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Eldest Young Master Wu looked at Shi Qingluo carefully.

Although she still looked small-sized, thin and yellow, her facial features were very good.

If she had better nourishment for a year or two, she would probably be a beauty.

In addition, customers liked girls with a hot personality like her.

If she was kidnapped and thrown into theWu familys brothel in Jiangnan, she might even become a money earning courtesan.


He made up his mind.

Once he got his hands on these things, he would find an opportunity to kidnap her.

She would be their money ending tool for as long as he wished, dealt by countless men in many ways.

Lets see how arrogant she can be.

Shi Qingluo was very sensitive to peoples emotions, and the first thing she sensed was that Eldest Young Master Wu had an ill-intention.

Not sure what wicked idea this evil young master was up to at this moment.

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She raised her head and saw Xiao Hanzheng walking over from not far away with a dozen or so people.

A thought flashed through her mind, and she acted as if she would never give in.

She even glared at Eldest Young Master Wu.

“We wont collude with you.

“If you want to cut off everyones income, I wont agree.”

She spat again, “Your Wu family is a wolf disguised under a sheeps skin.

Youre so black-hearted and dont want others to get any benefits.

You only reserve the good things for yourself.

Youre really too selfish and deserve to be hated by others.”

Eldest Young Master Wu was stunned by her sudden words.

What was going on

However, he was also infuriated by her words.

“Dont refuse a drink only to be forced with one.”

Colluding and having a black heart These words were all unpleasant to the ear.


He had never been criticised like this, and was furious.

The corners of Shi Qingluos lips curled up, but she quickly restrained herself and said indignantly, “I would never compromise.

All of you, get lost!”

Eldest Young Master Wu swept a malicious glance at Shi Qingluo.

“Lets see!”

If he tried a more polite way but she turned it down, then she shouldnt blame him for doing it forcefully.

In the next two days, he would find someone to abduct her.

He would first torture her to get the formulas, and then send her to the brothel in Jiangnan.

His father had already sent a letter to the magistrate, promising that he would definitely get the method for making ice, so he could not afford to fail.

Eldest Young Master Wus malice was too strong, and Dumby, who stood behind Shi Qingluo, could clearly feel it.

He wanted to take advantage of it.

Hmm, he deserved to be bitten.

Thus, it flapped its wings and rushed over to bite Eldest Young Master Wu.

Eldest Young Master Wu did not expect the goose beside the wretched girl to attack without any command by Shi Qingluo, so he was bitten a few times.

He immediately asked his servant boys to chase it away and he hid behind the two of them in a sorry state.

When Fourth Son Shi saw this, he quickly ran away.

He was also traumatised by this big goose.

As expected, Shi Qingluos goose was too fierce.

It even dared to bite Eldest Young Master Wu without mercy.

The two servant boys who were blocking Dumby for Eldest Young Master Wu were also bitten a few times.

One of them pulled out a knife from the bottom of the carriage and was about to slash it at Dumby.

Dumby was extremely smart.

The moment it saw the knife, it immediately turned around and ran towards Shi Qingluo.

Seeing this, Shi Qingluo quickly stepped forward and raised her leg to kick the knife coming towards Dumby away.

Then, she turned sideways and kicked him to the ground.

“Wow, when others dont give you the formulas, you want to murder others in public”

She deliberately shouted again, “No wonder others say that your Wu family is the most evil bully in Nanxi county.

Its true after what happened today.”

Eldest Young Master Wu was furious.

“Shi Qingluo, you just wait!”

Xiao Hanzheng had already walked over.

He looked at Eldest Young Master Wu unhappily.

“I wonder how my wife offended Eldest Young Master Wu that you wanted her to wait for you”

He emitted a fierce aura, which suppressed Eldest Young Master Wus imposing manner completely.

Eldest Young Master Wu frowned as he looked at Xiao Hanzheng, who did not look like a farm boy at all.

Eldest Young Master Wu became more jealous and furious.

