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The Shi familys faces turned gloomy upon hearing Shi Qingluos words.

Their resentment and displeasure towards that little hoof intensified.

If she was here, they would probably want to go up and give her a few slaps.

Mdm Wang and the others couldnt help but curse in a low voice, “So this little hoof wanted to enjoy all the good food herself.

No wonder she kept stopping us from going.

Damn it, shameless vixen…”

Old Lady Shi slapped the table angrily.

“Theres actually such a thing Shes just an orphan, yet she wants to exert dominance over my sons privileges.

She should go and eat sh * t.”

As his mother, she had yet to enjoy it, so what right did this little hoof have

She asked Shi Qingluo, “What do you think we should do”

After all, she was the disciple of the old immortal, so she must have good ideas.

Shi Qingluo had been waiting for Old Lady Shi to fall into her trap for a long time.

“Sell all the houses and land under the Xiao family, then bring all the money to the capital.”

Old Lady Xiao asked in confusion and disapproval, “What Why do you want to sell all of the assets”

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Shi Qingluo thought to herself, of course thats to prevent you from being sent back by these two people soon after you arrived.

But on the surface, she pretended that she was expressing her care for Old Lady Shi and the others.

“Only then will he be unable to chase you back.

Otherwise, where will you live What will you eat

“Dont tell me that the great general wants his parents to starve to death by sleeping on the streets

“If he dares to do that, you can go and sue him.

“If they really force you to come back one day, just ask him to give you some money to buy new plots of land.

The compensation must be at least a few folds of the current price.

“Then, build the best house in the village.

Otherwise, it will be an embarrassment to the general.

“At that time, you will be earning double and would not lose anything.”

She encouraged them again.

“Anyway, when you reach there, go all the way out.

Whoever is more ruthless will win.”

At first, Old Lady Xiao and the others did not agree, but after listening to Shi Qingluos words, they realised that it made a lot of sense.

Without a house and a plot of land, how could they live when they were back

No matter how ruthless Second Son Shi was, he wont make them homeless, right

If he was really that ruthless, then they would sue him.

At most, they would stop him from being a general.

Since they were unable to enjoy it, lets just see who was the most ruthless.

Old Lady Xiao realised that although this wretched girl wasnt likeable, she was good at coming up with ideas.

“That makes sense.

Lets go back and discuss it.”

As she said that, she couldnt wait to get up and head back.

However, Shi Qingluo stopped her.

“Old Lady, what are you in such a hurry for

“The moment you go out, Xinghong, who is standing outside now, will expose your plans.

“That woman deliberately placed Xinghong by your side and instigated you to find fault with my husband.

She deliberately monitored and tricked you into not going to the capital and prevented you from snatching her title.

“Once your motives are exposed too early, that woman will definitely spread rumours about you and get the senior general to stop you from entering the capital.”

Old Lady Xiao sat back down.

“Then what should we do

“After all, Xinghong is serving by my side.

She definitely knows that we are selling houses and land!”

Shi Qingluo looked like she was dumbfounded.

“Then we wont keep her!”

She suggested, “If you guys go out now, dont reveal that you want to enter the capital.

Then, pretend to curse.

“Tomorrow, let my first uncle or third uncle go to the county town and find someone to sell her away.

Bring some people to drag her out so that no one will expose your plans.”

Old Lady Xiao and the others were shocked.

Could they do it like this

Actually, it really could.

Shi Qingluo continued to encourage them.

“That girl is quite good-looking and has a good figure.

She was once a generals wifes personal servant girl.

If you sell her to the right place, you will at least receive a few dozen taels of silver.

“If she is here as a spy to stop you from enjoying your life and cutting off your source of income, she is your enemy, so you cant be soft-hearted.

“If you sell her away, she wont be an eye sore and you will also earn some money.

Its killing two birds with one stone.”

Xinghong had incited the people of the old residence to drag Xiao Baili to the Wu family to be married and buried with Young Master Wu.

She also bribed Doctor Shi to poison Xiao Hanzheng and even wanted to drown Erlang.

These were unpardonable crimes.

In turn, Shi Qingluo incited these troublemakers to sell that woman away and let her enjoy her karma and retribution.

She made it very clear.

Where could they sell them at a high price

At the brothel, of course.

It was a pity that Young Master Wu was already dead.

Otherwise, Shi Qingluo would have encouraged the Shi Family to send her for the burial.

Sure enough, Old Lady Xiao and the rest looked interested.

“Lets think about this again.”

In their hearts, they had already decided to listen to Shi Qingluo.

This plan prevented Xinghong from getting into their way.

Shi Qingluo walked closer to Old Lady Shi, Mdm Wang, and Mdm Wu and taught them a couple of ways to deal with that woman and that scumbag father after they went to the capital.

For example, when that woman pretended to be weak and cried in front of the general, Old Lady Shi should cry even louder.

She should cry out that she had raised her son with great difficulty, but after he married a wife he forgot about his mother.

Or, if that woman twisted her words, such as deducting their food and clothing expenses, Old Lady Shi should bring her two daughters-in-law out to cry and complain to outsiders.

It would be best if they go to a crowded teahouse or restaurant.

If that woman went a little overboard, the three of them would sit at the entrance of the generals residence, cry hard and throw a tantrum.

Shi Qingluo had also taught them some techniques used for dealing with the White Lotus Flowers and Green Tea Whores in films.

She will leave it to the three of them to display their creativity.

She believed that the troublemakers would definitely be awesome in throwing a tantrum!

The trio did not expect that they would be able to deal with their enemy like this.

The door to a new world was opening towards them.



This wretched girl was indeed worthy of being the disciple of an old immortal.

Her skills were on another level.

They were a little afraid and fearful of Shi Qingluo as they recorded what she taught them.

This wretched girl wasnt a good person.

She was full of crooked ideas and taught them moves that werent just ordinarily evil.

However, they liked them for dealing with that little hoof in the capital…

Hence, when the three of them had something they did not understand, they even asked Shi Qingluo for advice.

The few of them gathered together and chatted happily.

Xiao Hanzheng did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Those who didnt know would think that they had a good relationship…

After Shi Qingluo finished teaching and exhorting them, she chased them away.

“All of you should go and make preparations now.

If you can enjoy better lives earlier, dont delay it any longer.”

The trio couldnt wait to go back and discuss it.

“Alright, thats it then.”

Thus, they completely forgot the purpose of their visit today.

They didnt want the tofu workshop anymore and couldnt care less about the purpose of choosing things.

Shi Qingluo deliberately dug a hole for Xinghong.

She reminded Old Lady Shi, “After you guys leave, Xinghong will definitely ask all sorts of questions.

Old Lady, dont let her lead you by the nose again and accidentally tell others about what we discussed just now.”

Old Lady Xiao waved her hand.

“That cant be.” She wasnt that stupid.

Then, the few of them were extremely excited as Shi Qingluo sent them out of the courtyard.

When Xinghong saw them, she hid the displeasure on her face.

She pulled out a smile and came up to them.

“Old Lady, why did that wretched girl let you guys in

“Have you settled the matter of the tofu workshop Why didnt you take anything”

As usual, she asked a few questions in succession.

In the past, Old Lady Xiao wouldnt have thought too much about it.

But now, she couldnt help but think of what Shi Qingluo had said just now.

She didnt think of it before, but now, she really sensed it.

Xinghong had always been trying to lead them by the nose and using them as her puppets.

She was incredibly evil.

She deserved to be sold!


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