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Seeing Xiao Hanzheng looking at him in a daze.

Zhuo Jun asked, “Jinyu, why are you looking at me like that”

Xiao Hanzheng smiled without changing his expression.

“I smelled a very nice scent of orchids just now, and I fell into a trance.”

Zhuo Juns eyes flashed.

“Is that so Do you also like the scent of orchids”

Xiao Hanzheng nodded.

“I think it smells pretty good.”

The three women in the house did indeed smell good when they were perfumed with orchids.

As for the others, sorry they didnt feel it.

However, his little wife preferred to be perfumed with fruit fragrance.

Sometimes with apple, sometimes with orange, sometimes with lime, and so on.

He could not help but want to hug, smell, and kiss her.

Thinking about it, he suddenly missed his little wife.

Hearing Xiao Hanzheng say that he found the smell good, Zhuo Juns face could not help but blush.

“I like this smell too.”

If his little wife had not reminded him before, Xiao Hanzheng would not have paid much attention to Zhuo Juns reaction.

But now that he saw him actually blushing, he was a little stunned.

Zhuo Jun wouldnt really like him, right

But he did not look like one who would like a man!


Because of this, Xiao Hanzheng had been paying attention to Zhuo Jun during the rest of the small talks.

He realized that Zhuo Jun would peek at him from time to time.

Now that Gongfu tea was popular in the capital, everyone basically sat around the stove and brewed it.

Xiao Hanzheng found that Zhuo Jun was always the one brewing tea.

He didnt notice it before, but now he found that Zhuo Juns hands were very white and delicate.

Although his hands were also white, they were completely different from Zhuo Jun.

How should he phrase it

Zhuo Juns hands were more like those of his little wife.

Of course, his wifes hands were more beautiful and soft.

After drinking tea for a while, Fang Zhijun called everyone to go to the courtyard to admire the flowers.

Xiao Hanzheng looked at Zhuo Juns feet and found another problem.

Zhuo Juns feet were not big.

They did not seem to be the size of a man of their age.

This made him feel a little suspicious.

Then, everyone began to write poems in high spirits.

Xiao Hanzheng also wrote a poem to fit in the atmosphere.

At this time, Fang Zhijun asked a servant girl to bring the wine over.

“This is the pear blossom wine brewed by our winery.

Please try it.”

After he finished speaking, he smiled and picked up a glass to drink.

Everyone knew that Fang Zhijuns family was a big merchant in the northern city.

They had been a wine-making family for generations.

Their business had already reached the capital, so they had these goods in the capital.

Xiao Hanzheng picked up the teacup and took a sip.

He felt that the taste was average, but it was better because it was new.

Looking at the muddy pear blossom wine, he thought of what his little wife had said, that she knew a way to brew pure, white wine.

He immediately lost interest in drinking.

However, the others all praised the taste of the wine, and he agreed too.

Suddenly, the servant girl who brought the wine accidentally tripped on a tree branch on the ground and spilled the wine she was holding.

The wine happened to spill on Xiao Hanzheng and Zhuo Jun.

Xiao Hanzhengs martial senses were very sharp, so he could tell that the servant girl didnt do it on purpose.

Fang Zhijun couldnt help but scold his servant girl.

“Jinyu, Henglong, Im really sorry.

My servant girl is so clumsy.

“I dont have any other clothes in my courtyard.

“Why dont I take you to a room not far away and dry you with a hand stove”

At first, Xiao Hanzheng wanted to decline politely.

But when he heard Zhuo Jun saying yes and kept glancing at him, he changed his mind.

“Okay, then Ill have to trouble you, Brother Zhijun.”

So the three of them went to a room not far away.

Fang Zhijun went to find a clean handkerchief for the two of them and asked someone to get a stove.

Only Xiao Hanzheng and Zhuo Jun were left in the room.

Zhuo Jun walked forward, looking like he wanted to sit on a chair.

