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Evelynn and the others gazed at Myria\'s magical beast mounts.

Other than the King-Tier Obsidian Crystal Turtle, there was the Inferno Wave Ox, Azure-Winged Cougar, Rumbling Turquoise Mammoth, and a Dark Lightning Moon Serpent.

They were all from the eastern part of the Grand Beginnings Continent, all young and representative of their generations.

Their might seemed to have also grown, some having radiating strange features.

She felt that it might be possible that they might have increased their prowess somehow.

After all, there were only a few ways that a magical beast could possibly strengthen its prowess, one of it being able to cultivate all three cultivations and the other strengthening themselves with unique resources solely bred for them, like the Burning Daylight Spring Source to make a Fire Phoenix a King-Tier Immortal Beast.


a variant...\'

Evelynn\'s gaze was scrutinizing, wondering if Myria possessed some ungodly methods as Davis and Everlight did.

She couldn\'t see their features since they were in their human form, not that even if she saw them, she could identify their features as she had little interaction with their races.

However, these magical beasts couldn\'t help but shiver in front of Myria as soon as they were summoned, not because they were afraid of Myria but because the oppressive aura of an Emperor-Tier being suddenly crashed towards them, making them feel shocked and provoking their blood into subservience as they felt their instincts telling them to run.

They knew that the only blood that could affect all magical beasts was a dragon\'s blood, causing them to become shocked towards Evelynn and Isabella.

It made them wonder how they could\'ve obtained this power as they were aware of them obtaining immortal inheritances, but like Myria, they were naturally clueless as to the true reason.

After the both of them scrutinized each other, Myria waved her hand and commanded them to undergo their immortal tribulations.

They all took a mountain peak for themselves and underwent their tribulations, bringing down lightning crashing upon them.

Although they didn\'t have Destructive Immortal Tribulations, they did have stronger and more merciless tribulations.

Following them, Sophie, Niera, Starcy, Tanya, Pia, and Tia all took a spot in the many peaks to undergo their immortal tribulations as well.

Even Pia did, tagging along as Tanya\'s spirit.

Before, Pia served Iesha as she was her maid, but now, she had become attached to Tanya as they had stuck together ever since Iesha was brought here.

Nonetheless, their closeness was unknown.


Like Myria\'s magical beast mounts, they also didn\'t experience a threatening immortal tribulation.

However, Sophie and Niera did face Destructive Immortal Tribulations, probably because they absorbed his karmic burden through the formation like Evelynn did, somewhat reducing his burden, which now affected them in return.

Even Tanya, who hadn\'t interacted with Davis as much as others did nor shared the burden as she never got the opportunity to do so as she stayed secluded during that time, received the brunt of a merciless immortal tribulation.

It was like it was trying to extinguish a sinner but not with heavenly flames.

However, Starcy and Pia didn\'t have those stormy immortal tribulations.

Perhaps it had to do with the fact that they were spirits and were naturally loved by the heavens when considered from a broad perspective.

But, it seemed that Wisteria was more affected than the other spirits as she had faced a Destructive Immortal Tribulation.

She was like Eldia even though she didn\'t absorb any heavenly lightning or that sort.

The reasoning behind this was unknown, or perhaps the karmic burden flooded over from Evelynn.

If this was the case, then they knew that their Destructive Immortal Tribulations might only be a one-time endeavor that came as punishment for being intimate or close with an Anarchic Divergent like Davis.

As for Tia, she seemed strangely unaffected even though Davis had one time helped her pass a heavenly tribulation for her Karmic Guardian Physique.

She certainly had gathered a bit of karmic virtue from being in the Heaven Gazing Sect, and Davis had also secretly showered her with remaining karmic virtue as he recognized the importance of her power.

Fortunately, the heavens seemed to have let her off, but not without a powerful tribulation that was as merciless as the many others were facing.

Just when most were worried for Tia, the youngest of them all, they saw her form a colorless silky thread that formed a karmic shield around her.

With it, even while taking punishing hits, she practically breezed through the powerful immortal tribulation.

Flames blazed in different intensities, and ice blasted in the other peaks.

Within a minute, everyone unleashed various attacks or defended against the nine strikes onslaught of the tribulation lightning, successfully passing their immortal tribulations.

,m When they reconvened with their cultivations somewhat solidified, they saw that Clara had still not experienced her immortal tribulation.

I\'ll wait for brother.

Her reply was short and concise, causing the others to giggle that she was fully attached to her brother.

However, some knew the real reason behind her decision and didn\'t change their mind for her own good.

When Myria saw the decision Clara had taken, she frowned, noticing the other party was uncomfortable the entire time.

She wondered if Davis went ahead and told her about the influence the heavens would have on her.

She couldn\'t help but think it was foolish.

However, she cut him some slack since she was his sister.

She didn\'t think that he was capable of causing Clara to suffer in the first place, but neither was she willing to let a hidden danger grow inside her own backyard.

