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The next day, Old Master Xi and the others rode their bikes to court.

They even deliberately rode their bikes to the place where the carriage was parked so that the other courtiers could see them.

Old Master Xi greeted his old friends with a smile, “Why are you still riding the carriage The streets are especially congested at this hour.

“I went out a quarter of an hour later than usual today, and I arrived earlier than you guys.”

His old friends remained silent.

This old fellow was really too much.

He kept showing off all day long.

They were very jealous, okay

Then, Old Master Xi waved at Old Master Liang who had just arrived on his bicycle.

“Old Liang, you also ride your bicycle to court.

Did your grandson give you a bicycle”

Old Master Liang puffed out his chest and said with a smile, “Yes, that brat insisted on showing me his filial piety.

I couldnt turn it down.


“He said that riding a carriage to court will also delay my journey.

Riding this bicycle can also strengthen my body.

“I have no choice so I rode it to court today.”

He acted like his grandson was too filial, and had no choice.

The other officials uttered under their breath, the two old men were shameless.

Showing off like this made them suddenly feel that their grandsons were too unfilial.

However, they comforted themselves silently.

Although their grandsons werent as filial as Duke Liang and Duke Xis, at least they were not good-for-nothings.

They were more promising.

Just as they thought this, Old Master Qi arrived on his bicycle.

When he realized that everyones eyes were on him, Old Master Qi felt comfortable.

In the past, he was jealous of the other two old men, but now it was his turn.

“Why are you all standing here”

He smiled at Old Master Xi and Old Master Liang and said, “You also rode your bikes to court!”

Old Master Xi repeated what he had said to show off his grandson, which made the others feel tired.

We knew that your grandson was filial.

Come on.

If they continued to listen like this, they would want to go back and beat their grandsons.

Old Master Qi smiled and agreed.

“Of course.

Yesterday, my grandson also pushed a bike back and insisted on sending it to my yard.

“I said to let him ride it by himself, but my grandson insisted that it was specially made to show his filial piety to me.

“This would allow me to sleep more in the morning.

After all, riding a bicycle wont be caught in a jam on the roads.

“Sigh, my grandson has to show his filial piety.

As grandfathers, how can we refuse We can only ride it.”

The three old men, who had always been at loggerheads with each other in court, actually locked their bicycles at some corner and started talking to each other.

They were all showing off their grandchildren and how easy it was to ride a bicycle.

Those who didnt know would have thought that they had a good relationship.

Then, Old Master Qi showed off again that his grandson gave him more than ten pairs of rubber-soled leather shoes.

The other ministers remained silent.

Come on, another person was showing off his grandson and his bicycle.

These three dukes were all shameless.

Everyone was just about to go to court when Fei Yuzhes father arrived on a bicycle.

Fei Yuzhes father was a scholar, so he was not as ostentatious as the three old men.

However, after locking the bicycle, he immediately said that his son was filial.

Hearing this, the ministers present wanted to go home and beat up their grandsons and sons.

These troublesome brats could not compare to these good-for-nothings who were filial.

They were asking for a beating!

Even if they did not beat them up, they had to lecture them well when they went back.

Xi Rui and the others, who were still asleep, did not know that they had already drawn the hatred of their peers in the capital to the maximum.

Before the morning court, the emperor had already known that a few old men were showing off outside.

He did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“These three old men are getting more and more shameless.”

He did not know that these old fellows had forced their grandsons to be filial.

But now, it seemed that they had no choice but to take the bicycle because their grandsons insisted on being filial.

As for the three public administration houses grandsons hanging out together and even running a mechanics workshop together, he didnt take it to heart.

As long as the three public administration houses didnt ally with each other to oppose or pressure him, as the emperor, he wouldnt do anything.

After all, the three old dukes had contributed a lot to pacifying the world back then.

He was not a narrow-minded emperor who insisted on keeping an eye on others and relinquishing power.

As long as they did not cross his line, he would still assign tasks to those in the three public administration houses.

Then, it was time for the morning court.

He also announced Xiao Yuanshis appointment to the northern border.

As the deputy governor of the northern city, he would be under the jurisdiction of the third prince at the northern border.

This appointment was a little difficult to see through.

Was he going to demote Xiao Yuanshi or put him in an important position

Recently, there had been quite a bit of news at the northern border.

Xiao Yuanshi had directly gone to the northern city to become the deputy governor.

He would definitely go up against King Jin.

After all, the entire northern city was King Jins fiefdom.

Most of the officials sent by the imperial court had their power ceased.

There were even several prefects who had died for no reason.

It was said that the previous governor had also died from a silent attack by the Ge people, but who would believe this

With the third prince as the northern governor, as long as King Jin did not rebel, he would not attack him.

King Jin still had to leave some face for the emperor.

Moreover, it was not that there were no governors at the northern border.

As long as the third prince did not make a fool of himself, King Jin could still stand a chance to leave him alone.

The third prince was very smart and did not stay in King Jins territory in the northern city.

However, Xiao Yuanshi was directly appointed as the northern governor.

His office and residence had to be in the northern city.

Xiao Yuanshi came to the court today.

He was already aware of the emperors decision.

This was because the emperor had called him into the palace to have a deep discussion yesterday and expressed his intention to place him in an important position.

Other than going to the northern city to pin down King Jin, the emperor also wanted him to go to the northern city to search for treasures.

Xiao Yuanshi felt a little uncomfortable.

After all, going to King Jins territory in the northern city was not ordinarily dangerous.

If he was not careful, he would lose his life.

He had interacted with King Jin in the past.

On the surface, he was refined and polite, but in reality, he was sinister and vicious behind the scenes.

Those who had offended King Jin, other than the emperor, the empress dowager, and a few others, had all died due to various reasons.


However, he did not dare to go against the emperors wishes.

Otherwise, he would really not be able to turn things around.

Although it was dangerous, this was also an opportunity.

As for the treasure map, if he found it, he would have a lot of room to maneuver whether he handed it over or not.

Xiao Yuanshi respectfully received the imperial edict in the imperial court.

He looked as if he wanted to die for the emperor.

The emperor was satisfied with Xiao Yuanshis reaction on the surface, but he did not trust him much.

He still had to wait until he went to the northern city to see his performance.

Xiao Yuanshi took the imperial edict back to the residence and went to Ge Chunrus courtyard, where he had not set foot for a while.

Ge Chunru was sitting in the courtyard in a daze.

When she saw Xiao Yuanshi come in, she pulled out a smile.

“General, youre here.”

However, her heart was filled with resentment.

This man had actually not entered her courtyard for a month.

She had not lost her purity.

Did he have to be like this

Moreover, when she thought about it, this man had asked her to gather money, and he had also asked people to keep an eye on her to prevent her from secretly selling things from the generals residence.

In the end, she could only look for her younger sister to vent her anger.

Then, Xiao Yuanshi had actually asked someone to send her away.

After he returned, he grounded her in her courtyard again.

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