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Xiao Yuanshi wanted to throw a tantrum in front of so many people, but he could only endure it and go up and persuade Old Lady Xiao.

Ge Chunru could only explain again aggrievedly that she had no intention of giving her in-laws a cold shoulder.

After the two of them coaxed, Old Lady Xiao finally got up and said to Ge Chunru, “Since you dont dislike an old lady like me, then from now on, be a good daughter-in-law who respects her in-laws.

“Come over and bring me to the toilet to change my clothes before I eat.”

She raised her hand and gestured like a mother-in-law.

“Otherwise, youre looking down on me as your mother-in-law.

Ill tell others tomorrow.”

Shi Qingluo had said that most of the daughters-in-law in the capital had to personally serve their mother-in-law.

If this vixen did not serve her, she would be unfilial.

As long as she spread this to others, she would be looked down upon.

Old Lady Xiao even complained about her in front of her son with red eyes.

How shameless she was.

Shi Qingluo had already told her about this vixens move in advance and taught her how to counter it.

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Who wouldnt cry Hmph hmph!

Other than being even more dissatisfied with this couple, she also regarded Shi Qingluo more highly.

She had basically been right about everything that had happened after they reached the capital.

Moreover, the tactics she had taught her were indeed very useful.

Didnt she foresee that these two beasts would display unwilling and disdainful expressions on their faces

However, because of filial piety and fear that they would go out and tell others, they had no choice but to lower themselves and be humble.

Seeing that Ge Chunru was forced to walk over and support her to take a bath, Old Lady Xiao was even more pleased.

She decided to use all the moves that Shi Qingluo had taught her in order to teach this vixen a lesson.

Ge Chunru supported this dirty old lady who smelled sour.

She was so disgusted that she wanted to throw up, but she had to endure it.

She was about to break down.

However, she would never have thought that she would break down later.

This was just a small snack before dinner.

Xiao Yuanshi had no choice.

It was his first day meeting his parents.

He could not show his dissatisfaction.

He could only let his lovely wife suffer for the time being.

During the bath, Ge Chunru asked a servant girl to serve her.

Old Lady Xiao did not agree.

She insisted that Ge Chunru personally help her with the bath.

Ge Chunru did not answer.

She stood still, obviously unhappy.

Old Lady Xiao immediately cried and complained about how she had such an unfilial daughter-in-law.

Her other daughter-in-laws were all extremely filial to her.

She wanted to go out and ask the family members of the other officials around her if their daughters-in-law also despised and disrespected their mother-in-law.

Ge Chunru had no choice but to personally bathe her.

In the end, she could not help but spit out her lunch.

Old Lady Xiao was even more unhappy when she saw this.

She was a fox seductress from a rundown family.

Her father was also a bumpkin.

She was just a peasant girl, how could she despise her so much.

If it were not for her son, this fox seductress would have married into a family that held a low status.

Life would have been difficult, let alone wearing gold and silver ornaments as the wife of a general.

And why was she so dirty and smelly

It was because the vixen was the mastermind that caused her son to be unfilial.

They had no choice but to come to the capital discreetly.

And just now, she wanted to show off her power and status.

So shameless.

The more Old Lady Xiao thought about it, the angrier she got.

The more she prepared to torture this vixen, the more she wanted to let her know who she really was.

So, after she finished vomiting, she called her again to help her change clothes and dry her hair.

After much difficulty, Ge Chunru was a little exhausted as she brought her servant girl to prepare the food.

Thinking that if Old Lady Xiao and the rest saw a table full of delicious food and were satisfied, or if they only cared about eating, they might not torture her anymore.

Thus, she got someone to arrange a table full of good dishes.

If Shi Qingluo hadnt dug a hole in advance, the old Xiao family might have been satisfied, but now…

Hence, at mealtime, when they saw the mouth-watering dishes, they did not display their eagerness to dig in.

Meanwhile, they scolded the two beasts once more.

