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Chapter 14.1 – Crown Prince / Faction (1)

Zhang Zhen was a famous silkpants in the capital who was also know for lacking in the brain department.

Alas, why would fate decree that he have a good father who not only didn’t lack power and status, but also spoiled him very much

In the past, not matter what kind of trouble he caused, there would be someone to clean up after him.

Afterwards, he would at most get some light scolding.

Just being told off with a few superficial scolding, the reckless silkpants never took it to heart.

As time went on, he developed a habit of saying and doing things without thinking first.

Qi Yang knew about Zhang Zhen from her previous life.

However, back then Zhang Zhen was nothing more than a clown in her heart, and he never got in her way, so she didn’t put her eyes on him.

Who would’ve thought that when she was reborn, this person was the first one to get in her way…

Zhi Ting was following Qi Yang the whole way and saw how ugly Her Highness’s face was.

She was a little frightened, and had been feeling in awe of the little princess for some reason lately.

But seeing the front yard that was approaching, she couldn’t help but try to persuade her, “Your Highness, Young Master Lu didn’t suffer any loss anyway.

For the sake of Duke Dingguo’s face, it would be better to take it easy with this matter.”

Qi Yang’s feet didn’t stop when she heard those words.

Of course, she didn’t scold her for saying too much, because she knew that Zhi Ting was saying that for her own good.

She was a princess, but her Mother Consort had passed away early.

She didn’t have any brothers from the same mother, nor a powerful family backing from her mother’s side.

What she relied on was only the Emperor’s intangible favor, as well as her sibling relationship with the Crown Prince that was slightly better than others – family and blood relations might be the most reliable bond in the world, but when you try to apply these words to the royal family, the result would be completely different.

What’s more, nothing lasts forever in this world.

Would the person who treat you well today still be there tomorrow Who can rely on someone else forever

Qi Yang had experienced many things in her previous life and could see this fact clearly.

She could no longer be as innocent and willful as she was in the past, but this did not mean that she had to compromise when trouble came to her!

The master and servant stepped into the front yard one after the other.

From a distance, they could see Zhang Zhen and his two servant boys being escorted by the guards.

His condition was better than before, his face no longer kissing the ground.

Instead, he was sitting cross-legged on the ground, covering his face and crying in pain.

Just from looking at his posture, you could tell that he did not take the matter of having intruded to the princess’s courtyard seriously at all.

Not to mention Qi Yang, even the guards and servants on the side frowned in disgust.

Qi Yang’s arrival alarmed everyone.

The guards and servants immediately greeted her in unison, and Zhang Zhen looked up at her.

But when the latter saw the princess approaching, he did not get up to greet her.

He still sat cross legged on the ground and looked at her while holding his chin; there was even a bit of criticism in his eyes!

No one there was blind.

Zhang Zhen’s lack of respect made Zhi Ting, who originally wanted to make peace, furious.

But before she could reprimand him, Zhang Zhen pointed to the bruises on his face and condescendingly said, “Princess Qi Yang I advise you to hand over that pretty boy of yours, otherwise, I’ll have you be the one to account for this injury of mine.”

Those words could already be considered a threat.

Although no one knew where he got the courage to threaten a royal princess, she was still a princess favored by the Emperor!

From Qi Yang’s point of view, Lu Qipei’s actions were actually pretty measured.

Although Zhang Zhen looked miserable, it was merely a flesh wound that would heal after a couple of days.

Even if she had broken Zhang Zhen’s legs, Qi Yang was willing to deal with the aftermath for her.

Qi Yang silently stepped forward towards Zhang Zhen, lips pursed and saying nothing.

While the latter was feeling pleased with himself, thinking how her Royal Highness The Princess would try to talk nicely to him, a foot wearing exquisite embroidered shoes unexpectedly kicked him in the shoulder!

The body that had long been hollowed out by alcohol and women could not even withstand a young girl’s kick.

He was kicked to the ground and even rolled several times.

Zhang Zhen lied on the ground and did not react until the foot that had kicked him stepped on his back.

The silkpants struggled and shouted again, as if he had regained his mind.

“You kicked me You vixen dare to kick me! My father won’t let you go! It’s not like this Young Master won’t hit women, just you wait for me…”

He could not turn his body over when Qi Yang was stepping all over him, but his mouth was full of foul language.

Her Royal Highness The Princess listened coldly and sneered, “Your father will not let me go My father will not let you go!” After saying that, she stepped on Zhang Zhen’s back a few times in frustration until the latter screamed miserably and gave up.

Was a young girl sixteen or seventeen years old really that strong Of course not.

The reason why Zhang Zhen was this miserable was because he suddenly realized two things; first, the other party’s father was the Emperor, someone he could not fight against.

Second, Princess Qi yang didn’t play by the rules.

Didn’t princes and princesses have to take care of everything by themselves Why was she suddenly going back to complain to her father

She wasn’t a child who hadn’t been weaned, why did she think of going back to complain to her father!


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