He could not let these two become more daring any further.

Otherwise, the Wu family might be at a disadvantage.

He sneered.

“Youll have to ask your wife why she let her goose bite us.”

Shi Qingluo sneered as well.

“Its all because you guys came to us with all kinds of threats and enticements.

This goose has the sharpest eyes.

It can see through your sinister intentions and viciousness.

Thats why it took the initiative to bite you.”

She swept a meaningful glance at the villagers who had come with Xiao Hanzheng.

“Otherwise, why wouldnt the goose bite these villagers who had done nothing wrong”

Everyone felt that this made sense.

They all knew that the Xiao familys goose was very smart and fierce.

As long as they didnt provoke them, it wouldnt bite them either.

Eldest Young Master Wu must have had some evil intentions that attracted the goose, so the goose didnt bite them but bite him.

Eldest Young Master Wus face darkened when he saw others agreeing to it.

They actually believe in such nonsense.

It was simply too stupid.

As expected from a bunch of ignorant bumpkins.

He snorted coldly.

“Today, Ive finally witnessed your Xiao familys way of treating guests.

Well see.”

Xiao Hanzheng said coldly, “Our Xiao family only welcomes polite guests.

We never welcome those with evil intentions.

“If you want to bully my wife, we really have to wait and see.”

He had also sensed from Eldest Young Master Wu that he had some ill-intention on his wife.

Scheming against his little wife was stepping over his baseline.

Eldest Young Master Wu was speechless.

He wondered who was bullying whom.

He was the victim being scolded and bitten by the goose.

This couple were too shameless.

They liked to twist the facts to their advantage and could turn white into black and vice versa.


However, these villagers were supporting Xiao Hanzheng.

He was afraid that if they attacked, the Wu family would be at a loss.

Thus, he looked coldly at Xiao Hanzheng and Shi Qingluo, and said to the servant, “Lets go!”

Then, he got into the carriage and left the village.

When he went back today, he would write a letter to his aunt, asking her to talk to his uncle, who was a governor.

He would find some reasons to deal with Xiao Hanzheng first, or deploy him away temporarily.

Then, he would find someone to kidnap that wretched girl.

He could not just let this matter rest.

Once Eldest Young Master Wu left, Xiao Hanzheng looked at Shi Qingluo worriedly.

“Wife, are you alright Did he threaten you”

He and his wife already had chemistry and knew how to cooperate.

Sure enough, Shi Qingluo looked aggrieved.

“He wanted to force me to hand over the formula for making ice.

“I told him that I was going to share the formula in public so that everyone could learn it.

On subsequent humid days in summer, we would also have a basin of ice to relieve the heat.

“But he didnt agree.

He insisted on using money to buy the formula and only wanted the Wu family to have it for themselves.

“If we didnt agree, he wanted to send some people to deal with us.”

Of course, this was just a lie, but it was fine as long as others believed it.

Honesty wouldnt be a priority when dealing with the Wu family.

The villagers who followed Xiao Hanzheng here were the ones he had invited to furnish his workshops in the backyard.

They had already connected their backyard with the newly bought mountain, so they were prepared to tear down the back wall and build the sugar and paint workshops here.

They also rebuilt the tofu workshop.

After the villagers heard Shi Qingluos words, they all felt that the Wu family had gone too far to force them to hand over the ice making technique.

When they heard what she said next, they were even more dumbfounded.

“Dalangs wife, you said that you wanted to share the technique for making ice to the public”

Shi Qingluo nodded.

“Thats right.

Its free to everyone.

Anyone can learn it if they want to.

“We can all make ice to cool down from the heat.

Or, we can take advantage of the hot weather to make some cold things to sell and earn some income.

This is also great.”

She had planned this a long time ago.

Didnt the Wu family want the formula Sure.

When the time came, they would make it available to the public.

If they wanted to learn, they could.

However, they shouldnt blame her for ruining their reputation in the county.


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