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Liang Youxiaos cousins immediately stopped continuing the conversation.

They did not want to take the initiative to ask what exactly was good.

Otherwise, they would let this fellow shine in the limelight again.

Although they did not ask, Liang Mingcheng could not help but ask, “What do you mean that the Liang family would shine in the limelight”

Although their family preferred to keep a low profile, when it was time to shine in the limelight, they couldnt be left out either.

Old Master Liang also looked at Liang Youxiao.

“Did you go look for Shi Qingluo”

This was the first thing that came to his mind.

Liang Youxiao smiled and flattered him.

“Grandpa is indeed amazing to see through it with just one look.

“As the eldery in our family, you are the anchor that allows our family to lead a stable life.”

Liang Mingcheng thought to himself, this son of his was hopeless.

Old Master Liang was flattered by him and felt very comfortable.

He asked, “You heard about the formula Shi Qingluo is presenting”

Actually, not only was the younger generation curious, even these old fellows were curious as well.

They always felt that the time when the emperor brought Xiao Yuanshi down and when Shi Qingluo and his husband entered the palace was too coincidental.

Although they did not think that Xiao Yuanshis dismissal was all because of Shi Qingluo, they also felt that it was more or less related.

At least that was what the emperor had expressed.

It also meant that the emperor valued Xiao Hanzheng and his wife.

They naturally valued what the emperor valued.

Liang Youxiao took a sip of tea and said with a chuckle, “Thats right.

We are good friends with Shi Qingluo.

“Not only did we find out, she even gave us this recipe.”

Old Master Liang and the others were extremely surprised.

“What She gave you the formula”

Liang Mingcheng was even more anxious.

“What exactly is the formula Can you stop keeping us in suspense”

This b * stard was just keeping them in suspense.

Since his own father was urging him, Liang Youxiao finally said, “The formula to make rubber.”

Without waiting for them to ask what the rubber formula was, he first told them about the use of rubber that Shi Qingluo had mentioned.

When many members of the Liang family heard this, they felt that the usage of rubber was limited.

Old Master Liang narrowed his eyes and said, “If this rubber is really like what you said and can make rubber-soled leather shoes, water shoes, and modify wheels, it is indeed a good thing.

“If all the soldiers in the army wear this pair of shoes, it is also an advantage for us when they fight with the enemies.

“And who knows, there might be other important uses after this.”

Hearing what Old Master Liang said, those who didnt care much were stunned.

So rubber could be linked with the military

Liang Youxiao chuckled and gave him a thumbs up.

“The older one gets, the wiser one becomes.”

“Then Grandpa, shouldnt our family quickly send people to find the rubber tree and cut the gum in our province

“After finding the other two plants, well use the method that Shi Qingluo gave us to cut the gum.

Then, well transport the seedlings and seeds and plant them in a suitable area on a large scale.”

Old Master Liang made the decision.

“Alright, Ill immediately order people to look for them.”

Liang Youxiao moved to Old Master Liangs side.

“Grandfather, then who will be the owner of this rubber business”

The others looked at Old Master Liang nervously, afraid that he would say that they would all be Liang Youxiaos.

At this moment, they also thought that if this rubber was produced, it would definitely be profitable and useful.

The first family to follow the emperor would indeed be in the limelight, and the benefits would not be insignificant either.

Such a good thing could not be monopolized by a dandy like Liang Youxiao alone.

After all, in order to complete this matter, the old master still had to step in.

Old Master Liang glared at Liang Youxiao unhappily.

“You should know your limits.

“If we manage to get rubber, of course it will belong to the family.”

If his grandson were to monopolize everything, how could he continue to mingle in the Liang family in the future

Besides, the family also needed these things to show off.

If the rubber could really be used in the military, it would be too eye-catching in his grandsons hands.

His words made everyone in the Liang family heave a sigh of relief.

However, Old Master Liang changed the topic and said to Liang youxiao, “But , I can give you 20% of the seedlings and seeds to plant after they are brought back.”

Liang Youxiao shook his head.

“Grandfather, but I want rubber.

Why not I dont plant it myself When our family plants them, just give me 30% to 40% of the rubber every year.

Ill buy it at cost price.”

Previously, they did not think that rubber was very powerful, but when they heard Liang Youxiao saying it, everyone instantly felt that this thing was definitely very promising.

Otherwise, with Liang Youxiaos mischievous character, why would he ask for so much rubber instantly

Second Master Liang asked, “Why do you need so much rubber”

Liang Youxiao smiled.

“I cant tell you guys about this for the time being.”

He felt that Shi Qingluo had said that a bicycle could be ridden alone.

Using rubber as its tire would definitely become popular if it was built.

Therefore, he wanted to get more rubber for the car workshop he was going to open in the future.

He didnt think of taking it all for himself.

It was already good enough that his family allowed him to do business.

This involved following the emperors footsteps.

Let alone others who would object, his grandfather wouldnt agree either.

Besides, he was currently a virgin.

Although he had a family background, it wasnt suitable for him to be too eye-catching and easy to be targeted.

Moreover, he didnt want to waste time and effort to send people to look for him and then plant and cut rubber.

How troublesome it is.

Wouldnt it be nice to wait and receive the ready-made rubber at cost price

The Liang family members uttered under their breath, this kid was still as tempting as ever.

However, the more this fellow was like this, the more it meant that this was profitable.

Old Master Liang could tell that his grandson had plans.

He thought for a moment.

“40% is too much.

Lets make it 30% .”

“You will get it from our family at the cost price.”

Liang Youxiao smiled and nodded immediately.

“Alright, 30% so be it.

“Grandfather, lets sign a contract then”

Old Master Liang said exasperatedly, “Are you still afraid that I wont keep to my promise”

Liang Youxiao replied, “Of course I trust your credibility.”

He swept a meaningful glance at the people from the other houses.

“But I dont trust others.”

If the old master was not around in the future, what would happen if these people were to argue with him

Therefore, it was better to cut off any future trouble before anything else.

The other members of the Liang family thought to themselves, who are you looking down on

However, although they were unhappy, they did not object.

After all, Liang Youxiao had obtained this formula from Shi Qingluo.

They could actually accept it if he received more benefits.

Although there were conflicts in their families and the competition for resources was fierce, they were still a family.

It was just that this kids personality and style of doing things were too infuriating.

He also liked to show off.

Recently, he had earned a lot of money and was showing off at home.

He wanted to change every commodity to a better one.

They casually mentioned it, but he just said, “Im spending my own money.

Im happy to do so.”

It was infuriating.

He even carried a stack of banknotes with him.

Not to mention that the younger generation of the Liang family was envious, even the elders were envious..

From time to time, he would deliberately show off the good things given by the old master and the old lady to make his cousins envious.

This was simply too much.

Thus, Liang Youxiao signed a contract with Old Master Liang.

When Xi Rui returned home, he did something similar to Liang Youxiao.

Although he did not like doing business, he wouldnt want to suffer losses either.

He also saw the “money path” of rubber, so he also asked for 30% from Old Master Xi.

However, he was not prepared to do anything with it.

Instead, he was prepared to resell it at a high price to earn a difference in price.

He felt that he was too smart.

Fei Yuzhe of the Fei family also made the same move.

He did not do business, but he did not mind having more money, so he had the same thoughts as Xi Rui.

No wonder they could become good friends.

Without discussing it, their thoughts were in sync.

In the Qi family.

Old Master 9Qi also called the males to the study room to discuss the position at the Ministry of War.

Qi Yiyang entered the study room at that moment.


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