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After Mdm Wu and Mdm Wang left, the chief looked at Mother Xiao with disappointment.

“If Hanzheng doesnt wake up, cant the both of you be stronger

“You have already parted ways from the Xiao family.

If you need to be strong, you must be.”

Mother Xiao nodded with tears in her eyes.


She also resisted, just that she wasnt a match.

She could only blame herself for being too weak.

She had almost failed to protect her daughter.

Chief Xiao looked at her weak and crying appearance and sighed.

“I hope that Hanzheng can wake up soon.”

Otherwise, this mother and her two younger children may not be able to survive.

Xiao Hanzheng was the most reputable young man in the Xiaos clan, raised personally by his mother.

It would be a pity if he didnt wake up.

He would also feel very sad.

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Mother Xiao cried, “Yes, if only Zhenger could wake up soon.”

Shi Qingluo didnt quite agree with her.

She had always believed that it was better to rely on herself than others.

However, with Mother Xiaos character, it was useless to say anything.

Moreover, she was also trying her best to protect her daughter just now.

Unfortunately, the gap between their physical strength and ferocity was too great.

Mother Xiao was also powerless.

The chief took out a money bag from his pocket.

“Here are a few taels of silver that a few clan elders and I have gathered.

Quickly use it to treat Hanzhengs illness.”

Mother Xiao was touched.

Previously, she had already borrowed six taels of silver from Chief Xiaos family to treat her sons illness.

Not only did he not urge her to return the money, but he had also gathered some silver with a few elders.

Their families werent very rich either.

Although they believed that the medicine Shi Qingluo had taken was effective, if their sons fever had not subsided, or if his body was weak after waking up, they still had to continue to source for medicine to replenish his body.

Therefore, even though the silver was too hot to hold, Mother Xiao had to take it.

She walked in front of him and knelt down to kowtow.

“Thank you, chief and the elders, for your great kindness.

When Zhenger wakes up, we will definitely return them back to you.”

If the chief and others hadnt helped her in this period, she didnt know how she could survive with her children.

In the past, the chief and the others had helped her other son, Liangduo.

She had always remembered their great kindness.


She took a deep breath and said, “If Zhenger doesnt wake up, I will still pay you back.”

Even though Mother Xiao had a soft personality, she was a responsible person.

Chief Xiao waved his hand.

“No rush.

We need to save Hanzheng first.”

Then, his gaze landed on Shi Qingluo.

“Miss Shi, thank you for protecting Mother Xiao and her daughter just now.”

They had coincidentally met Shi Qingluo chasing away the people from the Wu family when they arrived just now.

Otherwise, it would be a little troublesome if they had to chase people from the Wu family away,

Shi Qingluo smiled nonchalantly.

“You are welcome.

I was just helping out when I saw injustice.”

Chief Xiao thought for a moment before reminding her, “The Wu family is not only a wealthy family in the county, Lady Wus biological sister is also married to the Liao Family as a mistress.

Even the Liao Family will respect them.

“Miss Shi, be careful in the future.”

No matter what, Miss Shi had helped the Xiao family.

He did not wish for her to get into trouble because of the Wu familys revenge.

Shi Qingluo realised that the chief and other elders of Xiaxi village were much more humane than those of Shangxi village.


She also took note of his reminder.

“Alright, Ill take note.”

Chief Xiao then told Mother Xiao that if other members of the Xiao family still wanted to sell their daughter away, she should let Erlang help them out.

After saying that, he left with the village leader and a few others.

Xiao Baili immediately walked over and supported her mother.

Both of them looked at Shi Qingluo with gratitude.

“Miss Shi/Sister Shi, thank you so much for today!”

Mother Xiao continued sincerely, “We will definitely find a chance to repay your kindness in the future.”

Shi Qingluo shook her head.

“Youre welcome.

We just happened to bump into each other.”

She thought for a moment and asked, “I think those two shrews from the Xiao family will not let you off.

Have you thought of how to deal with them”

These words made the duos expressions change instantly.

They did not know how to deal with them.

If they could neither win the fight nor the scolding, what should they do

“We dont know either,” Mother Xiao replied bitterly and dejectedly.

Mother Xiao had a weak personality, but she was not stupid.

She looked at Shi Qingluo.

“Does Miss Shi have any ideas”

Otherwise, she would not have asked such a question.

Shi Qingluo asked in return, “What do you think”

Mother Xiao did not hesitate, “Miss Shi is excellent.”


But what did this have to do with dealing with those two shrews

They could not always ask Miss Shi to help them, right

Shi Qingluo didnt beat around the bush and said bluntly, “Why dont I marry into your family and become your daughter-in-law Ill be Bailis and Erlangs sister-in-law too.

How about that

“That way, if those shrews dare to bully you again, Ill be able to deal with them more justifiably.”

Mother Xiao and the other two were shocked.

After a long while, Mother Xiao came to her senses, “You mean, you want to marry into our family”

Although there were many young ladies in the village who wanted to marry Zhenger in the past, none of them had ever been so straightforward.

Moreover, after Zhenger fainted, she heard many people rejoicing behind his back.

They said that it was fortunate that Zhenger did not want to get married so early, or else she would have been unlucky or had to become a widow.

If Shi Qingluo had said that she wanted to marry Zhenger in the past, she would not have been surprised.

However, the current situation in her family was self-destructive.

Why would Shi Qingluo want to jump into the fire pit

Although she felt that she could rely on Shi Qingluo if she really married as she would be able to deal with those two shrews, she would not cheat her like that.

Hence, she sighed and said, “Miss Shi, its not that Im unwilling, but you have seen the situation of my family.

If you marry into the Xiao family, your life will not be easy.”

“Zhenger has yet to wake up, and our family still owes others more than ten taels of silver in debts.

We had also depleted our food inventory.

“Although we have broken off our relationship with the Xiao family, as long as Zhenger is still in a coma, those people will still come and cause a lot of trouble.”

Her eyes were filled with tears as she gritted her teeth and said, “Moreover, if Zhenger doesnt wake up, you will be a widow the moment you marry.

We cannot treat our saviour like this.”

Although Xiao Baili and Xiao Erlang were also grateful and fond of Shi Qingluo because of the previous incident, they really could not go against their conscience and say that it was good for her to marry over.

If their elder brother was still awake, they would be willing to have such a sister-in-law and would not feel guilty.

However, their brother was in a coma and they didnt know if he would wake up.

They couldnt be so mean to her.

After hearing what Mother Xiao said and seeing their expression, Shi Qingluo felt that her decision was right.

Shi Qingluo expressed her thoughts very frankly.

“The Shi family wants to bury me together with Young Master Wu.

You all know that if I dont marry out on my own, my maternal family will be my huge fire pit.

“I have a strong personality.

Im not suitable to marry into a big family with complicated personal relationships and powerful in-laws.

“Your family is very suitable for me.

“I dont mind the poverty and troubles your family is facing now.

I only have one request.

“If I marry into your family, you are not allowed to interfere with anything I do in the future.

It will be the best if I am the head of the family.

“In exchange, Ill protect you and lead you towards a prosperous life.”

She continued, “I think Xiao Hanzheng will be better after taking the medicine I gave him.

“If he really cant wake up, I dont mind being a widow.

As long as he can live comfortably.”

It was better to make these words clear in advance.


This was her personality.

This was her intention for marrying into their family.

It was up to Mother Xiao and her two children to decide.


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