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Chapter 28.1 – I Am Her Fiancée (1)

Spring outing, apricot blossoms falling above the head.

Who is that youth on that street, so elegant and beautiful1

The weather was warm as March came to an end, and many people went out to play.

Although there were no apricot blossoms on the bank of Qingshui river, there was a peach blossom forest in full bloom.

And because their blooming period was about to end, when wind blew on the branches, the peach blossom flowers would rain down in a shower of pink, creating a very beautiful scenery.

Lu Qipei leisurely walked among the trees, and soon pink petals fell on her hair and shoulders.

The peach blossoms became the background that perfectly suited her jade-like face, making her look even more beautiful than the peach blossoms.

There were many people touring the peach blossom forest today, and that youth attracted countless eyes.

She just looked around from time to time, as if she didn’t realize it.

But her feet moved firmly in one direction, as if she was purposely looking for someone.

This also stopped the young girls who wanted to strike up a conversation and get acquainted with the youth, and they only looked at her pass by from afar before going away.

The letter Qi Yang sent yesterday wasn’t very detailed, only setting a meeting at the peach blossom forest by Qingshui river.

However, the peach blossom forest spanned more than ten acres, and if one wanted a chance meeting inside, it would require a lot of luck and fate.

But the one who wrote the letter didn’t think anything was wrong, and the one who received it didn’t think anything was wrong either, so things were concluded just like that.

It wasn’t until Lu Qipei came to the peach blossom forest from her memory again, and looked at the endless sea of pink flowers, did she finally realize it wasn’t easy to find someone in such a forest.

After looking around for a while, Lu Qipei didn’t see anyone or anything related to Her Royal Highness The Princess, so she had no choice but to go in and try her luck.

But subconsciously, she walked to the place where they met in their previous life, always feeling that there would be a surprise waiting for her there.

And reality did not disappoint her.

When she walked through the flowers and trees to the old place in her memory, she saw her old acquaintance there.

Today, Her Royal Highness The Princess wore a long light-colored dress, her long hair scattering like ink behind her.

She stood under a peach blossom tree in full bloom, and when she turned around, a light breeze came by and blew off the pink from the branches.

It was as if a rain of flowers came down, adding a dash of beauty to the meeting.

Lu Qipei looked at Qi Yang through the falling petals, just as Qi Yang also looked at Lu Qipei through the rain of flowers.

Needless to say, it was a breathtaking moment for both of them.

Qi Yang had it a bit better; she just felt as if that youth from her previous life had returned amidst the peach blossoms, and it wasn’t the first time her heart was stirred like this.

But for Lu Qipei, even though she felt vaguely happy before, this was the first time she really felt what it was like to have her heart stirred.

Lu Qipei pursed her lips and stopped moving, her mind completely dazed.

If it was possible, she wanted to calm down her wildly beating heart.

Qi Yang didn’t have as much unease anymore, and she smiled and walked over.

She stopped two steps away from Lu Qipei, and said with a smile, “I like the incense you sent me yesterday.”

Those words made Lu Qipei smile too.

For the first time, she smiled shyly in front of Qi Yang, “Then, I will send it to you everytime.” This was a promise she had already made.

After saying that, she added “When you no longer like it, I will send you a different one.”

The smile on Qi Yang’s face grew wider; she tilted her head and suddenly asked, “Are you going to prepare all the incense I’ll use for the rest of my life”

Those words seemed to be spoken lightly, but the words “for the rest of my life” were actually very heavy.

Lu Qipei fell into a trance for a moment.

In fact, she didn’t think too much when she sent her the incense.

It was just a small gift she gave Her Royal Highness The Princess, and she had also given the latter many things in her previous life.

What’s more, she couldn’t hide the fact that she bought some incense outside.

Once something goes wrong with Lu Qicheng, Qi Bo would suspect her sooner or later.

That box of incense was a gift that pushed the boat along the river2, and also a cover-up excuse.

Lu Qipei didn’t expect Qi Yang to ask such a question, but it all seemed reasonable.

After all, she wrote the words on the incense box with her own hands.

At that time, she was acting impulsively, but there weren’t any hidden motives.

Her heart seemed to beat even faster, and it almost felt like it was going to jump out from her chest.

Lu Qipei slightly averted her eyes, not daring to look at Qi Yang who smiled with serious eyes.

After a long while, she softly said, “Alright.”

The two of them knew very well what this promise meant.

Qi Yang smiled and her eyes turned red, but she didn’t dare to let Lu Qipei see it.

Fortunately, Lu Qipei was also embarrassed and wasn’t looking at her, so her Royal Highness The Princess suddenly took two steps forward and jumped into the arms of the person in front of her.

Lu Qipei was surprised when the beauty suddenly threw herself into her arms, and subconsciously looked around.

Although she didn’t see anyone else, her tense body still did not relax.

She clumsily hugged Qi Yang back, her movements cautious but gentle, but she said, “Your Highness… it would be bad if someone saw us.”

Qi Yang turned her head and saw Lu Qipei’s ears turning blood red.

She knew that the latter was feeling shy and nervous right now.

Her heart was slightly stirred, and she suddenly leaned forward and kissed that reddened ear softly.

Translator notes:

This is part of Si Di Xiang (思帝鄉), an ancient Chinese poem by Wei Zhuang.

The complete poem roughly translates as:

Spring outing, apricot blossoms falling above the head.

Who is that youth on that street, so elegant and beautiful

This Consort wants to marry him for the rest of her life.

Even if I was to be ruthlessly abandoned, I would have no regrets.

To push the boat along the river means to act according to the situation.-

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