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Many already guessed that Chu Yunfan was the main target of this exchange meet.

There were billions of people in the Federation, and there were countless genuises.

From the momentum of this holy lands appearance, it was clear that they were preparing to establish their might.

If it wasnt for Chu Yunfans efforts to turn the tide, those few who had challenged the top ten universities of the Federation would have been completely brought down the Federation.

They had practically single-handedly beaten up all the university students of the Federation, causing them to be covered in dust and dirt and suffer heavy casualties.

And now Wei Zixiong had made a move to challenge the Federation experts who had been famous for a long time.

Was he trying to let others know that he had the qualifications to hold an exchange meet

It was likely that the most important goal was to establish their might.

Chu Yunfan had smashed the previous batch of students into pieces—with three experts dead and one injured.

They had lost all face.

Whether it was to establish his authority or to avenge the deaths of those geniuses at Chu Yunfans hands, he did not let them easily.

This exchange meet was an obvious trap.

If Chu Yunfan went, he would definitely not have a good ending.

Therefore, the various discussions on the Internet about whether Chu Yunfan would go to this exchange meeting had become a topic of speculation for many.

In their eyes, if Chu Yunfan chose to go, it would undoubtedly be very unwise.

“If he attends the meet, wouldnt that be courting death”

“Even though its brave to walk into a mountain when one knows theres a tiger there, it still depends on the situation.

Although Chu Yunfan is strong, theres no doubt that this Wei Zixiong is even more terrifying.”

“Im afraid that Wei Zixiong is only one step away from reaching ninth level of the Innate Stage.”

However, there were still many on the internet who supported Chu Yunfan to go.

“Is there nobody in our huge Federation that cant suppress this so-called holy land”

“Although Wei Zixiong is very strong, I feel that Chu Yunfan stands a chance of winning.”

“Hell definitely go.

There one solid reason.

Wei Zixiong has used his woman as a threat.

As a man, Chu Yunfan wont just ignore it.”

All of a sudden, there was a lot of noise on the Internet.

In the process, the name of the meet grew bigger and bigger and gradually became a hot topic on the internet.

Time passed as Wei Zixiong challenged those famous experts one by one.

A month passed in the blink of an eye.

As many people waited for more exciting changes, the month passed.

Finally, Chu Yunfan, who was in seclusion in the secret base, finally came out.


Chu Yunfan threw out a punch and the air in the entire base shook violently.

The energy and blood in his body flowed like a great river.

His cultivation had improved by a notch, and he had reached the peak of fifth level of the Innate Stage

‘Recently, my cultivation has broken through one level after another.

This is the reason I was able to escape death and cleanse my body.

Although my cultivation hasnt improved much in the past two years, my foundation is extremely solid.

Otherwise, it would be a pipe dream for me to break through in such a short period of time, Chu Yunfan thought,When I break through to the sixth level of the Innate Stage, I wont have to worry about anyone in the Innate Stage anymore.”

Chu Yunfan said to himself, “I wanted to break through in one go, but it seems like someone just wont leave me alone.”

The news that had been spreading on the Internet for the past month, so how could he not notice it After all, he was not in complete isolation for his breakthrough.

After he came out of secluded cultivation, Lu Qingxuan rushed over to him.

When she heard that Chu Yunfan was going to participate in the exchange meet, she was a little shocked.

“This is obviously a conspiracy against you.

If you go, you will definitely fall into the other partys trap,” Lu Qingxuan kindly advised him.

“I know.

This isnt a secret conspiracy, its an open one,” Chu Yunfan said, “Its easy to hide from a secret conspiracy, but its not easy to hide from an open one.

If I dare to go, it means that Im confident.

Though they are targeting me, do you think that I would court death”

Lu Qingxuan was speechless and she pondered about this.

Although Chu Yunfans actions seemed like a joke, he was always well-prepared.

Everyone thought that he had gone crazy and that it was impossible for him to turn the Jiangs upside down, but he had succeeded.

In the end, he even managed to escape unscathed.

“Since theyve already set up the stage, if I dont go and take a look, wouldnt I be letting them down” Chu Yunfan sneered.

“Oh right, I have a list of medicinal ingredients here.

Help me gather them.

When I come back, I would like to use the furnace to concoct some pills.”

Lu Qingxuans eyes instantly lit up.

She still remembered the shock that Chu Yunfan had given her when he concocted pills a few years ago.

Although Shanhe Achemy had hired quite a number of alchemists now, but there was no one who could bring as much shock as Chu Yunfan had back then.

It was just that the number of times Chu Yunfan had stepped up to the furnace to concoct pills could be counted on ones fingers.

Now, he was finally getting down to work again.

Lu Qingxuan took the list and took a look.

On it was the name of the pill—Innate One Energy Pill.

And this was the pill that Chu Yunfan planned to make next.

This pill was consumed during the Innate Stage and could greatly increase ones strength.

It was best to use it to break through.

It just so happened that he had undergone cleansing of his meridians and marrow, and his foundation was now extremely firm.

He wasnt afraid of suffering any side effects.

When the time came to break through to the sixth level of the Innate Stage, it would be a matter of pushing the boat with the current.

Originally, with his current cultivation, he would only take a few months at the most if he wanted to break through.

However, the current situation was unstable, so he couldnt afford to wait.

“Time to attend this exchange meet,” Chu Yunfan said lightly.

He would bring down Wei Zixiong and turn the world upside down.

A month passed, and discussions about the meet on the Internet ramped up.

As more and more people were defeated, this meet also attracted more and more attention.

On this day, at the peak of Mount Tai of Earth—a place that was once used by the ancient emperors for worship—was occupied by countless monsters.

And today, Mount Tai welcomed many warriors at its base.

Some had come alone, and some in two or threes.

The exchange meet that had caused a stir on the internet would be held at the peak of Mount Tai, and all those who received an invitation had to rely on their strength to scale the mountain.

If they could not do it, they would lose their qualifications to participate in this meet.

This was an invisible test.

Everyone understood it, but there were still many who were eager to try.

Many wanted to use this opportunity to become famous and make a name for themselves.

Many people came to witness this event.

For a time, Mount Tai, which had been quiet for many years, came alive.

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