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When Old Master Xi said this, not to mention Xi Rui, his eyes were wide open in disbelief.

Even Xi Xinheng was stunned.

“Father, are you joking”

His son was pampered and spoiled.

If he went to the northern border, he would probably cry and want to come back within three days.

Old Master Xi nodded with a serious expression.

“Of course Im not joking.

“Ruier is already a grown-up.

Its not bad for him to train at the northern border.

“Lets arrange for him to follow Xiao Hanzheng.”

Others saw the northern border as a den filled with tigers and wolves, but Old Master Xi felt that this was an opportunity.

When was the best time to make a contribution

Of course, it would be when the situation was chaotic.

When there was peace and prosperity, how could there be so many opportunities to contribute

Although Xi Rui, his grandson, was a profligate, he was not incurable.

He was smart and flexible, but he was spoiled too much.

After training at the northern border for a while, he believed that his grandson would grow up a lot.

Old Master Xi thought that he was good at judging people.

Xiao Hanzheng was definitely not a nobody, not to mention that he had a good wife like Shi Qingluo by his side.

If his grandson followed him now, he would be able to follow Xiao Hanzhengs footsteps.

In the future, the public administration house would be passed on to Xi Ruis eldest brother.

When they were no longer around, Xi Rui would have to depend on his brothers for food.


His eldest grandson was not bad, but his eldest granddaughter-in-law was a little narrow-minded.

As for his favourite grandson, Xi Rui, Old Master Xi still hoped that he could arrange a path for him.

In the future, even if he left the public administration house, Xi Rui would still be able to live comfortably.

Xi Rui said with a sad face, “Grandfather, are you still my biological grandfather”

How could he bear being thrown into a bitter and cold place like the northern border!

Xi Xinheng smiled.

“No, you were picked up from the streets.”


Xi Rui remained silent.

I dont believe you.

Xi Xinheng made the decision.

“Its settled then.

Go and make your preparations.”

In fact, Xi Xinheng did not want his youngest son to suffer.

Although he despised his son all day long and often wanted to break his sons legs, however, among his three sons, he actually liked his youngest son the most.

Moreover, his youngest son was also the closest to him.

The other two sons were too rigid.

He had wanted to plead for his son, but when he saw his fathers expression, he knew it was useless.

Once the old master made a decision, he could not change it at all.

He could only reach out and pat Xi Rui on the shoulder.

“My son, didnt you want to go out to play just now Hurry up and go.

You wont have a chance after that.”

Xi Rui paused for a moment.

He was really picked up from the streets.

He turned around and ran out of the yard.

“Humph, Ill go find my grandmother and mother!”

Although he really wanted to play with Xiao Hanzheng and Shi Qingluo, he didnt want to go along.

He was really afraid of the northern border.

He heard that the people at the northern border were so poor that they often starved to death.

There was nothing fun to do, and they couldnt enjoy good food and wear high quality clothings.

He couldnt stand that kind of suffering!

Seeing that Xi Rui ran to the old lady to complain, Old Master Xi made up his mind to send him away.

He was a spoiled child.

This kid was spoiled by the old lady and his daughter-in-law.

“Dont be afraid of the northern border.

Let Ruier go there.

“Although it will certainly be risky, the opportunities and benefits outweigh it.

“Maybe we can change his temper and let him become a genius in the imperial court.”

Xi Xinheng uttered under his breath, come on, if this good-for-nothing son of his could become a humerus genius, he would be able to become a duke without having to receive his inheritance.

However, what his biological father said was indeed reasonable.

“Alright, Ill submit his name tomorrow.”

Presumably, the emperor would not object.

In the backyard, when the old lady and the old masters daughter-in-law heard that the old master was going to send his precious grandson/son to the northern border, their hearts ached to death.

The old lady even went straight to the old masters yard.

But when she came out, she changed her mind.

She kept nudging Xi Rui as she wiped away her tears, telling him to prepare well for his journey to the northern border.

Seeing that the old lady had no choice, the old masters daughter-in-law could only wipe away her tears.

When had her precious son ever suffered so much

The old master and her husband were really too cruel.

She could not change the outcome, so she could only go along with the old lady to help Xi Rui prepare food for his trip to the northern border.

Xi Rui was speechless.

He was indeed picked up from the streets.

He wanted to cry himself to death on the spot.

When the others in the public house found out about this, apart from a few who were worried, most of them were gloating.

This time, this guy was sucking up to the old master too much.

The old master was mighty!

They did not want Xi Rui to go to the northern border to get into trouble.

After all, with the protection from the public administrative house, Xi Ruis life should not be in danger.

However, suffering was inevitable.

After getting used to Xi Rui showing off, they had long wanted this fellow to capsize.

Those living in a big family had some internal conflicts.

They did not want Xi Rui to be met with a misfortunate or die, but they were still happy to see him suffer.

The same situation occurred in the Liang and Qi families.

Old Master Liang was obviously a smart person.

He had the same thoughts as Old Master Xi, so he asked his son to submit Liang Youxiaos name.

Liang Youxiao was lying on the bed, looking like he was waiting to rot.


After Old Master Qi returned home, he pondered for a long time before he decided to let his grandson go to the northern border.

He felt that the emperors move had an underlying meaning.

Moreover, his grandson was just messing around in the imperial academy, so it would be difficult for him to crave out contributions for himself.


The resources at the public house were limited, so it wouldnt be easy for him to make any contributions in the future even if he was transferred to a better place.

He might as well go to the northern border and try his luck.

Now that his grandson and Xiao Hanzheng had a good relationship, there would be someone to take care of him when he went there.

As long as they could reclaim the northern border and destroy King Jin, he would be able to get a share of the credit at the northern border.

If he couldnt bear to let his grandchild suffer, he wouldnt reap the benefits either, so he went all out.

Therefore, Duke Qi called Qi Yiyang to the study room to have a good talk.

Qi Yiyang wasnt a playboy.

He was also an ambitious person, so after hearing his grandfathers words, he changed his stance and expressed his consent.

Old Master Fei of the Fei family wanted his grandson to go, but unfortunately, he had already arranged an official position for his grandson half a month ago.

There was no way to change it now, so he would just miss it.

Of course, Xiao Hanzheng received the news as well.

When he was still in the Imperial Academy, he received many sympathetic gazes from his colleagues.

He and Zhuo Jun did not express much emotions, but when the candidate who clinched the 3rd place, known as bangyan, received the news, he collapsed on the spot.

He probably cursed those officials who had suggested for the three of them to go.

Xiao Hanzheng felt that this person was a little unlucky.

Being sent to the northern border was completely incidental.

After returning home, Xiao Hanzheng told Shi Qingluo about the matters in the imperial court.

“It seems that the emperor will be able to sieve out quite a number of problematic people this time.”

He was actually a little surprised.

King Jin had buried so many people in the imperial court.

The key was that this was only a part of it.

Who knew how many more were hidden here.

And these were only King Jins people.

He did not believe that there was no one from the previous dynasty in the imperial court.

Of course, there were also those with dual identities.

The entire imperial court was about to become reshuffled.

This would probably make the emperor furious.

In his previous life, a batch of people was purged, but it was clear that there were still many that had not been purged.

He did not know if the emperor had deliberately kept them or if there was something wrong with these people.

Shi Qingluo asked, “Why are there so many King Jins people here Did the late emperor leave them here”

She felt that it was a bit bitter for the emperor to have the late emperor as his father.

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