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Hearing Qi Yiyangs words, Xi Rui curled his lips and did not order any more dishes.

“So stingy.

No wonder he cant hang out with us.”

Qi Yiyang remained silent.

Not hanging out with them wasnt because he was stingy, but because he was not dandy.

Xi Rui and the others really did not know their own limits.

After ordering the dishes, they sat down and chatted.

As they talked, Qi Yiyang took the initiative to look at Shi Qingluo and said, “The matter that you asked me to do might have to be delayed.

“My mother said that I had to wait until I finished taking the enke before holding the flower-viewing banquet.”

He went home and urged his mother to hold a flower-viewing banquet.

Then, he invited the fourth-rank officials and the wives of the higher ranks in the capital city.

However, his mother said that he had to prepare for the general exam soon, so it was not suitable to hold a flower-viewing banquet.

He would talk about it after he finished the examinations.

Shi Qingluo was not in a rush.

“You just have to take what I said to heart and do it properly.

It doesnt matter if you drag it out for a while.”

After her husband took the enke and became a jinshi, his scumbag father would regret breaking off his relationship with him.

If Tao Liu continued to sow discord, her father-in-law would definitely be even more resentful towards Ge Chunru.

After the matter between Ge Chunru and Zheng Tongfeng was exposed, his father would probably be even more regretful.

That timing was not bad.

Qi Yiyang immediately promised, “Dont worry, I will definitely help you do it well.”

He was just waiting for Xi Rui and the others to ask what the matter was and why he was going to help Shi Qingluo.

He had already thought about it.

Rather than being afraid that Shi Qingluo would sell the matter out, he might as well expose it in front of Xi Rui and the others.

Of course, he would not reveal the matter of the back mountain, but instead, he would change it to something else.

Sure enough, Xi Rui and the others were very curious after listening to their conversation.

Xi Rui asked, “What do you want him to do Why didnt you call us”

Shi Qingluo did not hide anything.

She told them about Ge Chunru and Zheng Tongfengs plot against her aunt, as well as the trivial matters at Zheng Tongfengs house.

At the same time, she also told them about the matter of directly asking Qi Yiyang to do it.

They were friends with her, so they could be trusted.

Xi Rui and the others were extremely surprised.

They obviously did not expect Ge Chunru to be so vicious, and that Zheng Tongfeng was not a good person either.

Liang Youxiao looked at Qi Yiyang and then looked at Shi Qingluo.

“Why did this guy agree to help you do this kind of thing”

Qi Yiyang was not in the same social circle as them.

He was part of the group of motivated young masters from aristocratic families who wanted to rely on their imperial examinations to pursue a career as an official.

They were just pure dandies.

Qi Yiyang used to like to put on a show in the capital.

How could he agree to do such a thing

It could only mean that Shi Qingluo had something on this fellow.

They were very curious about it.

Before Shi Qingluo could reply, Qi Yiyang immediately said, “Mdm Shi saved me before and I owe her a huge favor.

Thats why I agreed to help her with this matter.

“After this matter is done, the two of us would have settled our favors.”

Liang Youxiao did not believe him and looked at Shi Qingluo suspiciously.

“Is what he said true”

Since Shi Qingluo had promised Qi Yiyang not to say anything, she naturally would not break her promise.

She replied perfunctorily, “Yes.

“He owes me his life, so its normal for him to help me with this.”

Qi Yiyang remained silent.

He was just saying that.

This woman really treated herself as her savior.

The first person to climb up the pole.

He put on a fake smile and said, “Yes, I still have to thank you!”

Shi Qingluo smiled and said, “You dont have to be so polite.

Just treat us to a few more meals in the future.”

Xi Rui and the others also said, “Right, right.

Just treat all of you more in the future.”

Qi Yiyang sighed, shameless.

Following that, Xi Rui and the others began to discuss excitedly on how to scheme against Ge Chunru and Zheng Tongfeng.

They even came up with several plans in succession.

It was an eye-opener for Liang Heng Yu and Qi Yiyang.

It turned out that these dandies were all so good at playing.

Of course, the worst was still Shi Qingluo.


In the end, she was the one who came up with the idea.

They had no choice but to accept it.

After drinking some wine, Xi Rui and Liang Youxiao pulled Qi Yiyang in to brainwash him.

At the same time, Qi Yiyang was very drunk.

In the end, it was rare that he spoke with two people who he did not get along well with.

Liang Hengyu saw this and was speechless.

Those who did not know would think that his cousin had a good relationship with these two dandies.

He still remembered that when they met a few days ago, they were still mocking each other.

Shi Qingluo saw Liang Hengyu drinking at the side.

She smiled and said, “Fifth prince, hows your sister-in-law I heard that your second brother dotes on her!”

Liang Hengyus hand that was holding the wine glass paused for a moment and smiled embarrassedly.

“My second brother is just teasing her.

He doesnt really dote on her.

“Furthermore, shes just a side concubine.

How can she be called my sister-in-law”

He had a nagging feeling that Shi Qingluo was up to no good.

Shi Qingluo said with a beaming smile, “Even Ive heard of her.

How can he not dote on her !

“I heard that the second princes side concubine is an extremely beautiful beauty.

“Back then, when the second prince met her, he was astounded by her beauty.

After that, he decided to marry her.”

“I really want to meet her and see what kind of celestial immortal she is.”

Liang Hengyu uttered under his breath, what the hell was a celestial immortal.

Previously, he had thought that Ge Chunying was very beautiful.

That day, when he saw her at second brothers residence, she was just so-so.

He looked at Shi Qingluo with a complicated expression and said, “Ive seen her once.

I feel that youre even more beautiful than her.”

Not only was Shi Qingluo not embarrassed, she even smiled and said, “Really Although I know that Im very beautiful, I didnt expect that I would be able to compete with a celestial Immortal.

“Then, Id like to meet her even more.”

Liang Hengyu remained quiet.

This was the first time he had seen a woman praise him like that.

He had learned a lot.

Seeing Shi Qingluos sparkling eyes, he could only brace himself and say, “If theres a chance, Ill let my second brother bring her out for you to take a look.”

Shi Qingluos smile deepened.

“Sure! Fifth prince, youre really a good person.”

Yesterday, her young husbands men sent a new message.

Ge Chunru went to the second princes residence to look for Ge Chunying.

She was concerned if Ge Chunying had been involved in the previous matter.

Only then did Ge Chunying know that Ge Chunrus plan had failed.

Then, Ge Chunru kept complaining to Ge Chunying, saying that because that little couple had sent Tao Liu to the generals residence as a concubine, they had instigated their relationship and even snatched away her housekeepers authority.

She hated this little couple to the bone and wanted revenge.

So Ge Chunying gave Ge Chunru an idea.

She asked her sister to find another young master from an aristocratic family to seduce Xiao Baili.

But this time, she didnt show up on her own.

Instead, she found someone to guide that young master and take the initiative to approach Xiao Baili.

She also provided her a candidate.

The young master she found this time not only didnt have any concubines, but he also didnt get close to women.

He didnt even have a girl by his bedside.

She thought that such a person should be able to catch Xiao Baolis eye.


The key was that he lived in the second princes backyard.

He was also the younger brother of that side concubine who often targeted Ge Chunying.

He was indeed not fond of women, but he was fond of men.

The servants at his courtyard were all his male lovers.

It was only because of the pressure at home that he did not go outside to cause trouble.

The people outside also did not know about this.

Therefore, their family needed to find a woman to marry her son to cover this, and in passing give birth to a legitimate son to carry on the family line.


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