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After talking about Xiao Yuanshi, Ge Chunru and her sister started scolding Tao Liu angrily.

At the same time, they also talked about her pregnancy.

Ge Chunying was speechless when she heard this.

Tao Liu was already pregnant for five months, yet her sister only found out about it.

This was simply too late to salvage the situation.

Her sister was clearly quite scheming previously!

Thus, she tried to persuade her sister in all ways, telling her Chunru not to touch peach Tao Liu.

After all, Xiao Yuanshi was keeping a close watch on them.

Once she was discovered, it would be troublesome.

It was better to wait for the childs birth before playing some tricks, and then leave the mother and save the child.

Once the child was in her hands, it would be up to her sister to decide what to do with it.

“Sister, just treat it as a toy and raise the child as a good-for-nothing in the future.”

She came up with an idea.

“You can spoil it as much as you want.

If that child wants a star, give a star to him.

If he wants a moon, give him a moon.

“When the time comes, no one will say anything bad about you.

My brother-in-law will also think that you are a loving mother.”

“When that kid fails in the future, it will be his own fault.

It has nothing to do with you, his loving mother.

“If the child is a daughter, then it will be even easier.”

“Once she is brought up, just find a useful family to marry and throw her out.”

Her sister was really stupid.

Why didnt she want to raise the child that Tao Liu gave birth to

Wasnt this clearly pushing her brother-in-law further and further away.

If she were her, not only would she have to raise him, she would also have to raise him exceptionally well.

She would have treated that kid as a treasure to destroy him, and even make others thank her for her kindness.

It would be even better if she was her daughter.

She would use her to marry him in the future.

Originally, Ge Chunru had wanted to wait until Tao Lius child was one or two years old before letting him fall ill and pass away.

Now, after listening to her sisters words, she suddenly felt that this was indeed better.

Tao Liu was now provoking her and trying to sow discord between her and Xiao Yuanshi.

In the future, she would treat Tao Lius son or daughterwell.


“Alright, Ill listen to you.”

The two of them chatted for a while more.

Seeing that it was getting late, Ge Chunru got up and went to fetch the box that was placed on the table when she entered the room.

“Chunying, here are some jewelry.

Take it and use it.

If you want to eat anything, take it and give it to the kitchen.

“Dont make yourself feel bad.”

These were most of her jewelry.

She had originally brought them because she was afraid that her sister would feel wronged in front of the second princes consorts.

Now, it seemed that she was right.

Her sister had been bullied.

Xiao Yuanshi kept a close watch on her.

He did not allow her to sell her things.

Otherwise, she would have pawned them last time to raise money.

It was not bad to use them to compensate her sister now.

Seeing a box of jewelry, gold and silver, it was worth seven to eight thousand taels of silver no matter what.

Ge Chunying hugged Ge Chunru and looked so touched that she was about to cry.

“Sister, youre so kind.

Ill treat you well in the future.

His Highness and I will be your backer.”

Ge Chunru patted Ge Chunyings head and smiled with relief.

“Okay, I will depend on you.”

The two of them chatted for a while more before Ge Chunru left reluctantly .

She didnt know that as soon as she walked out of the courtyard, Ge Chunying had already asked someone to fetch water and take a bath because she had held her hand and hugged her before.


Regardless of whether she had been schemed against for having an affair, Ge Chunying actually felt some disdain towards her biological sister.

After returning to the generals residence, Ge Chunying braced herself to take care of the things that were going to be moved to the northern border.

She did not notice that one of the servant girls who had followed her to the second princes residence had secretly snuck out.

She was currently in Xiao Yuanshis study room.

Xiao Yuanshi asked, “Did Madam bring anything with her to meet Concubine Ge”

The servant girl replied truthfully, “Madam gave most of the jewelry to Concubine Ge.”

Although she did not see it with her own eyes, she saw Madam packing it up and personally carrying it into the second princes residence.

