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Chapter 27.1 – This Fragrance Is Endless (1)

The storm in the Lu family did not seem to affect Lu Qipei, although she was the one behind it,

Perhaps to escape from the last bit of hesitation in her heart, recently Lu Qipei spent almost all her time in Hanlin Academy.

She was talented in the first place, so added with her understanding of the academy’s people, she was like fish in water in no time.

The only thing she regretted was that three days in a row seemed to be the limit to her being picked up from work.

In the next few days, Qi Yang’s carriage no longer appeared on the gates of Hanlin Academy.

Lu Qipei knew that this was actually normal – after all, what did it mean to have Her Royal Highness The Princess’s carriage waiting outside Hanlin Academy every day There were already rumors about her and Qi Yang in Hanlin Academy now.

If she came here more, it would probably kick up a storm all over the city.

Although Qi Yang didn’t mind letting more people know of her intentions, she at least remembered that Lu Qipei only had a shallow foundation right now.

If she rashly exposed her before she was bestowed the marriage, people could easily target her and cause her trouble.

Qi Yang wanted to protect her beloved under her wings, but also did not want to cause her any trouble.

She finally suppressed her temper and stopped coming to Hanlin Academy.

When Lu Qipei realized this, she quickly busied herself and quickly dealt with all kinds of matters – whether it was the mess with the Lu family or her new situation in Hanlin Academy, they were enough for her to devote herself to.

Then, amidst all the hustle and bustle, Lu Qipei welcomed her first rest day as an official.

It was unexpected but reasonable that the day before her day off, she still didn’t see Her Royal Highness The Princess’s carriage outside Hanlin Academy.

However, she did find someone who looked familiar at the place where the carriage had parked before.

It was Zhi Ting, the senior maid that had followed Qi Yang the longest and that she trusted the most.

Lu Qipei went forward to greet her without thinking.

She stopped a short distance away and asked, “Why is Miss Zhi Ting here”

Zhi Ting was here to deliver a letter.

She was Qi Yang’s personal maid, and knew almost all her secrets.

Qi Yang had never concealed her love for Lu Qipei, and the senior maid knew it well.

However, when Zhi Ting looked at the person in front of her, her mood was somewhat complicated.

She witnessed the two’s first meeting herself.

Although it was undeniable that Lu Qipei was a piece of unpolished jade, wasn’t Her Royal Highness The Princess’s vision too sharp With just a quick glance, she could recognize this person’s outstanding demeanor hidden under those rags, and then she kidnapped her and even brought her back to the palace without hesitation!

Zhi Ting had always had a feeling that the two had known each other for a long time, and everything seemed to fit together well.

However, she wouldn’t say these thoughts out loud.

She didn’t even dare to say anything else to Qi Yang, let alone to Lu Qipei.

So right now, she only took out the letter from her sleeves and handed it over in a proper manner, “Her Highness heard about your rest day and invited Young Master to visit.”

Hearing this, Lu Qipei took the letter, opened it and read it.

Her clear eyes couldn’t help but smile – Qi Yang asked her to meet at the peach blossom forest by Qingshui river tomorrow, the real place they met for the first time!

Maybe due to this “coincidence”, her heart subconsciously went soft.

When Lu Qipei spoke to Zhi Ting, her voice became more gentle, and even the tone was smiling.

“I see.

I’ll trouble Miss to report that I will come there on time tomorrow.”

Zhi Ting nodded in response.

She didn’t want to chat a lot with Lu Qipei after sending the letter, so she turned around to leave after a polite farewell.

But today, the always gentle Lu Qipei suddenly stopped her.

She seemed to hesitate for a moment, then took a small box from her sleeves and handed it to Zhi Ting.

“This is incense that I mixed myself.

I’d like to trouble miss… to give it to Her Highness.”

When Lu Qipei said that, her face slightly blushed, but her starry eyes were bright, looking shy and sincere.

Zhi Ting couldn’t help but to take another look at Lu Qipei, then she accepted the box and quickly turned around to leave.

She figured she knew why Her Royal Highness The Princess liked this person so much 0 he really was a very good-looking and gentle person.

She only asked her to send a gift, but Zhi Ting couldn’t help looking at her a moment longer.

If this gift was for her, she would have been smitten by now.

But no way! This was Her Royal Highness The Princess’s Prince Consort.

How could she, a small maid, dare to covet her So it was better to leave quickly and talk to Her Highness once she got back – it was better to marry such a Prince Consort as soon as possible so she could feel at ease!

While holding these muddled thoughts, Zhi Ting quickly left with the gift.

Lu Qipei stood there for a while, then lowered her gaze and re-read the letter from start to end.

The elegant handwriting felt so familiar and reassuring.

A smile appeared at the corner of her lips and she folded the letter carefully, then turned around and left.

Qi Yang didn’t know that Lu Qipei knew how to mix incense.

Before the latter could reveal these things to her in their previous life, she was murdered by the people she trusted, and even all her remaining traces were wiped out.

Now, Qi Yang was a little surprised when she saw the incense Zhi Ting brought back.

At this time, Lu Qicheng had not shown anything strange yet, and she also remembered that Lu Qipei went to buy incense a few days ago.

So she thought what Lu Qipei did was to prepare a gift for her.

This wasn’t actually the first time Qi Yang received a gift from her; it wasn’t the most valuable one, nor was it the one that was prepared the best.

However, those were all something from her previous life, and no one else would remember them other than her.

Furthermore, although her Prince Consort married her in her previous life, the former mostly treated her like a friend… The past is the past, they would be able to go further in the future.

Fortunately, this life was very different from the previous one.

Therefore, in Qi Yang’s eye, this current gift was more precious.


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