone else in her previous life.  Incidentally, Lu Qicheng’s name means creating success/accomplishments.

On a side note, I finally managed to set up a ko-fi.

This is my first time setting up something like this, so I hope I did it right (>﹏>) If you enjoyed the chapters, please consider supporting me in ko-fi.

There are advanced chapters available for supporters too! (≧∀≦)


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