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Chapter 26.2 – But the Intent From Back Then Was No Longer There (2)

The Young Master didn’t have a good rest last night, was it because of the poisoning incident two days ago… The two little maids accidentally came towards that conclusion.

When they looked at the thin and handsome youth, they couldn’t help feeling more pity.

No one mentioned the soothing incense again, and the two little maids never put this matter in their hearts.

Lu Qipei didn’t say anything else towards the two.

As usual, she hurried out towards Hanlin Academy after washing up.

She didn’t even eat breakfast at home.

For several days after that, Lu Qipei left early and returned late almost everyday.

Even if she sometimes returned early or took more time in the morning, she did not eat at home – she seemed to have been shocked by Ah Yu’s poisoning incident and was careful about eating food in the Lu Mansion.

When Qi Bo found out about this, he just shook his head helplessly and didn’t say anything else.

Then, his attention turned towards Lu Qicheng again.

Although the Young Lord had disappointed him too many times, Qi Bo was unwilling to give up his years of hard work raising Lu Qicheng since he was young.

In the end, he hesitantly turned his attention back towards him.

Right now, it had been a month and a half since Lu Qicheng was injured, and most of the more serious injuries had recovered.

The wound on his face had scabbed and the dark red scab was starting to fall off, but his broken leg was recovering faster.

After Doctor Sun’s diagnosis, Lu Qicheng’s broken leg recovered well and he could start walking.

This was undoubtedly a great news for Lu Qicheng, who had been lying in bed for a long time.

Most of the depressing mood caused by physical fatigue seemed to have dissipated at this moment.

So without having to be reminded or urged by others, Lu Qicheng began to practice walking with a walking stick.

From stumbling over and needing support, it only took him two to three days until he started being able to walk around with the help of a walking stick.

The servants serving Lu Qicheng found that the Young Lord who had been grumpy lately seemed to have suddenly regained his former composure.

Apart from occasionally looking at himself in the bronze mirror with a gloomy face, he was actively trying to recover most of the time.

He spent so much time walking every day that he couldn’t help feeling tired and sleepy in the evening.

Sometimes he would go to sleep just as the day turned dark, then sleep until dawn.

He ate well, drank well and slept well.

Thus, when his body recovered very quickly, no one found anything wrong with it.

Even Qi Bo couldn’t help but change his outlook after seeing Lu Qicheng so actively recovering, and his hope was gradually rekindled.

However, while everyone was rejoicing over Lu Qicheng’s recovery, things quickly derailed in the opposite direction.

Lu Qicheng’s leg injury had recovered well, and he was even able to walk a short distance without a walking stick.

But at the same time, he spent more and more time sleeping.

Lately, he would not even wait until it turned dark, and would just lean on his chair to sleep right after dinner.

By the time everyone realized something was wrong, the time Lu Qicheng spent sleeping everyday had already exceeded eight hours!

This was definitely abnormal, and it didn’t make sense even if you use fatigue from rehabilitation exercise as the excuse.

Because with more time spent sleeping, his exercise time was naturally also shortened, but so much rest time was still not enough to make him recover.

Qi Bo was keenly aware that something was happening, and quickly invited Doctor Sun to see Lu Qicheng again.

But the diagnosis result was unexpected – there was nothing wrong.

Lu Qicheng’s pulse was even quite strong and powerful.

His complexion was also rosy and energetic, and his starry eyes shone brightly.

He didn’t look like a sick person at all.

If you ignored the fact that he sleeps for a long time everyday, and this length of time was still gradually extending, then he would be the picture of health!

But everyone knew that this wasn’t normal.

Especially considering that when Doctor Sun felt his pulse, Lu Qicheng was eager to listen to his diagnosis.

But when Doctor Sun finished checking his pulse and looked up again, the man sitting on the chair had already fallen asleep with his head tilted!

Qi Bo frowned.

He picked up the warm tea nearby and poured it on Lu Qicheng’s face, but unfortunately, he didn’t wake up.

His face was covered by tea leaves and half his clothes were wet from tea, but he still slept without waking up!

Doctor Sun was surprised, but after repeated diagnosis, he could only shake his head.

“The Young Lord is fine, he’s just sleeping.”

Qi Bo’s face sank, and his tone was like a storm was coming.

“The Young Lord wants to sleep for hours everyday.

If he keeps sleeping, he’s going to die while dreaming!”

Doctor Sun pressed his hand on Lu Qicheng’s to feel his pulse, and tentatively said, “I cannot find any signs of poison on the Young Lord.

His body even healthier than most people.” After a while, he said, “Could it possibly be some weird drowsiness disease”

Qi Bo looked at him coldly when he heard those words, and said, “You still haven’t found anything different with the wound on the Young Lord’s face from before!”

He obviously didn’t believe that it was a coincidence or some kind of strange disease, and he quickly linked the two events together.

Finally, he came to the conclusion – they were caught off-guard and the Young Lord was plotted against once more!

Translator notes:

Lu Qipei’s counterattack begins!


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