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Xiao Hanzheng knew that Mo Qingling wasnt a greedy person who would take credit from others.

He did not pretend to decline and cupped his hands.


If that magistrate related to the Wu family had gotten the formula, he would definitely write it in his own handwriting and would even say that he had discovered it by accident in front of the emperor.

He would deliberately omit their credits, and then, when the time was right, he would also get rid of them, leaving no future trouble.

Therefore, having the righteous Mo Qingling for this was the best.

Xiao Hanzheng wrote down the formula and its origin and handed it to Mo Qingling.

“Sir, I happen to be free now.

Why dont I start teaching people how to make ice from today”

The people from the magistrature and Eldest Young Master Wu should already be on their way to the village.

Mo Qingling was also an extremely efficient person.


He then personally wrote a secret memorial, along with Xiao Hanzhengs formula and a few saltpetre that the other party had brought with him.

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He immediately ordered people to send them to the county yamen on horseback.

After that, he immediately let the people from the county yamen to write an announcement that Scholar Xiao would teach others how to make ice for free at the county yamen.

Any interested individual could join in.

When Xiao Hanzheng came to the county in the morning, he gave a few small beggars a few copper wen each and told them to keep an eye on the county yamen.

As long as they posted a notice, they would immediately spread the news in the county.

Soon, the news spread like wildfire.

Many people in the county knew that they could learn how to make ice for free.

Many people were curious and ran to the county yamen to see.

When they saw that they could really make ice in summer, many exclaimed that it was magical and began to learn from Xiao Hanzheng.

Some people were just joining in the fun, while others had the intention to make money.

On the other hand, in the village.

Shi Qingluo was cooking green bean soup for the villagers in the workshop.

Just as she poured it for everyone to drink, Eldest Young Master Wu walked in with a middle-aged man.

When the villagers saw Eldest Young Master Wu again, they all stood up with bowls in their hands and stared at him warily.

Today, Dalang went to the county town.

They could not let them bully his wife.

Eldest Young Master Wu could not help but frown when he saw how guarded these villagers were.

These people were really too foolish.

He couldnt be bothered to be as calculative as them.

He looked at Shi Qingluo and said arrogantly, “Shi Qingluo, this is the advisor sent by the magistrate.

Shouldnt you come over faster and pay your respect”

Shi Qingluo raised her eyebrows.

“May I ask, what rank is this advisor holding Who set the rules that commoners need to pay their respects to advisors”

Offending the Wu family was equivalent to offending the magistrate behind them, so she dont need to be so polite.

Besides, he was just an advisor.

Demanding others to pay their respects to him was a joke.

The originally smiling advisor suddenly froze his smile, and his eyes revealed displeasure.

This village girl was really rude.

However, when he thought about the matter that he had to settle today, he suppressed his temper and said, “Theres no need to pay respects to me.”

He added, “However, I have a special matter to look for you under the emperors order.”

He didnt need to beat around the bush when talking to this kind of village woman.

Shi Qingluo pretended not to know their intentions.

“Whats the matter”

She deliberately deepened her tone and said, “If its to buy a formula for making ice, Ive already told Eldest Young Master Wu before that its not for sale.

“Even if he brings the magistrate along, Ill still give the same answer.”

Because of this, the villagers also began to contempt Eldest Young Master Wu.

He was too shameless.

He did not forcefully buy the formula, but actually went to find someone from the magistrature.

However, they were also very worried.

After all, he was summoned here by the magistrate.

If Dalangs wife did not sell the formula, they were not sure if it would complicate the matter.

The words that Eldest Young Master Wu and the advisor wanted to say were immediately stumped by Shi Qingluo.

The advisors face darkened slightly.

This village woman was really unreasonable.

She actually said such things in public.

He said, “We are not here to buy the formula.”

Shi Qingluo immediately asked, “Then what are you here for”

The advisor choked, how should we reply to this

How could this village woman reply so quickly

However, he still braced himself and said, “My lord knows that you have the method for making ice in summer, so he is prepared to offer it to the Emperor.

“He sent me here to obtain the formula from you.”

He then tossed out the bait.

“When my lord offers this formula to the emperor, your entire family would also be glorified with him.”

As if Shi Qingluo and the others had taken a huge advantage, she raised her eyebrows.

“So your lord is actually presenting this formula.

We are not his relatives, how would we be glorified with him”

She then pointed out meaningfully, “But the Wu family will be able to earn some credits.”

The advisor frowned.

Why is this village woman so difficult to deal with

She was bold and sharp-tongued.

If she were any other village woman, she would have been so excited and awed that she would have forgotten everything upon hearing that this formula would be presented to the emperor.

She would have quickly taken out the formula.

It was rare for this village woman to be so rational.

Although the villagers were not that smart, they were not stupid either.

They understood what Shi Qingluo meant the moment they heard it.

The Wu family had allied with the magistrate to get the formula.

They were going to present it to the emperor and then snatch their credit.

How shameless they were.

This also made them furious.

Dalangs wife had already said that she would teach them how to make ice.

If the magistrate took it, how would they be able to learn it

All of them could not help but glare angrily at the advisor.

Sensing the unfriendly gazes from the villagers, the advisors frown deepened.

After all, this was not his territory, and he wanted to coax for the formula as soon as possible.

Hence, he smiled at Shi Qingluo and said, “You will also have a share of your contributions for this formula.

Your entire family will naturally be gloried with you.

“Take out the formula now.”

Shi Qingluo spread her hands.

“Its too late!”

The advisor was puzzled.

“Whats too late”

Shi Qingluo replied with a smile, “My husband took the formula to the county yamen early this morning.

“Not only did he pass it to county magistrate, Mo Qingling, he had also announced that anyone who wants to learn how to make ice can learn it.”

The advisor and Eldest Young Master Wus expressions changed at the same time.


Eldest Young Master Wu asked exasperatedly, “Are you serious”

Shi Qingluo liked to see their anxious faces.

“Of course, its true.

If you dont believe me, you can ask others.”

The villagers also chimed in.

“Yes, Dalang went to the county yamen early in the morning.”

It was a good thing that he had gone early.

Otherwise, wouldnt the people from the Wu family and the magistrate have gotten their way

Eldest Young Master Wu and the advisors faces turned green with anger.

How could Eldest Young Master Wu not know that they had been fooled by Shi Qingluo and her husband “Shi Qingluo, you two are really good.”


He absolutely did not believe that such a coincidence could happen.

Just as they were about to ask for the formula, the two of them ran over to offer it and shared it with the public.

Shi Qingluo had an innocent look on her face.

“I dont know what youre talking about.

“Anyway, its useless for you to continue threatening me.

The formula has already been shared with the public.”

She then looked at Eldest Young Master Wu and the advisor with a half-smile.

“If you guys also want to learn the method to make ice, you can still learn it at the county yamen now.

You dont even need to spend the money.”

Eldest Young Master Wu and the advisor were speechless.

They want to learn for f*ck! What they want is to keep the formula a secret!

Eldest Young Master Wus expression was a little twisted.

“You just wait.

I definitely will not let go of this matter.”

This wretched girl and Xiao Hanzhengs move were too ruthless.


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