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Chapter 14.2 – Crown Prince / Faction (2)

It’s not like Zhang Zhen had never dealt with princes and princesses before.

He had even made many friends with members of the royal family.

But whether it was to win his father’s favor or to avoid offending Duke Dingguo’s Mansion, those people had always been polite to him.

This made Zhang Zhen’s head swell like crazy.

Sometimes he even thought that the princes and princesses wasn’t that much.

Compared to his sheltered life, he was definitely living more comfortably.

In addition, recently some people kept flattering him, saying that he could marry Princess Qi Yang, so he lost his sense of fear and respect even more.

Until this moment, when he was kicked to the ground by Her Royal Highness The Princess.

The unruly woman still gently instructed the guards, “Come, tie him up for me.

I will take him in front of the Emperor!”

What would she go to the Emperor for right now Of course it was to make a complaint!

Zhang Zhen finally started panicking.

He was not stupid enough to have no respect for the imperial power.

He also knew that his father would not be able to have his way in front of the Emperor.

Taking the chance when Qi Yang’s foot was incoming, he turned over to hug Qi Yang’s thigh1.

As a result, he was rewarded with another kick, but he no longer cared about it.

He fell on the ground and cried, “Qi Yang, Princess Qi Yang, you can’t be so unruly.

How can you go to the Emperor just like that!” Then he continued aggrievedly, “If you’re angry, just kick me again.

I, I won’t argue with you…”

Qi Yang glanced at him; even getting angry seemed useless.

She just wanted to scold him for being too stupid, but she was too lazy to teach someone else’s child.

So she only raised her chin slightly, and the guards on the side came forward to tie him up and drag him away.

Regardless of whether an issue was small or big originally, once it came in front of the Emperor, it would no longer be a small matter.

When the Emperor personally investigated the whole story, Zhang Zhen was naturally afraid.

He confessed everything that should and should not be told – the reason Zhang Zhen went to the princess’s courtyard was naturally not an accident or because he had nothing better to do.

As early as last year when Qi Yang was fifteen, because she was deeply favored by the Emperor, many ministers in the court had ideas for her.

As for Zhang Zhen, he just met Qi Yang purely by chance and fell in love with her beauty.

Many people had this kind of thought in the back of their mind, but having the gall to treat a dignified princess as something in the bag involved another complication.

To put it simply, the Duke Dingguo’s Mansion was very powerful.

Most of the princes were now adults, and there were many who wanted to win over Zhang Zhen, and subsequently Duke Dingguo’s Mansion.

So when Zhang Zhen showed his interest towards Qi Yang, they amplified the issue tenfold!

Zhang Zhen was brainless.

Under the intentional goading of the people around him, he naturally considered Qi Yang already in the bag.

But not only was he stupid, he was also domineering and could not stand provocation, which is why he ended up causing such a farce today.

The Emperor listened with a sullen face; how could he not understand what was going on behind this

How much was princess Qi Yang’s worth as a princess Was her marriage really worth such schemes Winning over Zhang Zhen and Duke Dingguo’s Mansion was secondary.

What was important was that Qi Yang seemed to be getting closer to the Crown Prince – the other princes were worried that her marriage would help the Crown Prince solidify his position even more.

The Emperor did not suppress his other sons too much, but he also had no opinion about the Crown Prince, so he was naturally quite dissatisfied with this.

What’s more, the Emperor himself hinted to Qi Yang a few days ago that he wanted to find her a well-educated and talented scholar from a poor family to be her Prince Consort.

Now, his other sons couldn’t wait to ruin his plans and even chose Zhang Zhen, a silkpants who was good for nothing other than his family background.

He simply couldn’t be angrier!

Qi Yang stayed in the imperial study for half an hour and saw with her own eyes when the Emperor reprimanded everyone from the Third Prince to the Seventh Prince.

The brothers rushed to the palace one by one enthusiastically, but all of them got scolded and left with a disheartened face.

It was one thing to relieve her anger, but Qi Yang didn’t expect that so many people were involved in this matter.

In her previous life, Zhang Zhen didn’t get to cross paths with her, and her royal marriage with Lu Qipei happened like a matter of course.

Naturally, she didn’t know that there was such a scheme behind this.

And even if she noticed something wrong, she only thought that one or two people were involved.

Who knew that everyone cared about Duke Dingguo’s Mansion so much!

After this experience, Qi Yang had offended her brothers.

However, she just straightened her sleeves without caring much.

She had been in the Crown Prince’s faction in the past, and she didn’t plan to change her tune now.

Qi Yang thought of the Crown Prince and met him when she came out of the imperial study.

The Crown prince was almost ten years older than Qi Yang.

He was dressed in apricot-colored robes, handsome and graceful, his manners full of dignity.

He came all the way here when he received the news.

He not only met Qi Yang, but also a group of disheartened brothers before this.

But the brothers had long lost their comradeship, and they only acted superficially to maintain peace on the surface during their meeting, and soon parted ways.

It was not until he met Qi Yang that the smile on the Crown Prince’s face became sincere.

But when they met, he advised her, “Royal Sister, it’s better for you to leave the palace less nowadays.

There are many troubles outside the palace.”

Qi Yang had a very good impression of the Crown Prince, even more than towards the Emperor, because the Crown Prince in the previous life never failed her.

After listening to his persuasion, Qi Yang just smiled back and said, “Thank you Royal Brother for the reminder.

But for a few more days, I still have something to do outside the palace.”

The Crown Prince didn’t seem to be surprised.

He stood with his hands behind his back and slightly raised his eyebrows, “For that man you’re hiding in your other courtyard”

Author notes:

Qi Yang (…): The whole world knows that I’m keeping my Prince Consort in another courtyard!!!

Translator notes:

This is a gesture of submission rather than him being pervy.


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