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Chapter 17.1 – What Kind Of Sister Was She! (1)

Lu Qipei finally saw Lu Qicheng’s injured face.

A lengthy wound ran from the corner of his eye all the way to his chin, destroying the young man’s originally elegant and jade-like face.

And with the injury still dripping with blood after so many days, it was easy to imagine that it would eventually leave a scar.

But really, it was just a scar.

Lu Qicheng was not a woman; she didn’t understand why he would go so crazy because of it.

But not matter why, Lu Qipei never thought about accompanying him in getting hurt, or even ruin herself because of it.

She knew too well the difference between her and Lu Qicheng’s status in the Lu family.

 Even her personal maid could poison her under his command – now that it was just ruining her face, Lu Qipei believed that the Lu family would carry out their Young Lord’s instructions without hesitation!

With that in mind, Lu Qipei understood that the Lu family was not a place she could stay in for a long time, even though she wasn’t sure that she could escape again when she had just returned.

But if she didn’t escape, would she just stay there and wait to be slaughtered

Lu Qipei pursed her lips and narrowed her eyes for the first time, looking at Lu Qicheng with a ruthless and decisive gaze.

The things that happened afterwards went pretty smooth.

After all, Lu Qicheng’s leg was broken, and because the wound on his face had not healed, he became depressed and did not eat and drink properly.

He was actually very weak, and the ferocity he showed was only something on the surface.

Lu Qipei easily knocked him unconscious and dragged him back to bed.

She acted as if nothing had happened and let him continue sleeping.

Lu Qipei still didn’t have the heart to attack her blood brother.

Even though he had shown her malice more than once, even though she had already been disappointed in him inside, she still hoped to solve everything as peacefully as possible.

Unfortunately, Lu Qipei was destined to have no luck today.

She had just moved Lu Qicheng back to his bed after much effort, and was still trying to figure out a way to get away from there.

But unexpectedly, when she turned around, she saw Qi Bo standing at the door.

How long had he been watching!

Lu Qipei’s nerves instantly became taut.

Not just out of a guilty conscience from being caught in act doing something bad, but also out of fear.

Yes, Lu Qipei was afraid of Qi Bo.

Although this old butler had always abided by etiquette in front of the siblings, some people were inherently scary.

Maybe it was his strict discipline towards them when they were young, maybe it was the methods he used to control them as they grew up; when she included the unknown forces behind the butler as well, Lu Qipei instinctively wanted to stay away from him.

It was because she didn’t want to face Qi Bo that she chose to see Lu Qicheng first.

Who knew that Lu Qicheng would go insane, and now she couldn’t avoid Qi Bo’s questioning after all – there was probably even more things to ask her now.

Lu Qipei’s thin lips pursed even tighter, and her gallant eyebrows unconsciously furrowed.

Qi Bo didn’t even look at the sleeping Lu Qicheng.

His expression didn’t change at all, and he only told her, “Young Lord still needs to rest to recover from his injuries, so Young Miss should leave first.”

Lu Qipei took a deep breath and didn’t refuse.

But the moment she lifted her feet, the muscles all over her body went taut.

The two of them didn’t go out very far from the room.

Lu Qicheng’s yard was actually very quiet, and there was no one else there except the two of them, not even a servant.

Who knew if it really was so the sick person could recuperate peacefully, or because Qi Bo had sent everyone else away.

Lu Qipei thought of a lot within this short time, so she opened her mouth first.

“Ah Cheng seemed agitated.

I couldn’t restrain him, so I could only knock him out first.” After a pause, she asked, “The wound on his face… can it be healed”

Qi Bo took a deep look at her and answered, “Young Miss, you don’t have to be so nervous.

The Young Lord is the Young Lord, and you are you.”

The meaning of this statement was obvious.

He didn’t intend to follow the crazed Lu Qicheng’s instructions and really put a scar on Lu Qipei’s face.

But this also confused Lu Qipei, because back at that moment when she was about to die before her rebirth, she finally realized that she had been trained as Lu Qicheng’s body double.

Since she was his double, how could they look different

Lu Qipei’s eyes flickered; she didn’t dare to let Qi Bo notice what was going on.

She just frowned and said, “I know that.

Ah Cheng just hasn’t been able to accept things, so he said something absurd.

When he wakes up, he’ll understand that he shouldn’t do that.”

Compared to Lu Qicheng’s madness from just now, this statement sounded naïve, but this was also the magnanimity that a sister should show, and what the original Lu Qipei would have said.

So Qi Bo didn’t suspect anything and just looked down as he fell into thought.

Lu Qipei didn’t know what he was thinking, but that short silence still felt oppressive.

So she only waited for a moment then said again, “Qi Bo, how is Ah Cheng’s injury, you still haven’t told me yet.”

Qi Bo’s train of thought was interrupted, but he was not annoyed.

But when he talked about Lu Qicheng’s injury, he showed a rare look of worry, “The Young Lord’s leg was broken, but it’s fine after the doctor’s treatment, it would just take some time.

It’s just the injury on the Young Lord’s face… Young Miss also saw it.

This injury is probably the result of someone’s plot, it’s not easy to heal.”

This was what worried Qi Bo the most.

He knew that the injury on Lu Qicheng’s face was due to someone’s plot, but he didn’t know when and where they made their move.

It might had even been a problem with the medicine that was applied after the injury; he had no idea at all!

This feeling was like there was an enemy hiding in the dark looking at you greedily, but you have no idea at all…

Qi Bo was feeling terrible, while Lu Qipei could not help but come up with all kinds of conjectures.

But no matter how she tried to guess, it was impossible for her to guess that Lu Qicheng’s injury was caused by Qi Yang.

It was even more impossible for her to realize that even now, there was still hidden guards monitoring the Lu Mansion!

Qi Yang was also feeling very terrible.

She was ready for her dearest to run three thousand li away from the capital, but who would’ve thought that she would turn around and return to the wolf’s den!

Was the Lu Mansion a den of dragons and tigers Not at all.

But it really was not a good place for Lu Qipei, because there lived a man with wolfish ambitions, and he had a great influence on her.

Qi Yang didn’t know what kind of mentality Lu Qipei had in her previous life to decide to take the exam in Lu Qicheng’s place, and what she was thinking when she talked about marriage with her.

But of course, Qi Yang obviously couldn’t let her repeat the same mistakes again!


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