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Chapter 3 – You’re Very Good Looking

Early morning, the cool spring breeze with slight dampness hit the face directly with a shocking chill.

Sounds of footsteps was heard coming closer from afar as Lu Qipei moved vigorously through the mountains and forest wilderness.

The sweat on her forehead and her slight panting was proof that she had been moving swiftly for a long time – yes, Lu Qipei ran away.

Before dawn broke, before she had to return from her overnight stay at Huguo temple, she escaped from the temple’s back mountain while the coachman, servant boys and Ah Yu who were accompanying her were unprepared.

Although shew was a woman disguised as a man, Lu Qipei was by no means frail and delicate.

In order to be a perfect substitute, she would also study basically everything Lu Qicheng had to learn ever since she was a child.

She was even better than him in the Six Arts1 of the gentlemen, and naturally her physical strength was incomparable to ordinary women.

When daylight broke and the first ray of morning sun rising from the east fell towards the ground, Lu Qipei finally made it from Hugo temple’s back mountain to the foot of the mountain.

The edges of her robe were wet from the morning dew on the grass, and her sweat also made her tied up long hair damp.

Her jade-like cheeks were slightly flushed as she bent down and put her hands on her knees and exhaling deeply.

Her body was tired and sore, but her heart was happy.

How would Ah Yu would react when she found out that she was gone

The corner of Lu Qipei’s mouth curled into a smile, and her mood soared under the cool morning breeze.

She only took a short rest while holding her knees, the stood up straight again.

She turned around and took one last look at the eaves of the temple that was faintly visible at the top of the mountain.

Then, she immediately turned back and walked away with determination.

Her eyes were clear and firm as she stepped into a new future that belonged to her…

Of course, running away when they were unprepared was only the first step.

The most important thing was to not get caught later!

Lu Qipei knew very well in her heart that since the Spring Exam was coming, Lu Qicheng would not let her run away easily, and the people behind him would not ignore this.

Once Ah Yu and the others reacted, someone would soon chase after her, and she had to find a way to avoid them.

While thinking about which way to leave the capital, Lu Qipei walked past a farmhouse at the foot of the mountain when she suddenly caught a glimpse of some clothes being dried inside the fenced courtyard.

She looked down at the dazzling embroidered robe on her body, then looked at the short brown linen drying in the yard.

After hesitating for a second, she jumped over the humble wall fence.

Soon, her brocaded robe was replaced by patched brown shorts, and the jade crown tying her hair was taken off and casually replaced with a linen cloth.

But her handsome face that was like a jade crown, even if it was covered with some ash, it would still be difficult to hide the bit of elegance.

Lu Qipei looked at her reflection on a big jar of water in the courtyard and felt dissatisfied.

It was a pity that even though she was talented and erudite, she had never learned the art of disguise, but she had no other choice.

Finally, she took out a piece of silver and placed it in front of the doorsill of the main building in the small courtyard to pay for the clothes.

She jumped over the fence again with changed clothes and accessories, and quickly disappeared at the end of the mountain path.

In spring, the sun shone, grass grew and the warbler birds flew.

It was full of lush greenery everywhere the eyes could see.

An ox cart carrying straw slowly went on the flat official road.

The youth dressed in patched brown shorts laid on her back on the pile of straws, one hand playing with the straw while the other was stretched in front of her face, as if covering her eyes from sunlight.

The clopping sounds of horse hooves could be heard approaching, its speed clearly slowing down as it passed the ox cart.

The man on horseback glanced at the old man driving the carriage, then at the peasant boy on the cart who had a lazy and casual attitude and seemed to be sleeping.

He didn’t stop for long and quickly went away.

As the sound of horse hooves went further away, the youth on the straw pile finally moved the hand blocking her face slightly, glancing at the back of the person riding the horse away.

Her lips curled and she finally relaxed again.

The youth on the cart was naturally Lu Qipei, but unfortunately too few people had ever seen her, and now there were naturally even less who could recognize her at a glance.

Probably fearing that others would know of her existence as a body double, Lu Qipei rarely got to meet with outsiders all these years, living like Lu Qicheng’s shadow.  What kind of person was Lu Qicheng Without mentioning anything else, everyone who saw him would always praise him for being a calm and collected person, a talented youth.

So what about Lu Qipei, who was Lu Qicheng’s shadow Even if she didn’t notice it herself, she gradually grew to being bright and noble, with unparalleled appearance.

One could imagine the huge gap between the handsome Young Master whose every gesture was elegant with the peasant boy in tattered clothes lying on a pile of straw.

Even if those people came looking for her based on Lu Qicheng’s appearance, as long as they didn’t see her face, they wouldn’t be able to recognize her.