As expected, the two of them were so extravagant on a meal.

Previously, they were a little doubtful of Shi Qingluos words and were mostly suspicious about them.

After all, Shi Qingluo should be dissatisfied with Xiao Yuanshi, her father-in-law.

In order to vent her anger for Xiao Hanzheng, she would definitely encourage them to find trouble with the two of them.

But now, they completely believed it.

Just as Shi Qingluo had said, the Xiao familys granddaughter-in-law, who had cut off her kinship with them, was more reliable than that bastard second son.

These two bastards ate so well at home every day.

They only ate meat once every ten days or half a month in the village.

The more they thought about it, the angrier they got.

Without comparing, they wouldnt know that they were on the less privileged end.

In fact, the generals residence usually did not serve such extravagant meals.

Ge Chunru had also dug a hole for herself.

Of course, the main reason was that Shi Qingluo was an exception.

She had dug a hole for Ge Chunru in advance with the methods she used to deal with the old Xiao family.

Naturally, she was experienced to do it for Ge Chunru.

Old Lady Xiao said to Ge Chunru with a darkened face, “Come and serve me.”

Ge Chunru was especially unhappy, so her eyes reddened again.

She even used a handkerchief to wipe the corners of her eyes and looked at Xiao Yuanshi.

She hoped that he could stop this old woman from tormenting her anymore.

Xiao Yuanshi naturally felt sorry for his little wife when he saw her like this.

“Mother, Ill get a servant girl to serve you.

Chunru is inexperienced, so shes afraid that she wont be able to serve you well.”

“Bang!” Old Lady Xiao slammed her chopsticks heavily on the table.

She raised her eyebrows and looked at her son.

“What I just asked her to serve me, your mother, for a meal.

She already felt that she was suffering a lot”

She said meaningfully, “Mdm Kong used to serve me often.

Why didnt I see you coming out to help

“It seems like what everyone said is true.

“You are just an ingrate who dotes on your concubine and abandons your wife.

Because of a seductive woman, you abandoned your wife and children.

“You even became unfilial to your parents.”

When Ge Chunru heard this, she felt that her heart was pierced.

What she hated the most was that her husband had an ex-wife.

Even though they had already divorced, it was still a thorn in her heart.

This old woman even dared to compare her to a concubine.

Her tears flowed out immediately.

“Mother, I am your husbands legitimate wife, not a concubine.

Its fine if you dont like me, but if these words were to spread, it would affect your husbands career.”

This meant that she was trying to sow discord.

She had always known that her husband valued her the most.

As expected, Xiao Yuanshis expression turned even darker.

“Slam!” Suddenly, Old Lady Xiao stood up and gave Ge Chunru a slap on her face.

She even spat on her face.

“Ptui, a legitimate wife You arent even comparable to a concubine and entered the house and snatched other peoples man away.

“Identifying you as a concubine is already raising your status more than what you are supposed to be.

“Your mother-in-law is speaking to a man.

Does a vixen like you have the right to speak

“A shameless b * tch, a jinx that cursed her parents to death and a burden for bringing her children from her previous marriage here.

“You even tried to sow discord between me and my son under my nose.

Why dont you go and pee and reflect on yourself”

When Shi Qingluo had come, she repeatedly emphasised that this vixen would definitely sow discord between them and Second Son Xiao.

She even analysed some of the words she would use to sow discord.

Indeed, it was only their first day in the generals residence, and this vixen was already sobbing and instigating them.

Of course, it was also that wretched Shi Qingluo who taught her these words.

Needless to say, scolding her really helped to vent her anger.

Xiao Yuanshi could not help but berate, “Enough!”

On one hand, he felt heartache for his petite wife.

On the other hand, it had poked a thorn in his heart.

Mdm Kong represented his past, and he was unwilling to bring it up.

And his mother had gone too far.

The moment she arrived, not only did she torture his wife and insult her verbally, she even dare to hit her.


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