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Chapter 15.1 – Her Prince Consort was Lost (1)

Lu Qipei had no knowledge of the series of events that followed, and she certainly was not worried.

After all, no matter how powerful Duke Dingguo’s Mansion was, it was impossible for it to compete with the royal family.

It was also not in her little princess’s nature to suffer losses, so if something really happened, she would definitely find help.

Answering the final test questions for the Spring Exam took half of the morning.

When Lu Qipei put down her brush, she could not help but sigh now that she had finally finished the exam! Even though she was not trapped inside the Examination Hall, even though this was the second time she had to face these questions, and even though the answers this time would not involve anyone’s future, nine consecutive days of examinations was still enough to make someone feel tired!

Other than the fatigue, there was something else behind Lu Qipei’s sigh; she ought to leave.

No matter how attached she was to Qi Yang’s warmth, she shouldn’t stay by her side and bring her trouble!

With this in mind, she put away her brush and ink.

She folded the test paper, and found a servant from the courtyard to deliver it.

Qi Yang had not returned yet at the time, an although Lu Qipei really regretted not being able to say goodbye to her personally, she didn’t want to delay any longer.

She understood the principle of ‘there’s tomorrow after tomorrow1’, and she was also afraid that Qi Yang might even find other excuses to make her stay.

So she only said something to the servants in the courtyard, then took the apricot flower Qi Yang gave her and left with a wave of her sleeves.

Lu Qipei walked away unrestrained.

The guards and servants of the courtyard had been instructed by Qi Yang and would not stop Lu Qipei from doing anything.

But she didn’t expect how shocked and panicked Qi Yang, who came back with the Crown Prince an hour afterwards, would be when she learned news of her leaving.

Qi Yang had thought it over.

Since Lu Qipei’s existence could not be hidden, then she would show her to the world in an upright and dignified manner!

So, she begged the Crown Prince to come in person, and said a lot of good things about her.

Originally, she wanted the Crown Prince to see her talent and noble bearing first, but when she came back the house was already empty.

She just turned around for a moment, and she lost her Prince Consort!

Qi Yang looked at the empty study and her eyes instantly went red with anxiety.

But the Crown Prince read the answer on the paper that had not been sent out yet, and grew a liking to her talent.

Heaven knows that before they arrived at this courtyard, he thought that his royal sister was exaggerating, or that the little girl was being deceived.

But now that he looked at his Spring Exam answer sheet, he was sure that the person really had the talent of the number one scholar.

This time when Lu Qipei ran away, it wasn’t only Qi Yang that was worried.

The Crown Prince also had the intention to chase after her and urge her to stay.

Looking at his younger sister’s fiery and anxious expression, the Crown Prince took the initiative and said, “It would be a pity to let such a talented person go.

But don’t worry, Royal Sister, I’ll send an order to the cavalry guards.

As long as they keep an eye on the city gates, they will definitely find the person.”

As long as you control the city gates, you wouldn’t have to worry about people leaving the city.

As long as they’re still in the capital, there was no reason the cavalry guard wouldn’t be able to find them!

Hearing that, Qi Yang reluctantly smiled.

She felt a sense of unease in her heart, but facing the Crown Prince’s kindness, she nodded and replied, “Then I will have to trouble Royal Brother for this.”

The Crown Prince naturally saw through what was on her mind and did not say much.

He just took out a token and turned around to order someone to go to the cavalry guards’ camp to pass the order.

After the others left and there were no outsiders around them, the Crown Prince waved the answer sheet in his hand and asked, “What are you planning to do with this answer sheet, Royal Sister”

The siblings were very different in age, but their relationship was actually better than with the other siblings.

There was no other reason than that Qi Yang liked to act spoiled when she was a child.

Other than the Emperor, she liked to stick to the Crown Prince.

At that time, the Crown Prince was just a young boy, so he often held his sister to read for her and taught her how to write.

Over time, not only the siblings grew close, even Qi Yang’s basic education was almost entirely taught by the Crown Prince…

Hearing the Crown Prince’s question, Qi Yang calmed down and slightly narrow her eyes.

She asked back, “What do you think, Royal Brother”

When the Crown Prince heard her rhetorical question, he suddenly smiled as he looked at her and summoned another attendant with a wave.

He handed the answer sheet in his hand and said, “Get someone to send it to the Examination Hall and have it undergo the anonymous review together with the other examinees’ answers.

Don’t let anyone know it’s related to me.”

The attendant took the answer paper respectfully and hurriedly left.

Qi Yang was not surprised to see this scene happening.

After all, she was taught by the Crown Prince herself, and the siblings’ thought was often in sync.

She could come up with the idea of using the power of the Spring Exam to make Lu Qipei famous, so how could the Crown Prince not think of it when he saw this answer sheet

Anyways, there was no name on the test papers.

No one would ask anything if she failed, and it would automatically be announced if she made it to the list of those who pass.

Anyways, the examiner couldn’t hide the extra test papers or hide them from the public – they would always be presented to the Emperor.

At that time, Qi Yang would take the initiative to stand up.

She believed that even if the Emperor was angry at her for not understanding the significance of what she did, it would only be a few words of reprimand.

This confident and fearless appearance was somehow similar to that Zhang Zhen who caused trouble this morning… Well, wasn’t it fine as long as no one said anything

So the prince didn’t say much and just looked at Qi Yang, saying, “I’ve listened to your good words for this person along the way here.

For Lu Qipei, what Royal Sister is feeling is more than just a simple love for talent, isn’t it”

Facing the Crown Prince, Qi Yang was calm, and her eyes were shining like stars.

“That’s my Prince Consort!”

Translator notes:

A reference to the poem Song of Tomorrow by Qian Fu.

It’s basically saying that there’s an endless amount of ‘tomorrow’ in the world, so if you keep postponing something to ‘tomorrow’ it would go on and on.


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