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Chapter 12.2 – No Way Not to Like (2)

When Qi Yang looked at Lu Qipei, her already soft heart instantly softened even more.

Qi Yang didn’t give the second exam questions immediately; she had already seen Lu Qipei’s godlike speed in answering the questions.

Instead, she took out a plate of milk cakes from the food box she was carrying and smiled at Lu Qipei.

“There’s no hurry.

I brought some snacks, would you like to try them”

Looking at the plate of milk cakes, Lu Qipei was lost in thought.

In her trance, her mind wandered back to her previous life – she had grown up together with Lu Qicheng ever since they were a child, and they both ate the same food.

This might have seemed like a good thing, but wasn’t it actually killing off her own preferences She ate the dishes that Lu Qicheng liked, and wore clothes that Lu Qicheng fancied.

Her growth was completely based on someone else!

Lu Qicheng did not like sweets or milky food.

She had not touched pastries like this for as long as she could remember.

She had thought that she no longer liked it, until later Qi Yang put a piece of milk cake in her mouth with her own hands…

There was no way for Lu Qipei not to like Qi Yang.

Because it was when the latter was by her side that she understood what ‘willfulness’ really meant.

Qi Yang didn’t know what Lu Qipei was feeling at the moment, and only saw that she seemed distracted.

In a trance, she remembered that Lu Qipei once told her with a smile that she didn’t like sweets and milky food.

But when she put the milk cake into her mouth, Lu Qipei’s subtle expression back then made it a memory she was particularly fond of.

Thinking of it, Qi Yang suddenly felt a little distressed.

She did not want to see the change in expression that made her feel amused back then again.

She didn’t wait for Lu Qipei to say no, and took the initiative to put a piece of milk cake into her mouth, then casually asked, “I brought it from the palace.

Is it delicious”

To Qi Yang surprise, Lu Qipei did not look stunned or lost in thought – she only chewed the cake in her mouth.

Then, she raised her head and raised her eyebrows at her, showing a pure and bright smile, like a warm sun on a clear day.

“It’s pretty good, I like it.”

This completely different response from the scene on her memory stunned Qi Yang for a moment.

A vague idea appeared in her heart, but it was too fast to grasp.

When Qi Yang returned to her senses, the idea that flashed by had already disappeared without a trace.

She was a little concerned, but did not look into it deeply.

She handed the whole plate of milk cakes to Lu Qipei with a fawning smile that she didn’t notice herself, and said, “Here you go.

I’ll bring more for you tomorrow.”

Lu Qipei smiled and accepted Her Royal Highness The Princess’s favor and feeding with a peace of mind.

But maybe because it had been a habit from her previous life, when she took the plate, she naturally twisted off a piece of milk cake and put it on Qi Yang’s lips.

The snow-white milk cake touched Qi Yang’s red lips, her lipstick adding a dazzling red color to the white…

It was only then that Lu Qipei realized that she seemed to be overstepping her bounds.

She was somewhat embarrassed and wanted to take back the cake, but another thin and soft hand caught her wrist.

Then Qi Yang looked at her and blinked, then leaned down and took the milk cake into her mouth.

Whether intentionally or unintentionally, Qi Yang’s soft lips touched Lu Qipei’s jade-like fingertips, startling the latter into withdrawing her hand.

Her ears were hot and her heart was beating out of control, especially when she looked down and saw that her fingertips were also stained with red.

An indescribable emotion was fermenting inside her heart again – she wanted to stay calm, but she became inexplicably flustered.

Qi Yang slowly chewed the milk cake in her mouth.

The pastry that once tasted ordinary to her now tasted pleasantly sweet in her mouth.

She was admiring the panic and shyness on Lu Qipei’s face.

She was not surprised – there was even a little bit of joy hidden in her eyes that were squinting in pleasure.

This Prince Consort of her had always been a very shy person…

After customarily flirting with her Prince Consort, Qi Yang who felt that their relationship had taken a step forward was in a good mood.

She followed the “progress one step at a time” rule and did not do anything more.

She left the examination questions for the second session of the Spring Exam, then left the study.

Lu Qipei was left sitting dumbfounded on the study for a long time.

Both the milk cakes and the examination questions had been temporarily forgotten.

Under the bright morning light, the youth secretly pressed down on his heart, frowning in confusion.

Author notes:

Lu Qipei (hesitating): My heartbeat seemed a little abnormal today…

Qi Yang (seriously): Uh-huh, that’s the feeling of your heart throbbing1!

Translator notes:

More specifically referring to the type that’s due to romantic attraction


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