Lu Qipei felt that it was funny and fortunate, but she decided to cover her face first.

Horses and carts passed by from time to time on the official road, and some were occasionally stopped by suddenly appearing people and horses.

Whoosh, a group of big men surrounded them, pulled the coachman aside and jumped into the carriage to conduct a search, but in the end they would find nothing.

The carriage owners swore and cursed, but as ordinary people they did not dare to argue with them.

In the end, they could only swallow their anger, curse and drive away.

The ox cart Lu Qipei rode on was peaceful, probably because it could be seen clearly on a glance.

Even if they occasionally bumped into the search party, no one paid attention to the old man driving the cart and the youth inside.

Finally, the old man driving the cart said aloud, “Little Brother, we’re arriving at our village soon.

You’ll have to get off and walk to reach Zhaojia village.”

Lu Qipei moved her arm and looked left and right.

She saw no one around, so she turned over and sat up.

Thanking the old man, she jumped out of the ox cart and took out her purse, wanting to give him some money as the fare, but after thinking about it, she simple asked, “Old man, would you sell this ox cart”

The old man hurriedly waved his hand when he heard the words.

“No, I’m not going to sell this ox.

I’m still going to rely on it to plow the land when spring comes!”

Lu Qipei didn’t bother convincing the other party, and took out a piece of silver from her purse and handed it to the old man instead.

Faced with more than enough money to buy two oxen, the old man compromised.

He happily shoved the driver’s whip into her hands and ran away with the silver in his arms, as if he was afraid that Lu Qipei would change her mind.

Seeing this, Lu Qipei who was holding the whip laughed silently.

She knew how to drive, and very well at that, but right not she bought the ox cart not to travel, but as a cover up.  There were many people traveling the road trying to find her, and she didn’t want to be recognized without any cover.

It would be much better to have the ox with her as a cover up.

Before leaving, she picked up a branch from a tree by the roadside and played with it in her hand.

But when someone passed by, she would intentionally or unintentionally raise it to cover her face with the branch and leaves.

She kept it up for more than half an hour and met some people on the way, but no accidents happened which made her relax a little.

Just at this moment, a group of men in horses approached from the distance in the official road, looking rigorous and imposing.

When Lu Qipei raised her eyes and saw the entourage, she knew that this was a traveling noble.

Moreover, looking at the size of the group and the attire of the guards, it was not just an ordinary noble, but the descendant of a real bigshot!

But this had nothing to do with her, and they weren’t the ones she wanted to hide from, so she took the ox cart to the side of the road with a peace of mind, just waiting for this group of people to pass by then continue her escape.

The incoming carriage was approaching, and the vanguard had already passed her by.

Lu Qipei was idly shaking the branch in her hand while most of the convoy had passed, waiting for them to leave, but the group suddenly stopped.

Then, before she could react, a group of soldiers in armor surrounded her and her ox cart!

Lu Qipei’s expression changed.

She took a step back subconsciously, the branch in his hand raised in front of her.

But before she could make sense of what was going on, a woman’s pleasant chuckle suddenly sounded in her ears, and the soldiers surrounding her began to back away slightly.

In the gap that appeared, a girl in a light-colored palace dress came with her hands behind her back, looking at her bright eyes and curved eyebrows.

Lu Qipei’s heart instantly beat fiercely.

She stared blankly at the noble girl through the branch and leaves, as if she was awed by her beauty, but her heart was already being overwhelmed by surging emotions…

Until the girl in the palace dress tilted her head slightly, looked at her with a smile and said, “You’re very good-looking.”

Author Notes:

Lu Qipei (confidently): I’m dressed like this and driving an ox cart, just like a cow herder, no one will recognize me!

Qi Yang (her eyes lighting up): Wait, wait, stop! I seem to have seen my Prince Consort.

Everyone, come to bring her back with me!

Lu Qipei (…): !!!

The black-bellied white cut chicken2 reborn little princess has appeared…

Translator Notes:


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_cut_chicken – she looks pure on the outside but is black bellied inside.

The opposite is a white-bellied black cut chicken who looks ruthless on the outside but is secretly very kind 

Hello, dear readers! The translator, translatingblob here.

Both our FLs have finally met now, let’s see how will Lu Qipei’s new life be under her now-black-bellied little princess! By the way, the jade crown Lu Qipei wore looks like something like this:

I plan to post two to three new chapters a week, and possibly some sponsored/advance chapter options in the future once I get into the groove and achieve moar speed.

I hope to be able to translate one chapter a day eventually ( ̄▽ ̄)

If you spot any errors/typo in the translation, please let me know in the comments m(_ _)m

See you in the next chapter!


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