Fortunately, this little sister of his seemed capable of understanding the dangers, seemingly suppressing her desire to become an Immortal even despite heaven\'s urge, making Myria look at Clara with a renewed glint.

However, she didn\'t become impressed too soon as she knew that it was only when one became immortal would that heaven\'s influence on its warriors grew stronger.

After Sophie and the others completed their tribulations, they left the Divergent Peak.

However, a few days later, they came back with another group that had Mingzhi, Fiora, and Zephya in it.

The resulting immortal tribulation left them stunned beyond compare as they saw Fiora and Zephya\'s new powers.

Even as big sisters with immense prowess, they were left speechless, while Ellia was thoroughly dumbfounded.

At this time, Myria wasn\'t here.

If not, Ellia felt that Myria would\'ve chided Davis to death for playing with fire- no, heavenly wind.

Nonetheless, they returned back to the floating island as though nothing had happened.

The construction and renovation of the residences, integrating them together, was coming along smoothly.

The island was also sealed.

While Davis seemed to have helped a few people and finally went into seclusion on this day, Myria farmed a bit more contribution points and successfully sealed the island.

Shirley, Myria, and Yotan went back and forth while Evelynn and Isabella also took part.

There were many interactions and communications established between the parties involved.

They strengthened the security and extended the route of the patrol to every corner since their island seemed to have been found.

But fortunately, they were able to close it in time, so none were able to enter the island.

During this time, Ellia also concocted a few Heaven Immortal Pills, causing their immortal\'s prowess to surge.

Naturally, the registered true disciples were prioritized so that they won\'t be disadvantaged when battling against other true disciples.

Therefore, other than Shirley, Natalya and Schleya managed to create and consolidate their Heaven Immortal Vessels.

The same went for Bylai Zlatan and Zestria Domitian, who had already entered the Immortal Stage.

They also consolidated their Heaven Immortal Vessels, experiencing a drastic increase in their prowess.

With two sets of ingredients, Ellia was able to create five pills, and all of them were without a doubt high-quality pills, tenth-ranked or also known as Perfect-Tier Pills.

The pill production rate was already low for this recipe, so combined with her meticulous and efficient refinement of the resources that caused Perfect-Tier Pills to appear, it could be said that she was a great alchemist who managed to make five of those pills instead of just two and subpar quality level like many others.

Therefore, one pill was still left, which was given to Isabella.

Her prowess climbed, and her aura became as oppressive as Evelynn\'s.

It was unknown who would win in a battle anymore.

After treating them to immortal drugs, Ellia then took Lea Weiss, Freya, and Esvele for their immortal tribulations in the Divergent Peak.

Even Mira was in that group, finally having recovered.

She went on to greet everyone, sometimes provoking everyone with a need for battle before she finally got Freya.

Very quickly, the dragon empress and phoenix empress got into a mythical catfight.

Just wait!

Naturally, Freya lost as she was still a mortal beast.

However, she swore that she would repay this humiliation and flew off to overcome her immortal tribulation.

The others were helpless as they saw that this was their Emperor-Tier Blood acting up.

By this time, both Ellia and Myria knew something was up here.

To have two Emperor-Tier Beasts appearing one after another explained Evelynn and Isabella\'s growth and made sense.

Still, the reason behind it could no longer be attributed to coincidence or luck.

They knew Davis had to have something up his sleeves to transform them into these regal characters, although they were still childish to be bickering like this, unable to give up their pride so easily.

As for Esvele, everything went smoothly.

She had the most ordinary immortal tribulation of them of all.

Even Pia\'s seemed a bit more stormy, or perhaps, it was just the influence of others present at that time convolving her immortal tribulation.

Nonetheless, this time, Lea Weiss faced her heart demon with all seriousness as she had failed last time, but it posed no problem to her.

She easily managed to overcome her Heart Demon Tribulation due to having accepted Davis as her man.

She was wholeheartedly sure that he would take care of her till death did them apart, although she wasn\'t willing to leave since he also represented death in her eyes, wanting to fall into his embrace as soon as she could.

Soon, the third and final batch of his experts completed their immortal tribulations and returned to their floating island, which they named Davis and Myria Island, which Myria quickly shot down as her face turned red in a rare moment of embarrassment.

Nonetheless, it had already been more than a week\'s time, but Davis was still in seclusion, undisturbed.

During this time, the powers outside their floating island and the ones outside the Aurora Cloud Gate began clamoring and raising voices against the fact that the Aurora Cloud Gate was hiding a Divergent.

Soft pressure from many powers came to haunt them, but the Aurora Cloud Gate\'s response was just three words.

[Respectfully ** off.]

Looking at the letter held in his hands, the Fire Phoenix Patriarch, Killian Zenflame\'s expression turned unsightly, especially when he saw the bottom liner.

[-By yours truly, Law Enforcement Elder Aradiel Furiose]


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