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Liang Youxiao and the others couldnt help but smile when they saw Shi Qingluos smile.

In their hearts, they lit a candle of sympathy for Hu Mincai and the others.

Once these people wanted to be demons, they would definitely be dealt with thoroughly.

Aiya, their hands were itchy now.

It seemed that the journey to the northern border this time wasnt that boring.

The road out of the capital was paved with cement, and Shi Qingluos carriage was very stable.

The few of them played cards and drank tea in the carriage, and the morning hours soon passed.

When they arrived at a small town at noon, Commander Wei let everyone down to rest and eat.

He had already sent people to the town on the horses to investigate and found the best restaurant in the town.

The waiter hurriedly came out to help feed the horses and serve water.

The whole restaurant had already been booked by Commander Wei.

If it were in the past, they would have found a random place to eat after doing some errands.

However, since there were so many wonderful fellows in the team this time, he could only try his best to arrange it.

Seeing such an old and small restaurant, Hu Mincai curled his lips in disgust.

“How can we eat at a place like this!”

Commander Wei uttered under his breath, why cant we eat in such a place

“Mr Hu, this is already the best restaurant in the town.”

Xi Rui could not stand Hu Mincais attitude either.

“Its already good enough to have something to eat.

I wasnt even picking.

Whats there to pick”

Because he had run away from home with Liang Youxiao, he had been to restaurants worse than this.

Hu Mincai choked and said with a fake smile, “Alright, if you can eat here, of course I can eat here too.”

After walking in, he saw that Shi Qingluo was accompanied by a big black goose.

Previously, he had heard from a servant boy that Shi Qingluo actually used two carriages to carry a lot of geese.

At that time, he only thought of the wordpoor.

Hence, he said sarcastically, “The journey to the northern border was not easy to begin with.

Some people even brought poultry on purpose.

Isnt this a burden

“You are too used to being poor.

You cant even bear to throw away a few geese.”

They were already out of the capital.

He did not believe that Shi Qingluo could still run back to the palace to complain.

When Shi Qingluo heard this, she turned to look at him and raised her eyebrows.

“My geese did not eat your rice.

You must be so full that you have nothing better to do.

Youre such a sissy, whining wherever you go.”

Such a person really deserved to be taught a lesson.

Hu Mincais face darkened.

“Who are you calling a sissy”

He was afraid of Xi Rong and the others, but he was not afraid of a village woman like Shi Qingluo.

Shi Qingluo raised her eyebrows.

“Of course its you.

Who else here is more sissy than you”

Xi Rui smiled and said, “Then theres definitely no one more sissy than him.”

Xi Rong looked at Hu Mincai with disdain.

“Thats right.

Hes not even as good as a gigolo.”

Hu Mincai ordered the two tall and burly guards behind him with a sullen face, “Go catch this goose and throw it out.”

He could not say that he would let someone beat up Shi Qingluo.

After all, she was a woman.

He did not mind, but he was afraid that people would gossip about him.

So, he would just take it out on this big goose.

He heard that this village woman treasured this big goose.

As soon as he finished giving his orders, Xi Rui and the others hurriedly took a few steps back and looked at Hu Mincai with a gloating expression.

Hu Mincai was a little confused.

What were these people looking at

However, he quickly understood.

Because Dumby was angered.

This two-legged monster was too much to actually want to chase him out.

Therefore, without hesitation, the goose flapped his wings and pounced towards Hu Mincai.

His mouth twisted his arm forcefully a few times.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah, it hurts, it hurts!” Hu Mincai could not help but cry out in pain.

Seeing this, the two brawny men hurriedly ran over to catch the goose.

However, not only were they nimbly dodged, they were also slapped and bitten by the goose.

“Ahhhh!” Then, the voices of the two men rang out.

Seeing this, one of Hu Mincais personal guards immediately drew his knife and rushed over, wanting to slash at the goose.

Xiao Hanzheng raised his hand and gave a snap, causing a stone to fall on that persons knee.

The man fell in front of Dumby with a thump.

Shi Qingluo chuckled.

“You guys are too polite to give my goose such a big gift.

“Im so hungry.

Lets go upstairs and eat.”

Then she said to the big goose, “Goose, come up and find us after youre done with them.”

Dumby responded a few times with pride.

Everyone present was speechless, this goose must have turned into a spirit.

It could actually understand human speech.

Then, Dumby stepped on the person who was about to chop him and bit him in the face.

That person screamed repeatedly.

Dumbys combat strength was off the charts, and he slapped and bit at Hu Mincai and the others.

The other people who were with Hu Mincai could not help but gulp when they saw this.

This was too tragic, wasnt it…

Previously, they had only thought that it was very rare for Shi Qingluo to raise this big goose, and it looked very awe-inspiring.

Who would have thought that not only did it look awe-inspiring, but it was also so fierce when it bit others.

It was indeed worthy of being Shi Qingluos goose.

Previously, a handful of them had seen her slap the generals wife.

Those who had originally wanted to step forward to help did not dare to do so, afraid that they would be bitten by the goose.

After Dumby tidied up the few of them, he raised his head and puffed out his chests as he went upstairs to look for his mama.


Commander Wei and the other guards, who had watched the whole process, were speechless.

This was the first time they had seen a big goose that was so powerful, domineering, and smart.

Commander Wei wanted to cry.

It had only been half a day since they came out, and these people had already started a fight among themselves.

However, Hu Mincai had indeed brought it upon himself.

He had a foul mouth and insisted on stirring up trouble first.

He deserved to be taught a lesson.

After letting the doctor who followed them take a look at the injuries of the few of them, he also brought them to eat.

Dumby went upstairs and ran to Shi Qingluos side to rub her arm, looking like he was asking for praise.

Shi Qingluo took out a handful of goose food from her purse and fed it.

“Goose, well done!”

To deal with Hu Mincai, who was such a bitchy person, it was enough to let her son do it.

When Dumby heard her mother praising him, he puffed out his chest again, and looked proud of himself.

Xi Rui and the others were amazed.

“Qingluo, your goose is so cool.”

“Your goose is getting smarter and smarter.

It seems like it can understand everything now.”

Shi Qingluo and the big goose came in the same style and said proudly, “Of course.

Look whos goose this is.”

Xi Rui and the others were used to it.

The others remained silent.

This woman was amazing.

Xi Rui was envious.

“Qingluo, are your gooses offspring also so smart and fierce Can you give me one as a pet”

He also wanted to keep a big goose behind him.

If anyone dared to provoke him, he would close the door and release the goose.

Shi Qingluo smiled and said, “Its definitely not as smart and fierce as my goose, but after all, they have his bloodline, so it wont be too bad.”

Then she discussed with the goose, “Dumby, give one of your goose to this uncle to raise.”

This gooses reproductive ability was too strong.

Now, there were a lot of geese and goslings, and it was almost impossible to raise them.

These were all her gooses children, so naturally, she could not stew the geese in an iron pot like an ordinary goose.

It was not bad to find a few masters, such as Xi Rui, who definitely had people to serve the goose well.

Xi Rui looked at her with a loving smile.

“Yes, I will definitely treat your goose well.

Dont worry.”

Dummys bright black eyes glanced at Xi Rui with some disdain, but he still agreed.

He looked at Shi Qingluo and nodded.

It was difficult to raise too many geese, so it would be good to give some away and then continue to reproduce more…

The others remained silent.

What the hell This goose was too smart and human-like.

This time, not to mention Xi Rui and the others, even the people who were with Hu Mincai wanted a big goose as a pet.

Shi Qingluo and Xi Rui led them astray instantly…

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