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Xiao Yuanshi no longer avoided Ge Chunru when he saw her.

Ge Chunru adjusted her expression and revealed a gentle smile.

Her voice was deliberately soft.

“General, youre back.”

Xiao Baili could not help but feel a chill when she heard Ge Chunrus voice.

She rubbed her arms and said, “General Xiao, so you like this kind of thing.

This voice sounds so artificial that it gives people goosebumps.”

Ge Chunru, who was walking over, heard this and her smile froze.

Although Xiao Baili was no longer the sallow and emaciated girl she used to be, her skin had become fair and she had become much more beautiful.

She did not look like what she was at all.

However, Ge Chunru could still recognize her at a glance.

The memory of how she hated Xiao Yuanshis child was still fresh in her mind.

However, she pretended not to recognize him.

“This is”

When Xiao Baili met her displeased gaze, there was still a look of contempt and contempt that she had deliberately shown in the past.

In the past, when she was looked at with such a gaze, she would feel inferior.

But now, it wasnt the case anymore.

She raised her eyebrows.

“Im Xiao Baili.

You should know me by now, right”

Ge Chunru was stunned.

She was very surprised.

Not only had this wretched girls appearance changed, but her personality had also changed greatly.

She even dared to talk back to her.

Her courage had grown.

Ge Chunru put on a fake smile and said, “So its Baili!”

“So this is Erlang”

Xiao Erlang looked fair and refined, giving people a feeling of being well-behaved and sensible.

It was as if she did not have any ill feelings towards Ge Chunru.

She greeted her with a smile, “Nice to meet you, Little Lady Ge.”

Ge Chunru thought to herself, what the hell is a Little Lady Ge

She could barely maintain her smile.

Right now, quite a number of people were calling the women of the brothels as little ladies.

It was unknown whether this little b * tch did it on purpose or unintentionally.

Upon hearing this description, Tao Liu wanted to laugh.

Xiao Erlang was really funny.

He actually called Ge ChunruLittle Lady upon meeting her.

This was completely treating Ge Chunru as a woman from the brothels.

Ge Chunru smiled stiffly.

“Xiao Erlang, why did you call me that”

If Xiao Erlang mentioned her as a prostitute, she would take this opportunity to get angry and let Xiao Yuanshi see how disrespectful his son was to his elders.

Xiao Erlang looked innocent.

“You are my ex-fathers wife who was once his concubine.

If I dont call you little lady what should I call you”

He tried to call her again, “Big lady”

He had unintentionally heard people say that she was a prostitute, so he did it on purpose.

Ge Chunru was speechless.

Okay, your entire family are big ladies, so be it.

Tao Liu couldnt help but continue to stifle her laughter.

Was this a metaphor for Ge Chunrus old age

After all, when they went out, they would usually call the middle aged womenbig lady.

If Xiao Yuanshi wasnt here, she would definitely not be able to help but laugh out loud.

Ge Chunru was so angry that her face was almost turning green.

“Who told you to shout like that”

When Erlang was reprimanded by her, his face immediately revealed a sense of helplessness.

He looked at Xiao Yuanshi blankly.

“General Xiao, is there a problem with me calling her that”

Xiao Yuanshi remained silent, of course there was a problem.

Was this kid doing it on purpose

Looking at his sons clear eyes, he felt that perhaps he was overthinking things.

He said with a slight headache, “From now on, you can just call her madam.”

Xiao Erlang shook his head disapprovingly.


“Ones concubine can not be called ones wife.

She is not even comparable to a concubine.

How can I call her madam”

He said seriously, “If I call her madam, when I go back, I will definitely be laughed at by my classmates.”

Ge Chunru did not expect that the previously weak and easily bullied Xiao Baili had become courageous.

This brat who was once submissive, who could be seen through with a single glance, had also become full of bad intentions.

He was going to stomp her face onto the ground the moment he arrived!

“General Xiao, this little lady of yours doesnt seem to welcome us.”

Xiao Baili also looked at Xiao Yuanshi as if she was about to leave.

“Why dont we leave I wont be entering as a guest anymore.”

Xiao Yuanshi thought to himself, he was wrong.

He was really wrong.

How is it impossible for her to cause trouble in the generals residence

She was just looking for trouble the moment she arrived!

If Shi Qingluo were to let the siblings leave now, who knows how Shi Qingluo would deal with him outside.

Most importantly, Prince Yi had recently asked Xiao Hanzheng to treat his illness in the manor.

If the two of them were to go back and distort the truth, just in time for Prince Yi to hear them, how would he be able to continue to live here

Furthermore, he wanted to help his younger son stand up and fight with his eldest son.

Therefore, he smiled and comforted him, “Youre little!”

He almost shouted “little lady ” as well.

Fortunately, he reacted quickly and stopped immediately.

Although he didnt visit brothels, he knew that many people called the women in brothels “little lady”.

How could his wife be called like that

“Why dont you call her Aunt Ge

“How could she not welcome you She asked me to bring you to the generals residence and take good care of you.

“Im so happy to see all of you.”

Ge Chunru uttered under her breathe, what was there to be happy about.

However, it was not good for her to make things difficult for Xiao Yuanshi.

Moreover, she had indeed been pretending to ask Xiao Yuanshi to bring his children to the generals residence.

Who would have thought that this bastard would actually take it seriously.

She forced out a smile.

“Yes, you are the generals children.

I cant wait to welcome all of you.”

Xiao Baili looked at her with a half-smile and said, “But I can see that your smile is very forced!”

Then, she said, “If you dont want to smile, you dont have to smile.

After all, we are not here to see you selling your smiles.”

Ge Chunru thought to herself, you are the one selling smiles.

She was really pissed.

When did this Xiao Baili become so sharp-tongued and crafty

Shi Qingluo must be the one who taught her.

She was too vicious and evil.

Ge Chunru naturally could not lose her temper in front of Xiao Yuanshi and so many servants.

Otherwise, if the news spread, she would be seen as treating her husbands biological children coldly and sarcastically.

She held back her anger and said, “I havent been feeling well recently, thats why Im unable to smile.”

Xiao Erlang looked at her.

“If you are sick, you have to treat it as soon as possible.

Otherwise, if it drags on and it becomes a serious illness, it can be fatal.

“Little lady, you should take good care of your health.

It will also be good for the generals family tree to sprout.”

Ge Chunrus expression changed.

This brat must have done it on purpose.

He was so bad that the soles of her feet seemed to be oozing pus.

He had deliberately poked at her sore spot.


She suppressed the urge to let the servants beat Erlang seriously.

Her eyes turned red instantly.

She looked at Xiao Yuanshi with an extremely weak expression.

“General, he is piercing my heart.”

Xiao Erlang was baffled.

“How did I pierce your heart

“I told you to take care of your body, right”

Ge Chunru gritted her teeth.

“The last sentence you said was deliberately piercing my heart.”

Xiao Erlang was still baffled and confused.

“A womansprout leaves for her husband.

Whats wrong with that

“Being childless is one of the seven main reasons for a husband to file a divorce.

“Im just concerned about you.

Why are you blaming me”

He looked at Xiao Yuanshi and asked innocently, “General Xiao, Im only concerned about your little ladys health.

Why is she unhappy again”

Xiao Yuanshi was speechless.

He was wrong again.

This kid was full of bad ideas.

He was no better than his elder son.


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