But he accidentally twisted his ankle and suddenly fell toward Xiao Hanzheng, who was one step behind him.

In the past, Xiao Hanzheng would have avoided him at the first moment.

But to prove his guess, he took the initiative to reach out and support Zhuo Jun.

One of his hands just happened to grab Zhuo Juns wrist, and the tip of his finger was placed on the other partys pulse.

However, he did not let him lean against his chest.

After helping Zhuo Jun to stand firmly, he let go.

Zhuo Jun turned around and blushed.

“Jinyu, Im sorry.

I accidentally sprained my ankle.”

Xiao Hanzheng smiled politely and asked, “Are you alright now”

Zhuo Jun shook his head.

“Im fine.”

At this moment, Fang Zhijun returned with a handkerchief.

Xiao Hanzheng and Zhuo Jun wiped the wet area.

Zhuo Jun allowed the servant girl to dry his clothes with the hand stove.

Xiao Hanzheng refused the servant girls service.

Instead, he took the hand stove and placed it on the wet area.

Fang Zhijun saw this and teased, “Jinyu, I see that your house also has a servant girl serving you.

Henglong and I are still here.

You dont have to avoid suspicion, right”

Xiao hanzheng smiled and said, “I already have a wife.

So whether its other girls or servant girls, I have to keep a distance.”

As soon as he said this, Zhuo Juns smile paused.

Fang Zhijun laughed.

“I heard that you are afraid of your wife.

I didnt expect it to be true.”

At the Qi familys flower feast, Xiao Hanzheng had said that he liked her wifes valiance in front of everyone.

At that time, they were all shocked.

They didnt expect Xiao Hanzheng to have such a wife-loving personality.

There were some people who suspected in private that Xiao Hanzheng was putting on an act.

However, from the fact that Xiao Hanzheng had avoided the servant girls today and had taken action himself, it could be seen that Xiao Hanzheng really loved Shi Qingluo.

Xiao Hanzhengs eyes were filled with a smile.

“Im not afraid of my wife.

I just love my wife.”

Zhuo Jun suddenly asked, “Then will you take in concubines in the future”


Xiao Hanzheng shook his head with a serious expression.

“My wife is enough for me in this life.

Naturally, I wont take in concubines.”

Zhuo Juns eyes revealed some yearning.

“Does Jinyu want just the two of you in your entire life”

There were many promiscuous men in this world who had three wives and four concubines.

Xiao Hanzheng nodded.

“Thats right.”

Zhuo Jun asked again, “You wont change”


Xiao Hanzheng shook his head.

“I wont change in my life.”

Zhuo Juns smile was a little forced.

“Its a pleasure for someone to marry you.”

Xiao Hanzheng smiled.

“Im only very pleased if I can marry my wife.”

Speaking of his little wife, the smile on Xiao Hanzhengs face felt much more sincere, and there was a layer of a smile on his face.

It indeed looked like he was very happy with his wife.

Fang Zhijun smiled and said, “Jinyu and your wifes relationship is really good.

I really envy you two for being so understanding.”

Xiao Hanzheng looked at him and said, “You and your wife can also live harmoniously and happily.”

Before Fang Zhijun could say anything, Zhuo Jun, who was at the side, interjected, “He already has a few concubines in his backyard.

If he cant live happily together with just his wife, it will be even harder for them to understand each other.”

These words seemed to carry a hint of sarcasm.

Fang Zhijun was stunned, but he wasnt unhappy.

After all, what Zhuo Jun said was the truth.

He had a wife and a concubine, and he didnt want just the two of them in a lifetime.

Therefore, he couldnt understand Xiao Hanzheng.

He was only envious that Xiao Hanzheng and Shi Qingluo could understand each other, but he didnt agree with Xiao Hanzhengs view to only marry one person.

Of course, he wouldnt bring it up.

After all, he had his own thoughts.

He said, “I really dont have a chance, but you have a chance, Henglong.”

He smiled and teased, “After this exam, you should also go back to get a wife.”

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