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Chapter 16.2 – Men’s Plan Cannot Supersede Heaven’s Arrangements (2) 

As soon as Lu Qipei returned to the Lu family, she went to see Lu Qicheng.

It’s not because she still had some sibling affection towards him, but because it was easier to fool the ruthless but young Lu Qicheng than the old and sophisticated Qi Bo.

So when she returned to the Lu family and saw Qi Bo, she didn’t wait for him to say anything and instead asked first, “How is Ah Cheng I heard he was injured”

Qi Bo stared at her for a moment, but he was not in a hurry to ask her more questions.

He turned around and told someone to take her to Lu Qicheng’s room, but didn’t go with her.

Lu Qipei guessed that he was going to send some people to investigate her whereabouts these days.

Would the princess be able to hide it from him

Her heart was full of worries, but coincidentally there was no need to pretend that she was relaxed right now.

Lu Qipei stepped worriedly into Lu Qicheng’s bedroom.

She caught a glimpse of his figure lying on the bed from afar, and her mood instantly became complicated.

The palms inside her sleeves unconsciously balled into fists, but she still pretended to be worried and asked, “Ah Cheng, I’m back.

Are you… hurt badly”

The bulging blanket on the be moved as the person lying there drowsily struggled to sit up.

She figured that Lu Qicheng was seriously injured and was resting in bed.

She came forward to help him to hide her lack of sympathy and prevent others from noticing something different about her.

But when she looked up, she saw that half of his face was covered with gauze, and it was obvious that there was a wound on his face.

At that moment, her heart inevitably felt some happiness, and her eyes could not help but stop on Lu Qicheng’s face for a short moment.

But what she didn’t know was that for Lu Qicheng, who had now become particularly sensitive, that short stare was enough to drive him crazy!

In the next moment, Lu Qipei’s wrist was strongly grabbed by Lu Qicheng.

The person with a face half-wrapped in gauze showed a twisted countenance and maddened eyes.

“Sister, my good sister, are you finally back!” As he spoke, the force in his hands could not help but increase, “You came back, but why have you only returned now…”

If she hadn’t disappeared, then he wouldn’t have returned here.

If he hadn’t returned here, then he wouldn’t have met the accident! So it was all her fault; why had she disappeared, why hadn’t she obediently taken the exam for him! Why didn’t she obediently get injured and lie here for him then She should’ve been the one with a broken face and disfigured face!

Lu Qicheng had been thinking like this over and over lately.

He had now long been resentful of Lu Qipei.

Lu Qipei had never seen such an unhinged Lu Qicheng.

Even though she lost her life by his hands in her previous life, his wickedness had never truly been visibly revealed.

Right now, he was grabbing her wrist and madly bombarding her with questions.

When their gaze met, Lu Qipei inexplicably felt some fear.

However, that fear only lasted for a moment and she quickly calmed down – she did not try to think up an explanation, because facing the maddened Lu Qicheng, a cursory excuse would be useless.

She just frowned and began to struggle, trying to free her wrist from his grasp.

“Ah Cheng, calm down, let go of me!”

But how could a crazy person be appeased just by telling him to calm down

Lu Qicheng looked at Lu Qipei’s face, one that had been ninety percent similar to his.

But hers was still unscathed, and he found it really annoying.

His eyes were still filled with madness, but his voice suddenly became gentle, “Sister, you said before that we look the same.

That’s good.”

Lu Qipei immediately noticed the abnormality.

She no longer cared about anything else and struggled to break free, even dragging the other party back.

The two siblings studied literature and martial arts together since childhood.

Lu Qipei was born intelligent, and she was better at literature than Lu Qicheng.

But at the same time, a woman’s physique was naturally weaker than that of a man’s.

Although she was good at riding and shooting, her martial arts were more than a step behind Lu Qicheng’s.

It was also for this reason that she failed to break from his grip after struggling several times.

Fortunately, the other party was injured right now.

Lu Qipei dragged him down to the ground from his bed.

When he fell, the dagger in his hand that glinted with cold light also fell to the side.

The injury on his leg was obviously affected as his face twisted with pain, but his gaze turned even ruthless.

Lu Qipei didn’t see his gaze, but she saw the cold glint of the dagger and unconsciously stepped back.

As expected, Lu Qicheng went and picked up the dagger again in the next moment.

Even though he fell to the ground and was in a mess, he still stubbornly waved his knife at her.

“Come here! Why are you trying to escape You clearly said that us siblings should look the same.

Why don’t you accompany me now”

He was speaking incoherently, and his demeanor was even more hysterical.

He no longer had his old graceful and elegant appearance.

But Lu Qipei understood after listening to him – Lu Qicheng suffered a wound on his face, so he didn’t want her to have it easy either.

He wanted to give her the same scar… maybe even more than that.

Looking at his maniacal appearance, he probably wanted to just destroy her!

Lu Qipei looked at the bruise circling her wrist and felt a little chill in her heart.

She regretted not staying in Qi Yang’s courtyard for a few more days.

Author notes:

Lu Qipei (retorting seriously): No, I’m not stupid.

I was just born too unlucky.

Qi Yang (smiling and nodding): Yes, your good luck was used up to meet me.

Lu Qipei (blushing): You, what are you blabbering about Shameless!

Qi Yang (seriously): I want a Prince Consort, I don’t care about shame.


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