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Ge Chunrus face was darkened throughout her journey.

She felt particularly annoyed due to the noise outside.

Fortunately, she was leaving the capital.

Otherwise, Xiao Hanzheng and his wife would be too much of an eyesore.

She hated to hear about them.


She forced a smile when she arrived at the second princes residence.

The second princes consort did not meet Ge Chunru.

Instead, she asked a servant girl to send her directly to Ge Chunying.

Ge Chunying was half-lying on the bed, looking rather haggard.

Ge Chunru immediately felt her heart ache when she saw her like this.

“Chunying, whats wrong with you”

Ge Chunying asked the maids to leave and reached out to hold Ge Chunru.

“Im fine.”

Ge Chunru was extremely anxious.

“You still say youre fine Why do you look so awful Did someone bully you”

Ge Chunying forced a smile.

“I have the highnesss child.

I wanted to eat osmanthus cake yesterday, but the kitchen never sent it over.


“I went over to take a look when I was angry.

I slipped on the road, so I didnt look too good.”

Ge Chunru exploded with anger.

“Why didnt the kitchen send it to you You have the second princes child in your stomach now.”

She asked again, “Is the child okay”

Ge Chunying nodded.

“The child is fine.

Fortunately, when I slipped, a servant girl quickly used her body to cushion me.”

She wiped her tears with a handkerchief.

“Those in the kitchen received bribes from her, so they deliberately delayed making it for me.”

Ge Chunru knew that her sister was talking about the other side concubine.

She gnashed her teeth and said, “What a vicious woman.

“When the second prince comes, you can go and tell him.”

Ge Chunying shook her head.

“I dont want to disturb his highness with this kind of thing.

Forget it.

“From now on, I wont go out in the courtyard.

“If I need to eat anything, Ill just endure it.”

She made up this matter, so of course, she couldnt tell the second prince.

She didnt look too good, mainly because she had been vomiting too much recently.

When Ge Chunru heard her say that, her heart ached terribly.

Her sister had suffered too much.

She was once a housekeeper, and had used a similar method to deal with Tao Liu before.

So she knew that the kitchen really knew how to prepare dishes based on a persons identity and knowing who was providing the money.

The last time, in order to raise 20,000 taels of silver for her, her sister had no money and couldnt even eat snacks.

She couldnt help but feel guilty.

“Bear with it for now.

When I settle down at the northern border, Ill get someone to send you money.”

It was a pity that Xiao Yuanshi was keeping a close watch on the things at home.

Otherwise, if she sold a shop or some land, she could at least raise a few thousand taels of silver for her sister.

Because of this, she was even more resentful towards Xiao Yuanshi.

She hated Shi Qingluo and Xiao Baili even more.

Ge Chunyings lips curled up slightly, but she quickly returned to normal.

She looked at Ge Chunru with concern and said considerately, “Its fine.

Im pregnant.

No matter what, they wont dare to do anything to me.

At most, theyll send it to me later.

“Go to the northern border and try to win back my brother-in-laws heart.

Ill be satisfied as long as you can live a peaceful life with him like you used to.

“You dont have to send me money.”

The more she acted like this, the more guilty Ge Chunru felt.

She felt that she hadnt pampered her younger sister for nothing.

“Your brother-in-laws appointment was announced.

Hell be the deputy governor of the northern city.

When the time comes, hell have a lot of money.

Giving you some money wont hurt much.”

She added, “Besides, when you took out 20,000 taels of silver, Ive already said that its a loan to me.

Ill definitely return it to you.”

Ge Chunying pretended to be angry.

“Sister, were related by blood.

Talking about money hurts our relationship.

Let alone 20,000 taels of silver, even if you want all of my belongings, Im fine with it.

“Dont say that youre returning it.

Otherwise, Ill get angry.”

In her heart, she was really lost for words about her sister.

To frame Xiao Baili, she actually got herself involved in it.

She never knew that her sister would be so stupid.

Moreover, she couldnt even tie down a man.

Xiao Yuanshi used to be so considerate to her sister, but now he pushed her to the side because of that concubine and even took away her housekeepers authority.

If she werent her biological sister, she wouldnt even bother with her.

Also, her brother-in-law was becoming more and more shameless.

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