However, when she came out, she did not bring the wooden box with her.

Xiao Yuanshis face darkened.

He had not expected his wife to take so many things to finance Ge Chunying.

He asked again, “What did they say”

The servant girl replied respectfully, “When Madam was talking to concubine Ge, she chased all the servants out.

I did not hear it.”

Xiao Yuanshi received the information he wanted to know and waved his hand.

“Continue to keep an eye on Madam.”

“If she takes anything from the public or sells anything, come and tell me immediately.”

The servant girl replied respectfully, “Yes!”

Then, she left.

Xiao Yuanshi took a deep breath and suppressed his anger.

It seemed that Liu Ru should still be in charge of the house after he went to the northern border.

Ge Chunru was very efficient in managing things.

In just three days, she had sorted out the list of people and things that she was going to bring.

Then, she lowered her head to Xiao Yuanshi, which was rare, and begged him to set off early.

Xiao Yuanshi was annoyed and could only agree.

The emperor did not take back the generals residence.

Xiao Yuanshi left someone to look after the house and left the capital with his wife, his beloved concubines, and most of his servants, and headed to the northern border.

He even bought a pair of tires from the Qis public administrative house at a high price and to place on a horse carriage.

These were the horse carriage tires that Shi Qingluo had gotten the craftsmen to tinker with after she had gotten the bicycle.

She also made a kind of shock-absorbing spring that matched the rubber tires.

It was much more stable than a normal horse carriage, and it was not as bumpy after traveling for a long time.

Xiao Yuanshi was worried about the child in Liu Rus stomach, so he paid a high price for the tires.

As too many people order it, if Xiao Yuanshi didnt become thick-skinned and look for the prince of Duke Qi and cut the queue, he would not have been able to buy these tires.

At this moment, Tao Liu was comfortably lying on the carriage, drinking hot tea and eating snacks.

When Xiao Yuanshi was tired from riding the horse, he would enter her carriage to rest.

At first, Ge Chunru did not know about this, but when she realized that her carriage was different from Tao Lius, she could not help but ask.

After asking, she found out that these were tires that could not be bought in the capital.

After using them, the carriage would not be so bumpy.

She sat in her own carriage, and after being on a speedy journey for a few days, her entire body felt like it was going to be shaken apart.

Why was Tao Liu, a concubine, still able to sit in such a carriage

Thus, she couldnt help but ask Xiao Yuanshi.

Then, she was dismissed with a sentence, “Because Liu Ru is pregnant.”.

Ge Chunru was half dead from anger, and her determination to remove Tao Liu and keep her child deepened.

On the other hand, Shi Qingluo had made a large sum of money by selling the formula.

Thats right, the carriage tires and shock absorption springs were the formulas she sold to the Qi family and a few other families.

After all, these families all had rubber, and they couldnt all be used to make rubber-soled shoes and bicycles.

Shi Qingluo thought of replacing the wooden wheels of the carriage with rubber tires to reduce the shock.

When she and others accompanied her husband to the northern border after he received his new appointment, it would be much more comfortable to sit there.

As soon as the carriage tires came out, it once again caused a wave of buying.

The carriage was a necessary means of transportation for those who had some money.

Those who were able to sit more comfortably and were not short of money were willing to change it.

Unfortunately, although the Xi familys few workshops specialized in producing carriage tires, the supply was still in short supply.

It was unknown where the orders would line up every day.

There were also many colleagues who wanted to cut in line.

Moreover, even though the rubber was being delivered wave after wave from the place of origin, there was still not enough to cover the demand for rubber.

This caused Shi Qingluo to halt her initial intention of getting the tricycle temporarily.

If she couldnt, she would make it at the northern border.

On this day, the emperor called Xiao Hanzheng into the palace.

Since the last time he entered the palace for a discussion, the emperor had not summoned him again.

This time, there was clearly something going on.

Xiao Hanzheng also roughly guessed what was the matter.

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