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Chapter 12.1 – No Way Not to Like (1)

Qi Yang was still young after all, and had not built a mansion outside of the palace.

So even though she may leave the palace, she couldn’t stay outside.

So she left early and returned late for three days in a row.

Fortunately, no one in the palace stopped her, so she could feel at ease.

This morning, Qi Yang was going out of the palace again, and she had someone bring along some milk cakes – the ones from the palace were made of abundant amount of quality milk and very delicious.

She remembered that Lu Qipei used to like them very much.

When they switched place later, Lu Qicheng didn’t like them – this was one of the reasons Qi Yang could quickly detect that there was something wrong with him.

Those doubts accumulated little by little, and finally allowed her to discover the truth!

But Qi Yang was not worried about that now, because when she returned to the palace last night, she received news that Lu Qicheng’s face had been injured and his leg broken.

She was a little surprised, but ultimately didn’t care much.

After all, whether his leg was broken or not, that man’s road towards being an official had been cut off.

Having settled a source of worry, the current Qi Yang was in a good mood until she met a man at the palace gate.

The Third Prince was wearing a black gold-trimmed robe and a white jade pendant, with a golden crown tying up his hair.

He looked very extravagant.

He was walking outside of the palace along the palace road, and took the initiative to greet her when he saw Qi Yang.

When they met at the palace gate, he raised his eyelids and glanced at her and tepidly asked, “Royal Sister, are you going out of the palace”

Qi Yang looked at him with a cold expression.

The relationship between the siblings was already bad.

Adding the grudge from the previous life, it was already good that she didn’t immediately look away when she saw his face.

She just nodded lightly and didn’t want to talk to him.

When the Third Prince who originally didn’t really want to pay attention to her saw her indifference, it made him want to talk more to her instead.

“Royal Sister, it’s not that I1 want to lecture you, but there are things that you should restrain yourself from.

You aren’t married yet right now.

Are you not afraid of getting a bad reputation and making people despise you in the future”

Qi Yang who was about to leave paused and looked back when she heard this.

The Third Prince walked up to her, giving a smile that didn’t look like a smile.

“The person you’re hiding in the other courtyard, it’s fine to keep them, but going there day after day doesn’t look good.

Let me advise you, don’t rely on Royal Father’s favor…”

Qi Yang was too lazy to care about him.

Right now, she did not have the strength to compete with the princes who participated in government affairs, so she wasn’t looking to embarrass herself.

But Lu Qipei was a taboo topic in her heart, and the Third Prince talking about her in such a frivolous and sarcastic tone was enough to make her face turn cold.

So without waiting for him to finish, Qi Yang interrupted him coldly, “Third Royal Brother does not need to be troubled by this!”

After dropping that sentence, Qi Yang flung her sleeves and left.

Her figure looked elegant, but her momentum was swift and fierce.

The Third Prince was stunned and walked out of the palace after her, but when he came out, Qi Yang had already boarded her carriage and left.

He could not help but turn his head and ask the attendant who greeted him, “Was there something wrong with Qi Yang today”

The attendant looked at a loss; he did not dare to gossip about the princess.

Fortunately, the Third Prince didn’t dwell on it.

He shook his head before boarding his own carriage and left.

But there was something that the Third Prince, who came out a bit later, did not know.

When Qi Yang boarded her carriage, she turned back to look at him.

Her red lips opened and she spat out a word full of disdain, “Fool!”

Now that she had started doing the test questions for Spring Exam, Lu Qipei was prepared to take the test for nine days in a row.

She was not surprised when Qi Yang brought the newly released second examination questions, and her mentality was better than at the beginning.

After grinding the ink, Lu Qipei who had rested well last night sat in front of the desk and casually said, “Your Highness, if there are other essays you want me to do, please bring me the topics.”

Qi Yang knew that Lu Qipei was clever.

If Lu Qipei didn’t guess her intention at the start and thought it was just writing a few essays randomly, then when she was sitting in the study early today, waiting for Qi Yang to send her the new test questions, she had presumably guessed a thing or two.

But Qi Yang didn’t expect that she would be willing to answer the next test questions without any explanation.

Scholars had their pride, and Lu Qipei also had her pride under that calm and elegant demeanor.

Qi Yang thought that she wouldn’t be willing.

But when their eyes met, Qi Yang seemed to fall into a trance and understood something – Lu Qipei wasn’t willing to be a substitute for Lu Qicheng in the test, so she disguised herself to escape from the capital.

But now she was sitting in front of the desk, answering the Spring Exam questions that she was once unwilling to do… She was doing it for her!

Translator notes:

He refers to himself as Royal Brother



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