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Chapter 17.2 – What Kind Of Sister Was She! (2)

It was night, and the good weather during Spring Exam seemed to have finally run out.

A light rain covered the whole capital.

The lights in Jingchen palace had not gone out for a long time.

Qi Yang stood in front of the window, letting the night wind blow the small raindrops through the eaves and to her face.

The candlelight behind her also flickered a few times because of the night wind… The lights were flickering, and her face was slightly cold.

Right now, Qi Yang was the only one in her sleeping chambers.

She had sent away Zhi Ting and the maid on duty earlier.

But since the owner of the palace had not slept yet, the entire Jingchen palace was naturally still awake.

After an unknown amount of time passed, the candle light started flickering gently again.

Qi Yang turned around, not at all surprised by the sudden appearance of a man in black in the chamber.

She just glanced at him lightly and asked, “How is it”

The man in black was a hidden guard serving under Qi Yang.

She had been waiting for him for a long time.

She hadn’t built a mansion outside the palace yet, and wasn’t allowed to go out of the palace at night.

Otherwise, she probably would’ve gone to the Lu Mansion personally by now.

Fortunately, the news the hidden guard brought back was not too bad.

It would at least allow Her Royal Highness The Princess to sleep peacefully tonight…

An hour ago, Qi Bo once again stepped into Lu Qicheng’s bedroom in the Lu Mansion’s guest courtyard.

Lu Qicheng had been knocked unconscious by Lu Qipei in the afternoon.

Soon after he woke up, he felt pain at the back of his neck, his head was dizzy and he felt faintly nauseous.

Under the strong physical discomfort, even someone who grew increasingly irate everyday also couldn’t help but pipe down.

When Qi Bo saw Lu Qicheng like this, he could not help but feel a little annoyed.

He was annoyed that he wasn’t able to protect his master, and also annoyed that Lu Qicheng could not handle a single blow.

But in the end, their identities were different, so he never expressed his thoughts in front of Lu Qicheng.

Right now, he only shouted, “Young Lord.”

Lu Qicheng raised his head and looked at Qi Bo.

His eyes looked much calmer than before.

He seemed to have regained his previous elegant and noble appearance.

But as soon as he opened his mouth, it became completely different.

“Qi Bo, you came just in time.

Get someone to catch that bitch Lu Qipei! How dare she knock me out! I’ll definitely slice her face up!”

When Qi Bo heard this, he could not help but frown.

Slicing someone’s face up… no matter how he looked at it, it seemed like a method that women usually liked to use.

He became disappointed with Lu Qicheng again inside, be he only said faintly, “Young Lord, that’s your sister.”

Lu Qicheng sneered at his words and said disdainfully, “What kind of sister is she to me!”

Qi Bo didn’t argue with him and just said, “Young Lord, it’s time to calm down now.

Don’t be impulsive.” Seeing that Lu Qicheng looked like he was about to say something, he added, “You should know that the Young Miss is still very useful.”

Lu Qicheng was very unhappy to hear this, but he also had some respect and fear towards Qi Bo after all, so he only said with a little sneer, “I’m now mostly ruined, what’s the use in keeping her” After a pause, his gaze deepened again, “Unless her face is also ruined, then she can still look like me…”

Hearing this, Qi Bo became more and more disappointed with Lu Qicheng, but he would not reveal anything.

He just said, “Young Lord, the Young Miss’s face cannot be ruined! Since you don’t want to go to the border, isn’t it better if she continued to walk outside in your stead, while you work behind the scenes As for the injury on your face, I will ask a famous doctor for treatment again.

Even if it didn’t work, I can find some means to disguise your appearance, it shouldn’t be hard to cover up a scar.”

Lu Qicheng’s eyes suddenly lit up when he heard this.

He asked in disbelief, “Really”

Qi Bo nodded, looking as if he wasn’t annoyed at all.


After that, the two of them discussed business again and made clear arrangements for Lu Qipei’s future.

But neither of them was aware that their conversation had already entered the ears of a third person, and then it was passed on to Princess Qi Yang word for word.

Qi Yang was a little relieved, but her attention was only focused on Lu Qicheng’s words – what kind of sister was she to me!

Author notes:

Qi Yang (annoyed): I was ready to chase my husband for a thousand of li, but she was taken back to the wolf’s nest… She’s really hopeless

Lu Qipei (feeling wronged): If I really ran a thousand li away, where would you go to find me


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