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Xiao Yuanshi couldnt help but give a cold face.

“Xiao Baili, thats enough.

“If you continue to be like this, Im going to lose my temper.” He was already very angry.

Xiao Baili didnt rebuke him this time either.

Instead, her eyes turned red.

“Looks like you were lying when you said that you wanted to compensate us.

“You actually scolded me because of your eldest niece.

You even said that you felt guilty.

You were just toying with us.

“Waa, waa.

Im going to look for my eldest brother and sister-in-law to see whos at fault.

“Im going to go out and ask everyone.

Is there anyone who bullies people so much”

After saying that, she really turned around and cried and wanted to leave.

Previously, her sister-in-law brought her to watch a few of the big dramas of the Wu family, and she had learned quite a lot from them.

Xiao Yuanshi was speechless.

He was really going crazy.

If he let Xiao Baili go out crying like that, he would not be able to explain himself even if he had a mouth…

He hurriedly stopped her.

“Stop, Im not angry at you.”

Xiao Baili turned around.

“Then why did you say that you were going to get angry”

Xiao Yuanshis forehead twitched.

“Im just saying it casually, how could I bear to get angry at you!”

Only then did Xiao Baili reply, “Thats more like it.

“You were so angry at me just now, shouldnt you give me some compensation”

It was as if she would not come on board if he did not provide some compensation.

Xiao Yuanshi was on the verge of collapse.

“Isnt it enough for me to give you a hot spring manor”

Xiao Baili pursed her lips.

“A hot spring manor is only one-tenth of Sister Ges younger sisters dowry.

You really have the nerve to say that this is the compensation.

“If you are not sincere in your compensation, then we will just leave.”

Xiao Yuanshi remained silent.

Leave quickly.

The both of you should leave quickly.

He could not afford to serve them anymore.

However, he was the one who brought them back.

No matter how angry he was, he had to accept it.

“What kind of compensation do you want”

Xiao Bais tears broke into a smile.

“Previously, during the heavy snowfall, quite a number of civilians were affected by the disaster.

I want to go out of the city to provide porridge.Go get your people to prepare porridge for me, as well as people to help in this.

“This is doing a good deed.

General Xiao, you wont have any objections, right”

Xiao Yuanshi thought to himself, no, I do.

“If you dont agree, then I can only go out and talk to everyone.

As a senior general, you actually dont care about the people.

You cant even bear to give out some food.

“I dont know if such a general is reliable even if he goes to the northern border.

“Can he defend our border”

Xiao Yuanshi was stunned, he was really about to collapse.

“I didnt say no.

You can go if you want to.”

At that time, they would go to the generals residence to give out porridge.

Xiao Baili revealed a sweet smile.

“Then I will thank General Xiao on behalf of the commoners for his generosity.”

Xiao Yuanshi gritted his teeth and said, “No, I want to thank you.”

Xiao Bailis smile became even sweeter.

“Although I am helping you to do good deeds, you dont have to be so polite.”

When the time came, she would get someone to spread the word that her scumbag father did this to compensate her.

Indeed, he was the one who paid for the food, and it seemed that the generals residence was also the one who got the name.

However, the person who drank the porridge would not be thanking him, hmph hmph.

Xiao Yuanshi uttered under his breath, Im really grateful to you.

At this moment, Ge Chunru grasped the crux of the matter.

“What hot spring manor”

Before Xiao Yuanshi could say anything, Xiao Baili smiled and said, “Its that hot spring manor of the generals residence.

General Xiao said that he felt very guilty towards me, so he gave me that hot spring manor as compensation.”

Then, as if recalling something, she said, “Aiya, I almost forgot.

The owner of the villa has been changed to mine, so it no longer belongs to the generals residence.

“Sister Ge, you wont be angry if the general uses the villa to compensate me, right

“After all, this little thing is nothing in the generals residence.

Compared to your sisters dowry, its just a drop of water in the bucket.”

Ge Chunru was speechless.

No, she was about to explode in anger.

How could Xiao Yuanshi do this When she asked to get her sister the hot spring manor as her dowry, he didnt say that it was useful.

Now, he actually compensated for this little slut.

She was furious.

Moreover, how could this little slut qualify to compare with her sister

Regarding the money and things from the generals residence, she didnt even want to give a single cent to these little bastards even if she threw them away.

Therefore, she was extremely angry.

This little b * tch still wanted to give porridge.

How could the generals mansion have so much food

She would have to go out and buy it again.

Although she did not manage the house for the time being, the entire generals mansion was hers.

It was like cutting off her flesh.

Before she could say anything, Xiao Baili said again, “Sister Ge, why do your face look so ugly


“Is your heart aching But when you take the money and things from the generals mansion to subsidize your family, you should be quite happy right!

“General Xiao is so pitiful.

You had to take all the things that he exchanged with his life on the battlefield to subsidize your family.

“In this generals residence, the general cant even make the decision.

If he go to the northern border in the future, how will we be able to command the army!”


Thats right, she was trying to sow discord.

These words almost made Ge Chunru faint from anger.

This little slut was really too bad.

“You, you dont have to go too far.”

Although Xiao Yuanshi knew that his daughter was trying to sow discord, he was indeed very uncomfortable.

So much money had melted.

He wanted to return to the northern border to operate it.

He could bribe many people.

And what did it mean that he couldnt make the decision in the generals residence

“What nonsense are you talking about Of course, Im the one making the decision in the generals residence.

“Ill immediately get someone to prepare the food.

You can go outside the city to give porridge tomorrow.”

Hurry up and go.

Dont stay in the generals residence and cause trouble.

Xiao Baili curled her lips into a smile.

“Alright, looks like the people outside have misunderstood the general.”

Xiao Yuanshi was a little puzzled.

“Misunderstood what”

Xiao Baili said bluntly, “Youre afraid of your wife! The people outside are saying that youre afraid of your wife.

“You actually dont know”

She raised her hand to cover her mouth.

“Just pretend that I didnt say it.”

Ge Chunru and Xiao Yuanshi remained silent.

Afraid that this daughter would find fault with them again, Xiao Yuanshi arranged for the two siblings to have the best courtyard other than the main courtyard.

This made Ge Chunru very unhappy, but she couldnt say anything.

After arranging for Xiao Baili and Erlang to move in, Xiao Yuanshi hurriedly left with his petite wife and concubine.

Ge Chunru realized that Xiao Yuanshis face was extremely dark and he was in a very bad mood.

Hence, she deliberately snitched, “General, Im not against Baili and Erlang moving in.

“But look, theyve only arrived for the first day and theyve already caused a ruckus in the generals residence.”

Xiao Yuanshi looked at Ge Chunru with a puzzled expression and asked, “Then what do you want”

Ge Chunru thought of something and said, “Why dont we send them back”

She really did not want to see the two siblings again for a moment.

Tao Liu suddenly said, “Madam, what are you talking about

“No matter what, the young miss and young master are the generals flesh and blood.

“Back then, the general broke off his family ties for your sake, but ones relationship with ones family members can not be broken off.

“You asked the general to send them back right after they were brought here.

How do you want the outsiders to view the general

“Madam, how can you do this Cant you think more about the generals reputation

“People will say that your younger brother and sister can live in the generals residence.

Why cant the generals biological children live in the generals residence

“Isnt that what the rumors say The general is afraid of his own wife.”

She knew Xiao Yuanshis character very well now.

He would definitely hate others saying that he was afraid of his wife the most.

It was just snitching.

Who didnt know how to do it!


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