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In the largest restaurant in the capital, Liang Hengshao and his brother were chatting in a private room by the window.

They saw Xi Rui and the others riding something in a row.

Liang Hengshao asked inexplicably, “What are they riding”

Liang Hengyu replied, “I think its called a bicycle.

I heard it from my cousin two days ago.

“I thought it was something similar to a scooter.

I didnt expect it to be like this.”

He couldnt help but sigh.

“Theyre riding this thing on the streets.

Its too eye-catching.”

He wanted it too…

If he had known earlier, he would have followed his cousins example and shamelessly went to the Xiao familys house to get it.

Liang Hengshao looked at the black wheels.

“Is that made of rubber”

Liang Hengyu nodded.

“It should be.

Not long ago, the public administrative house sent rubber to the capital.

My cousin Yiyang asked for 30%.

“My other cousins were unhappy.

They even complained to me.”

Liang Hengshao was stunned.

“Why does he need so much rubber”

What was the most popular thing in the capital recently

Rubber-soled shoes and rubber.

From today onwards, this bicycle would probably be popular too.

Although he had ordered people to collect rubber because of Qi Yiyangs reminder, the quantity was limited.

He had originally wanted to take some from the public administration house, but he did not expect Qi Yiyang to take away 30%.

Liang Hengyu and Qi Yiyang had a good relationship, so he knew.

“I heard from my cousin that he wants to give it to Liang Youxiao to buy shares as a form of investment.

They want to open a car company together and get a monthly dividend.”

Although Liang Hengshao did not know what does “invest” mean, he could roughly guess what it meant.

“It seems that Yiyang has been very close to Shi Qingluo and the others recently.”

Otherwise, how could he have opened a car dealership together with them

Looking at the few of them riding the bikes over, they were very fast.

It was definitely a very good means of transportation.

A car dealership specialized in selling these kinds of bikes.

The business would definitely not be bad.

Liang Hengyu smiled and said, “My cousin, you were shameless enough to take advantage of them.”

Liang Hengshao raised his eyebrows and said, “Its also because those few people accepted it.

Otherwise, they wouldnt have been able to take advantage of them even if they wanted to.”

Those few good-for-nothings were not easy to deal with.

“I didnt expect that Yiyang would accidentally have some connections with them.

This is also good.”

He had always wanted to rope in Shi Qingluo, her husband, and Xi Rui.

Since his cousin had a good relationship with them, he also had a chance.

Liang Hengyu could guess what he was thinking from his brothers expression.

However, he felt that those people might have accepted his cousin because they thought he was easier to fool

Or perhaps, after getting along with him, they felt that they could still mingle around.

As for asking his cousin to rope in a few people for his second brother, he felt that it was unlikely.

However, he did not say it out loud as he didnt want to pour cold water on him.

He finished the wine in his glass, stood up, and said, “Second brother, lets call it a day.”

Liang Hengshao asked inexplicably, “Dont you have other things to do today”

Why were you leaving.

Liang Hengyu smiled.

“Im going to look for my cousin and borrow that bicycle to ride for fun.”

Liang Hengshao remained silent.

He really couldnt tell that his fifth brother had such a childish side.

He waved his hand.

“Okay, you go ahead.”

Liang Hengyu quickly rode the carriage to chase after Qi Yiyang.

Xi Rui and the others were so high-profile, and soon, the emperor and many ministers families knew about it.

The emperor was not surprised.

After all, there were several bicycles in his palace.

One was sent by Shi Qingluo to Xi Rong, and the others were made by the craftsmen in the palace.

After he personally tried it out, Shi Qingluos importance in his heart increased a little.

The other three public administration houses and the Fei family also knew about this.

The older generation was happy.

It was a good thing that their younger generation was in the limelight in the capital.

Nowadays, what they were afraid of was being too mediocre.

Being able to play tricks and be in the limelight was also a kind of skill.

Xi Ruis cousins and half-siblings from the various houses within the Xi familys manor were very jealous.

These guys had just shown off by wearing rubber-soled leather shoes a while ago, and not long later, they actually had some bicycles.

Who knew what kind of dumb luck they had to actually have a good relationship with Shi Qingluo.

It was also because they were so flashy when they rode around the main street of the capital, so everyone knew that this was actually called a bicycle.

It was a means of transportation that could be ridden by a person alone, and it was more convenient and faster than a scooter.

Many children from other families had nothing to do today, so they all ran over to watch Xi Rui and the others ride their bikes.

When young girls heard about it, they could not help but run out with their servant girls to watch.

After watching them ride their bikes in a row, they only had one thought, they really wanted one.

Therefore, after they returned home, they told their grandparents and parents that they wanted a bike.

This gave the elders among various manors a headache.

There were no bikes sold outside.

Where could they find one for them

Officials below the second rank did not dare to think about it.

However, many officials above the second rank were thinking about going to the court tomorrow to ask those few families if they could sell a bike or if they could get one back.

As their fathers, they were really worried sick.

After being in the limelight and receiving countless envious and jealous gazes, Xi Rui and the others were also tired and each rode their bicycles home.

As soon as Xi Rui returned home, he met Old Master Xi and the others.

He got off the bicycle and looked at the group of people somewhat inexplicably.

“Grandfather, are all of you going out together”

In the past, when they were going out, the participation rate of the men in the house wasnt that high.

Old Master Xi smiled kindly.

“We are not going out.

We are here to pick you up.”

Xi Rui was speechless.

He suddenly felt that old master Xis smile was very scary.

Moreover, he was not a top scorer.

Why did Old Master Xi bring so many people here to pick him up

He felt that there was a bit of bad intention!

He smiled embarrassedly.

“Grandfather, you must be joking.

Im not that superior.”

Old Master Xi walked over with a smile and pointed at the bicycle that he was holding.

“Indeed, you are not that superior, but you brought this back.”

Xi Rui was speechless.

Suddenly, he had a bad feeling.

“Well, Im hungry.

Ill go back to the yard to eat.”

After saying that, Xi Rui wanted to push the bicycle and run away.

Old Master Xi and the others had come to see the bike.

How could they let him run away

“Little brat, dont be so stingy.

Let your grandfather take a look at this bike.”

Xi Rui wanted to cry.

He always felt that this bike should not fall into his hands.

However, when he saw his stern face, he was terrified.

With a bitter face, he let go of the bike.

“You can come and see.”

When Old Master Xi saw his grandson with the bicycle, his interest was immediately piqued.

“How do you ride this bike Let me try.”

Xi Rui immediately stopped him.

“Grandfather, this bike requires a high level of balance.

Its easy to fall when you ride it in the beginning.

Youd better not try.”

Upon hearing his words, Xi Xinheng and the others also persuaded Old Man Xi not to try.

If he fell somewhere, it would not be good.

However, the old master waved his hand.

“Im still young and strong.

If Xi Rui, that brat, can learn it, then Im even better.

“After all, Ive eaten more salt than the rice he has eaten.”

Xi Rui wondered, was there such a comparison

Seeing that he could not stop the old masters impulse to ride the bike, Xi Rui could only bite the bullet.

“Then Ill help you while you ride it.”

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