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Chapter 25.2 – Isn’t That a Good Thing (2)

The Crown Prince laughed again with a relaxed expression.

It seemed that he did not take the changes in the northern border too seriously.

The two siblings stood outside the hall and exchanged a few words, then an attendant came from Xuanshi hall to pass a message.

The Crown Prince still had other government affairs to do, so the siblings parted without talking much.

Qi Yang immediately followed the attendant inside Xuanshi hall.

The renovation of the princess’s mansion was not big, and the Emperor quickly agreed.

Looking at the beautiful handwriting annotating the drawings, there was no need for Qi Yang to say anything more.

How could the Emperor not understand her intentions

Having finished dealing with governmental affairs, the Emperor had some spare time, so he left to eat something with Qi Yang.

He teased his daughter and said, “You’ve chosen someone so quickly.

There’s no lack of talent among the top three this time, do you not want to take a look”

Qi Yang simply waved her hand and said, “No need, there’s no one more better looking than her anyway.”

She said that firmly, and this was not the first time that she mentioned Lu Qipei’s good looks in front of the Emperor.

After hearing this, the Emperor could feel his little daughter’s temperament, liking people based on their appearance.

But at the same time, he had to admit that he was a bit curious about this person he hadn’t met.

This was someone who could amaze him with their talent – if they also had a good look, of course people would really want them.

The Emperor thought for a moment, then said, “Counting the days, this Lu Qipei must have entered Hanlin Academy, right I haven’t seen him yet, and I don’t know what kind of amazing figure he is to make you so fascinated.

Why don’t we call him to the palace today to take a look”

There were always people from Hanlin Academy on duty in the palace, in case the Emperor had an inquiry.

This was considered a lucrative job; after all, those who could show their faces in front of the Emperor would have a smooth career in the future.

Lu Qipei had only been in Hanlin Academy for three days by now, if she was summoned to the palace…

This was both a good thing and a bad thing.

It would show that she was favored by the Emperor, but it might also incite jealousy in Hanlin Academy.

Qi Yang quickly weighted it in her heart, and thought it would be best to settle the marriage matter as soon as possible.

But before she could nod her head, the Emperor said, “Well, there’s still the palace examination today, so I better summon him to come after two days, when I have the time.”

The Emperor wasn’t someone who liked going back on his words, so Qi Yang was slightly surprised to hear this.

She raised her eyes, and sure enough, she saw the Emperor’s teasing gaze.

She was peeved but couldn’t really get angry, so she could only show her dissatisfaction by acting like a spoiled child.

Laughter soon broke out in the palace.

There was no need to force the sixteen years old little princess to do anything.

Just let her like what she liked.

In fact, the Emperor had already taken note of this Lu Qipei.

He knew that Qi Yang liked her, and had no intention of breaking up the lovers.

As for giving Qi Yang’s hand in marriage to someone else in a fit of hot-headedness, it was even more impossible – Qi Yang was completely overthinking it.

However, her last experience in her previous life made her afraid of fully putting her trust on the Emperor, even if he currently doted on her.

The father and daughter chatted and laughed, but didn’t mention Lu Qipei again.

In the end, the Emperor meeting her would have to wait until another time.

Of course, the Emperor saying that he was busy today wasn’t just an excuse.

The sudden military incident made him discuss with the court officials for a long time.

He had lunch with Qi Yang at noon, and in the afternoon, he had to go to Xuande hall to show his face and meet his future disciples1.

Finally, he had to return and review some reports.

His whole day had been clearly lined up.

Qi Yang could take a hint really well and did not stay in the Xuanshi hall for long.

After lunch, she only stayed for a short moment then left.

In the afternoon, she sent someone to the Ministry of Works to deliver the blueprint drawings that the Emperor had approved, then waited for the construction to begin.

She thought about it inside; the princess’s mansion could be completed around two months earlier than in her previous life – perhaps the wedding date could be moved forward as well

Her Royal Highness The Princess, who was already thinking about the wedding before her hand in marriage was even bestowed to anyone, was in a much better mood.

She no longer cared about whatever imperial examination or war anymore, and left the palace again in the middle of the afternoon.

She still remembered that she had made an appointment with Lu Qipei last night, and she shouldn’t miss it today.

As luck would have it, on the way out of the palace, she met the examinees that had just finished the palace examination.

The group of people were led by an attendant and bowed down to salute her.

Qi Yang sat inside the palanquin without even showing her face.

However, when she passed the crowd, she quietly glanced at the top scholars and found that they were the same as the ones from the previous life.

The only difference was that Lu Qipei, who had won the first place last time, was missing.

Without her, the whole entourage of scholars seemed to have lost seventy percent of their brilliance.

With just one glance, Qi Yang withdrew her gaze with a lack of interest, and her palanquin quickly passed in front of everyone.

Most of them bowed their heads and kept their eyes down, not daring to look at her too much.

But there was also a daring person who had vaguely guessed the Emperor’s intentions.

He secretly raised his eyes to look at Her Royal Highness The Princess’s gradually disappearing palanquin, his eyes full of eagerness.

But that eagerness was soon interrupted by the scolding from the attendant by his side, and the arrogant young man lowered his head.

Qi Yang didn’t know about this, and did not care about it at all.

She hurriedly left the palace, and her carriage waited outside the gates of Hanlin Academy again before the shift ends.

She didn’t have to wait long for Lu Qipei to come out.

Her only difference from the previous two days was, when she came out today, Lu Qipei looked to be in very high spirits.

So when she walked towards the carriage, Qi Yang raised the curtain and asked her with a smile, “Your steps are so light, did something good happen today”

Standing under the carriage, Lu Qipei looked up at her with warm eyes and a warm smile.

She seemed as if she was in a trance, and had let go a burden from her heart.

 “Your Highness has come to pick me up again today, isn’t that a good thing”

Translator notes:

The scholars would be considered the Emperor’s disciples.


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