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Chapter 26.1 – But the Intent From Back Then Was No Longer There (1)

On Lu Qipei’s third day working at Hanlin Academy, Qi Yang came to pick her up for the third day in a row.

But the Lu Qipei of this day was different, and Qi Yang could clearly notice her change.

Looking to be in high spirits was just the outer change; the real difference was in her attitude.

All of a sudden, it seemed as if the invisible barrier between them had disappeared, allowing her to reach the person in front of her…

Of course, Qi Yang was happy to see that happen.

She had long found that her beloved’s guard was really high, and no matter how she expressed her feelings, the latter always had the ability to pretend like she didn’t see or understand it.

This had made Qi Yang feel quite frustrated, and she had even thought of getting married first, then get closer to her to cultivate their feelings.

But if there was a change now, wouldn’t it be better that they could be in love with each other earlier

A human’s age is limited; every day you spend in love is a day worth cherishing!

Qi Yang was very happy on that day, but of course she also cared about the reason for Lu Qipei’s sudden change.

So after they parted ways that day, she sent people to investigate, but there were no other incidents yesterday aside from the poisoning in Lu Mansion.

Could it be because of that poisoning incident yesterday That shouldn’t be it.

Because when they met the night before, although Lu Qipei seemed calm on the surface, she was actually very worried.

Qi Yang saw all of it with her own eyes, and her attitude today was a world’s difference compared to yesterday.

So what happened between last night and today Qi Yang was puzzled and read the report sent by the hidden guards again, then found a small, inconspicuous detail.

Lu Qipei once went out to a spice shop on Changqing street during lunch break today, and bought a bag of incense.

But what she bought were all very ordinary things, nothing notable.

Rich people usually had the habit of using incense, and so did Lu Qipei.

She always had a light and refreshing plum blossom fragrance around her, which smelled very pleasant.

Qi Yang liked Lu Qipei’s smell very much, but was incense something Lu Qipei would need to go buy herself

Of course not! The Lu family of Jiangnan might seem insignificant, but they were actually quite rich.

In a place like the capital where land was very expensive, when Qi Bo said they would buy a house, they really were able to buy a house.

And it was a big mansion with four entrances, and guarded by a group of servants!

So of course, whatever incense Lu Qipei wanted to use would be prepared by the servants.

No one would make it hard on her for this kind of matter.

So this special trip to buy spices seemed a bit unusual…

That night, Lu Qipei sent away the servants in her courtyard early, then closed the doors and windows and began mixing incense.

Lu Qipei had lived a carefree life ever since she was young.

She didn’t need to worry about anything other than studying and learning the arts, she so lived a very leisurely life.

So gradually, she developed a lot of hobbies to pass time.

Playing the zither and painting was common, while carving seals and brewing wine wasn’t unusual.

But if there was one thing she was most talented at other than studying, it was mixing incense.

She seemed to have a natural sensitivity towards incense, and could always produce desirable fragrances without trouble.

Plus, she had also learnt a lot of medical theories, and could also mix incense with various effects, like one to help sleep or calm the mind.

The efficacy was pretty good.

The Lu family also had an incense shop in Jiangnan, and because Lu Qipei casually mixed several formulas, the store’s revenue had doubled.

But it was all a thing of the past.

The Lu family didn’t seem to lack the money they earned from these incenses.

As the Lu family’s siblings grew older, Lu Qicheng began to embark on the road towards the imperial examination.

Their schoolwork suddenly increased, and she no longer had the time to play around with them.

Lu Qipei selected and combined the incenses with smooth and familiar moves, her eyes deep and focused.

When she took the time to recall it in her heart, she found that the last time she mixed incense was almost five years ago.

At that time, Lu Qicheng had just started treading the path of examinations.

Before each examination, the young boy was very nervous, and sometimes couldn’t sleep at night.

So Lu Qipei especially mixed an incense to calm his soothe his nerves and refresh his mind, which Lu Qicheng still used frequently until now.

Now, five years later, Lu Qipei picked up incense again, still mixing it for that person, but the intent from back then was no longer there!

Morning the next day, Lu Qipei got up a little late, and there was a little black under her eyes.

The new maid Dongqing looked at her curiously and couldn’t help asking, “Young Master, did you not have a good rest last night You’re turning all blue right now.”

Another maid, Haitong, came in with a water basin and sniffed the air, then wondered, “The room seems to have been filled with soothing incense.

Did it not help” After saying that, she worriedly added, “If Young Master is not feeling well, how about reporting in sick for today”

Hearing this, Lu Qipei smiled noncommittally, straightened her sleeves and said, “No need.”

Her smile was pure and harmless; add to that that she was born good-looking, that one smile really looked incredibly elegant.

The two little maids immediately blushed, but after hearing Lu Qipei’s reply, they both straightened their expressions.

After all, they came to replace Ah Yu – even if Qi Bo had already placed a gag order, they still vaguely knew a thing or two about the things they should know.

The two little maids didn’t understand, why did the good senior maid Ah Yu tried to kill her master She was such a handsome and gentle master.

But when they saw the helplessness in Lu Qipei’s smile, they knew that what happened the other day had made this handsome youth worried.

After all, who wouldn’t care about matters of life and death

Translator notes:

I’m going to try out a new posting schedule – so instead of 2 parts at once but with more gaps between release, I’m going to try posting only 1 part each time but with a more frequent release schedule.

Overall release speed shouldn’t change, just spread out more evenly.

Next part coming tomorrow!


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