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Chapter 13.2 – Unexpected Variable (2)

“Your Highness, is this really fine” Lu Qipei still had that innocent look, and asked her with a little bit of worry.

Qi Yang glanced coldly at the silkpants lying on the ground.

When she turned back, she had a casual and relaxed look on her face, “Of course it’s fine! This is a thief who dared to break into my courtyard, it’s only right to break his legs.

When this reaches Royal Father, my actions would still be within reason.”

Zhang Zhen was pressed to the ground by two guards.

His handsome face was pressed against the ground until it almost changed shape.

Hearing Princess Qi Yang’s words, he felt some grief and anger.

He tried struggling, but unfortunately he couldn’t win against the strength of the guards, so he could only shout, “Let me go! Let me go! Do you know who this Young Master is You dare!”

Qi Yang ignored him, and the guards didn’t even bat their eyelids, but Lu Qipei looked at him again.

When Zhang Zhen saw her, he was even more unconvinced.

He gasped and shouted, “You pretty boy, just you wait! This Young Master will bring someone here next time, see if I won’t beat you to death…”

Qi Yang frowned, unable to listen anymore.

She had never seen such an arrogant person, to dare speak nonsense to her Prince Consort in front of her! She made a mental note, then waved to the guards and said, “Get him out of here, as well as the ones outside the wall.”

The guard acknowledged the order, then easily gagged Zhang Zhen’s mouth and dragged the struggling man away.

When the courtyard was calm again and no outsiders were present, Qi Yang’s face changed slightly.

She stepped forward and grabbed Lu Qipei, deviously pulling her clothes up and down.

“Ah Pei, how are you I came late, are you hurt”

Lu Qipei was caught off-guard.

Qi Yang rolled up her sleeves and pulled down her lapels, almost stripping Lu Qipei off her clothes to check her body! Lu Qipei hurriedly stopped Qi Yang’s rampaging hands and comforted her with red ears, “I’m fine, I’m fine.

Your Highness came very quickly.” After that, she looked at Qi Yang’s face and added, “That kind of silkpants isn’t able to do much, but now like this, he still caused trouble for Your Highness.”

The last sentence managed to somewhat calm Qi Yang.

In fact, she hadn’t come with the guards very quickly at all – she didn’t even know when Zhang Zhen broke in.

Anyways, when Her Royal Highness The Princess brought the guards, Zhang Zhen had already been beaten black and blue.

Even though Lu Qipei was born slim, she was also someone who could draw a bow while riding a horse.

It wasn’t a problem for her to beat up a silkpants who drowned in alcohol and women from youth.

Of course, the problem wasn’t how to beat up the person.

The key issue was how to deal with the aftermath.

Lu Qipei was worried about this, but Qi Yang didn’t care about it at all.

Her eyes only looked at the person in front of her, scanning her from top to bottom several times.

Then she said, “As long as you’re fine, then everything’s fine.”

Hearing this, Lu Qipei heart felt a little warm, and her bright gaze softened.

But what she didn’t realize was that a dark storm was brewing behind Qi Yang’s seemingly calm eyes…

After Lu Qipei was quickly confirmed to be fine, she comforted Qi Yang and went back to answering the exam questions.

Of course she to finish answering them today, because Qi Yang had to quickly mix her test papers with the examinees in the Spring Exam, so it can be transcribed and have the name obfuscated1 and wait for the marking process.

Lu Qipei left, but Qi Yang’s face suddenly sank.

She turned around and left with a flick of her sleeves.

She was very angry.

Of course she would be very angry.

Even if Lu Qipei was not hurt due to Zhang Zhen’s recklessness, his appearance would disrupt all her plans.

With this silkpants’s mouth, there would be no way to hide Lu Qipei’s presence in this courtyard!

Qi Yang never thought of hiding him forever, but in her plan, now was not the right time for Lu Qipei to show herself.

She remembered the former number one scholar’s amazing talent, and now she was unwilling to let her remain obscured.

This Imperial Examination was the opportunity she borrowed for her.

As long as Lu Qipei’s essays were sent to the imperial court, even if she couldn’t be appointed as the number one scholar, her brilliance could not be hidden.

She wanted Lu Qipei to appear in front of the world in an open and honorable manner, and wanted her to be her Prince Consort.

Not like right now, where rumors would spread, and she would only be regarded as Her Royal Highness The Princess’s handsome loverboy!

Author notes:

Lu Qipei (indifferent): It’s good to move your body.

As for reputation… I don’t care about them.

I’m gonna leave in two days anyway.

Qi Yang (holding her hemp rope): What did you just say Say that again, I didn’t catch you.

Translator notes:

To ensure fairness, the names on the test papers are obfuscated (so bribed examiners won’t be able to tell which papers are whose), and the answers are transcribed to another paper (because some tried to bypass the name obfuscation by marking the test papers, relying on unique handwriting or writing code words).


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