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Chapter 18.2 – Extra Examination Papers (2)

It was a troublesome matter to deal with.

You need to compare thousands of exam papers one by one to see if someone’s answer was missing.

But now everyone had seen that something weird was happening, and since it involved the imperial examination, it would not be a trivial matter.

If there was really a fraud, then none of them would be having it good, and the chief examiner Fang Chengyue would be the first to bear the brunt.

So when Fang Chengyue gave a gag order, everyone chose to keep their silence.

When they reflected on it, their clothes were already wet from cold sweat.

Under the early spring’s cold winds, they couldn’t help shivering.

Qi Yang had already sent someone to keep watch on the Examination Hall, so when Fang Chengyue took the exam papers to the palace with a sullen face, she went to Xuanshi hall one step earlier.

There even earlier than her was the Crown Prince, who smiled at her when he saw her.

The siblings got together, and the Crown Prince softly asked her, “Does Royal Sister want me to help”

Qi Yang knew that the Crown Prince was interested in Lu Qipei and wanted to show his goodwill in advance to recruit her.

Of course, she wouldn’t brush away the Crown Prince’s good intentions, but she didn’t need him to intervene at the moment, so she similarly replied softly, “I’ll take care of this, I won’t trouble Royal Brother.”

The Crown Prince looked at her and knew that she was not deliberately keeping him at a distance.

Considering that it would be troublesome for him to be involved in the imperial examination, he decided not to say anything else.

Fang Chengyue arrived really quickly, and was surprised to see that Qi Yang and the Crown Prince were both in Xuanshi Hall.

For a moment, he wasn’t sure if he should talk in their presence.

Seeing this, the Emperor also looked at Qi Yang and signaled her to step back temporarily, but he didn’t say anything to the Crown Prince.

However, Qi Yang had already prepared what to say.

She glanced at Fang Chengyue’s bulging sleeves and said, “Lord Fang was presiding over the imperial examination.

To have time to enter the palace now, it must be because the result of the Spring Exam has come out, right Royal Father, don’t send me1 away.

I want to stay and listen to the rankings.”

Hearing this, the Emperor couldn’t help but laugh.

“Why are you listening to this Could there be anyone you know in the Spring Exam rankings”

Of course, Qi Yang still knew some people.

If anything else, she had more or less heard about the children of the noble families in the capital.

There was no lack of famous and brilliant people among them, and she had occasionally met some of them.

They could count as acquaintances, but can’t really be considered friends.

But before Qi Yang could answer, the Emperor seemed to have thought of something and said, “Speaking of which, you seem to be very interested in this imperial examination.

You came to ask for the test questions at the start of the three examinations, and now you want to listen to the ranking…”

The Emperor didn’t mind much.

After all, Qi Yang had always asked for the exam questions after the Examination Hall test started.

He just thought about the matter of choosing a Prince Consort for her that he told Qi Yang a few days ago, and thought that she seemed very concerned about it, so his tone was slightly joking.

But whether the Emperor was teasing his daughter or not, Fang Chengyue did not know.

After hearing this, countless thoughts came into his mind.

He looked at Princess Qi Yang, then at the Crown Prince standing next to her, thinking that the two siblings had always had a close relationship.

Today they were waiting here together… could it be that the Crown prince knew about the Examination Hall matter and came here to support his sister

But what was this The princess couldn’t interfere in government matters, let alone the imperial examination!

Fang Chengyue’s heart was beating, and the exam papers in his sleeve felt a little hot.

But after thinking about it, he didn’t dare to press aside this matter.

After all, the name reveal was done publicly.

There were too many people who knew about it, so it was basically impossible for him to hide this exam paper.

On the other hand, the Emperor was teasing his daughter, thinking that she was concerned about her Prince Consort, so he didn’t chase her away.

He turned to Fang Chengyue and asked, “Minister Fang came to the palace today, is it for the imperial examination”

Fang Chengyue suppressed his various thoughts, bowed his head and respectfully answered, “Answering Your Majesty, it is indeed for the imperial examination.”

When the Emperor heard this, he stopped paying attention to Qi Yang.

He smiled and said, “Has the rankings come out Show me, how many talents have this exam found”

When Fang Chengyue heard this, he suddenly knelt down.

Only then did he take the test papers out of his sleeves and presented them.

At the same time, he said, “Reporting to Your Majesty, the rankings have indeed been determined, but there was a problem during the name reveal.

This exam paper is the one that This Minister has determined as the first place, but when the name was revealed, it was found that there was no name and place of origin written on it.

After comparing it with the reference list, it was discovered… it was discovered that there was one extra answer sheet in this examination.”

He forced himself to finish his words in one breath, but his back was already covered in cold sweat.

The Emperor was not stupid.

Although he was stunned when he heard those words, he soon turned his eyes to his children.

His eyes only glanced on the Crown Prince, and soon settled on Qi Yang.

Qi Yang didn’t shy away either.

She immediately stepped forward, made a salute and admitted, “Royal Father, this answer sheet was sent to the Examination Hall by me.”


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