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However, Yan’an is not as emotional as Zheng You’an, but him passing Fu Mingyu several mahjong pieces in the game seems kind of awkward too.

If she had known that these two people would be here, even if Fu Mingyu gave her ten times the quarterly bonus, she would not come.

Ruan Sixian found that Fu Mingyu was really the only calm one.

While playing his mahjong piece, he still asked Ruan Sixian if she felt cold.

No one can get cold in this kind of environment.

They will even feel that the soles of their feet are hot, okay

“Not cold.”

“Well, the heating is not that high here.”

Then he threw out another mahjong piece.

“A deck of cards, I won!” Yan’an slapped his mahjong piece with a ‘pop’ sound, “Give me the money.”

Fu Mingyu smiled and pushed the chips to him.

“President Yan’s luck is not bad today.”

Yan’an smiled only perfunctorily, “Just pay the money if you lose.

Don’t talk so much.”

This person also hypocritically mentioned friendship in every sentence.

Can a friend be brought to this occasion

After several more passes, Fu Mingyu’s mobile phone suddenly rang.

He glanced at the caller ID and said to Ruan Sixian: “I will go out to answer the call.

You play it for me.”

Then he got up and went out, leaving an empty seat there.

Zheng You’an immediately looked at Ruan Sixian, and the feeling that something was wrong became stronger and stronger.

Can a friend be brought to this kind of occasion

Fortunately, shortly after Fu Mingyu went out, Zheng You’an was also urged by her friends.

She came here today to have her own party.

When she saw Fu Mingyu and Ruan Sixian, she came here temporarily with curiosity like a cat.

“My friend called me.

I will go there first.”

After Zheng You’an left, Ruan Sixian was much more relaxed.

The interrogative eyes like an elder sister’s finally disappeared with her.

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Ruan Sixian breathed a long sigh of relief and touched a mahjong piece.

“I won.” Ruan Sixian flipped the mahjong piece, “A deck of cards.”

Ji Yan and Zhu Dongli pushed the chips over in a neat order, “Fine.

A small meeting gift for the first meeting.”

Yan’an raised his eyebrows and pushed the chips over silently.

However, it seems that Ruan Sixian’s good luck was in this one time only, and then she was defeated time and again.

When Fu Mingyu came back from answering the call, there were not many chips left in her hand.

“Let’s switch”

“No.” Fu Mingyu stood behind her and put his hands on the back of her chair.

“I am a little tired from sitting.

You just continue.”

Ruan Sixian thought it was strange.

Usually, she always has very good luck.

Why did she become so unlucky today

She still doesn’t want to believe in this misfortune.

Ruan Sixian played very seriously in the next few rounds, but she still cannot avoid this fate of losing money.

Fu Mingyu smiled behind her.

“Young sister, your skill is not good.”

“I can’t show my skills with this kind of luck.” Ruan Sixian’s mind gradually rushed to the mahjong pieces.

She didn’t notice Fu Mingyu bent over, put one hand on the back of her chair, leaned his face close to the side of her face, and stretched out his hand to point to a piece of mahjong, “This one.”

“Don’t say anything.

I will do it myself.”

Ruan Sixian chose another piece and threw it out.

It was immediately taken by Yan’an with an expressionless face.

Then he touched another piece and peacefully put it out: “Ridge flowering[1].”

Ruan Sixian: “…”

Fu Mingyu turned his head to look at Yan’an and said with a clear smile on his face: “President Yan doesn’t want to give in even a little bit”

Yan’an smiled, “Will President Fu even lack this amount of money”

Ruan Sixian stared at the mahjong piece and felt extremely annoyed in her heart.

How can she forget that this piece hasn’t appeared yet It was obvious that someone had saved it in his hand.

What a blunder.

Shortly after the start of a new round, Zhu Dong let his girlfriend play, and a waiter also came in with a plate of fresh fruit.

Fu Mingyu took a crystal fork, forked a piece of orange and handed it to Ruan Sixian’s mouth.

“Eat something first.”

Normally, this action of Fu Mingyu’s that seemed so natural would easily make Ruan Sixian unable to return to her senses.

Now she is holding mahjong pieces in her hand and she subconsciously opened her mouth to eat.

She was probably the only one who didn’t notice this subtle movement.

Learning from the example, Zhu Dong’s girlfriend who was next to her also said: “I want it too.”

[1] Ridge flowering: It’s a formation in Mahjong.

Because I’ve never played Mahjong, so I don’t know about it.

I’m not so sure about the English translation.

Some enlightenment is needed here 


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