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Due to the large number of people, he booked a large room with a total of three tables in it before he could barely sit everyone down.

The appointment time is seven o’clock and it’s already six fifty now, yet Ruan Sixian hasn’t arrived.

“What time is it now Is Ruan Sixian not coming anymore”

“Who knows, maybe she went on a date with President Fu.”

“Look at your sour tone.

What’s wrong with them going on a date anyway”

“Who is sour I just express my admiration only.

It’s been several years now, and it can be considered that the iron rod has been ground into a needle.

If it was me, I wouldn’t have this kind of perseverance.”

“You guys talk about it as if you’ve seen them with your own eyes.

So, is that really true”

“Can this be fake It’s not the first time someone had seen her come out of the Mingchen Apartment.”

Ni Tong was actually enjoying the melon, but when she heard this sentence, she still couldn’t help but say: “Just call a spade a spade.

Ruan Sixian lives in the Mingchen Apartment herself.

I have been to her house.”

“She lives in Mingchen She is quite rich.”

Another flight attendant interrupted and said: “Even if it was Ruan Sixian who chased the other party, what’s wrong with it Are women not allowed to chase men these days”

“That’s right.

When the man and woman are still not yet married, it doesn’t matter who chases who.”

“Is this a problem of women chasing men This is the problem of providing for the other party, okay.”

Just then, the door of the room was pushed open and Ruan Sixian walked in.

The table near the door was suddenly quiet and they all looked up.

About half of the people at this table did a complete somersault in their hearts.

No matter how Ruan Sixian settled Fu Mingyu, in short, they have an unusual relationship now.

If they offend her and she blows the pillow breeze[1], they will have no good fruit to eat anymore.

The atmosphere here became strange.

Although the people at the other two tables were not joining the gossiping just now, most of them probably heard something in it too.

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As today’s host, Lin Hongji was a little embarrassed, but he had to come out and ease the situation.

“Little Ruan is here Do you want to sit at our table and have a drink”

Ruan Sixian didn’t hear the gossip just now.

Seeing that there was indeed no more space at this table anymore, she asked: “Is there still a place for me”

“Of course.

Just squeeze a little bit will do.”

Lin Hongji took her over and several Co-pilots slid their chairs out.

But the feng shui on this table is not very good either.

Yue Chen and Jiang Ziyue are sitting opposite her.

Although Jiang Ziyue did not participate in the topic just now, she has also heard a lot these days.

It seems that she really underestimated Ruan Sixian.

This co-pilot seat, she had really sat down on it.

But with these rumors, at least Yue Chen won’t stare at Ruan Sixian so eagerly anymore.

With Lin Hongji’s active atmosphere, everyone pretended that nothing happened.

After eating, drinking and a finger guessing game, more than two hours had passed in a blink of an eye.

After having enough to eat and drink, someone came to Ruan Sixian with a glass of wine.

First, the person praised her for being so beautiful today, and then insisted on toasting her with a glass of wine.

The nice words came one after another.

Rainbow farts are blowing loudly.

There are a few in the audience who can’t tell that it is flattery.

Originally, no one tore it apart, but Jiang Ziyue found that Yue Chen had looked at Ruan Sixian for several times because of these sentences, so she took this opportunity and learn from the tone of the man just now and said: “Co-pilot Ruan has a double good harvest in her love and career now.

People will be in high spirits when they have happy events, so how can she not be beautiful”

The atmosphere that Lin Hongji finally pulled back with so much difficulty was beaten back to the pre-liberation period by Jiang Ziyue’s sentence.

There’s no one that can’t hear what she means.

Yue Chen frowned: “Can’t the food even stop your mouth Just shut up if you can’t speak well.”

It doesn’t matter what others say, but Yue Chen protecting Ruan Sixian so much makes Jiang Ziyue’s anger suddenly rise up.

Originally, she didn’t intend to say anything to Ruan Sixian, but she just wanted to remind Yue Chen not to covet a woman who he shouldn’t covet, but this man had to turn against her no matter what.

It’s just that this is a public occasion.

Even if she wants to pull down someone’s face, it wouldn’t be good if she is to pull down her own man’s face, so she aimed her criticism at Ruan Sixian again.

[1] pillow breeze: pernicious advice given in bed by a wife to her husband.


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