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Xiao Yuanshis expression darkened as he watched the second prince leave with a flick of his sleeves.

He folded the paper that the second prince had not taken with him and returned to the generals residence.

He even went straight to Ge Chunrus courtyard.

Ge Chunru was looking at the account book.

Recently, because she had moved most of the money out to subsidize her younger brother and sister, the assets in the generals residence had shrunk quite a bit.

The money on the account book was not even enough to cover the monthly allowance of the servants.

However, she did not want to use the little personal allowance that she had, and she did not dare to ask Xiao Yuanshi for more.

Last month, she had only given out half of their monthly allowance.

If she were to give out another half this month, she was afraid that the servants in the generals residence would gossip in private.

Because of this, she was a little troubled.

When she saw Xiao Yuanshi walk in, she immediately closed the account book and stood up with a smile.

“You are back.”

Xiao Yuanshi went over and sat down with a rare sullen face.

Ge Chunru walked behind him and massaged his shoulders thoughtfully.

“Who made you unhappy again”

Xiao Yuanshi asked, “You asked Zheng Tongfeng to save the beauty, Baili”

Ge Chunru was stunned.

“I didnt!”

It was indeed her idea for the hero to save the beauty, but seeing Xiao Yuanshis bad expression, she naturally could not admit it.

“I just went to the Zheng family to tie a knot for Baili.”

She continued to ask, “Whats the matter”

Xiao Yuanshi sneered.

“Baili saw through it with one look.”

For his weak and innocent daughter to see throught it with one look that it was saving the damsel in distress, it was obvious how clumsy he was.

“Because of this, not only did Mr Zheng and his wife find out that Zheng Tongfengs intentions were impure, they also happened to be seen by the fifth prince and the heir of the public administration house that day.


“The second prince is very angry.”

Ge Chunru could not help but tighten her heart when she heard the last sentence.

“How could this be Zheng Tongfeng doesnt seem like such a reckless person.”

That idiot actually failed the moment he made his move.

Even Xiao Baili could see the problem.

It could be seen how careless that idiot was.

Xiao Yuanshi turned his head to look at her.

“Do you know Zheng Tongfeng well Is he really a good match for Baili”

Although he didnt have much of a relationship with his daughter and had broken off their relationship, she was still his biological child no matter what.

He had never thought of pushing his daughter into the fire pit.

Ge Chunru looked at him and felt a little nervous and guilty.

“His father is a fourth rank official with real power.

Although he isnt the eldest son of the first wife, he is still the son of the first wife.

He is also an elementary scholar.

“It is possible for him to become a high scholar in the examinations in the future.”

She avoided the crucial point and said, “Moreover, his family is also willing to marry Baili.

That is why I pulled the strings.”

Then, she asked, “Why Is there something wrong with Zheng Tongfeng”

Xiao Yuanshi looked at her and felt a sense of disappointment.

How did she become like this

She was full of lies, so ruthless that she wanted to push his daughter into the fire pit.

Baili was a young girl, and she had such a soft and weak character, so she wont be much of an eyesore to Ge Chunru.

What happened to his wife who was once naive, innocent and kind


He suddenly felt a little tired.

He took out a piece of paper from his bosom and handed it to Ge Chunru.

“Take a look for yourself.”

Ge Chunru reached out to take it, opened it, and looked at it.

After reading it, her expression changed again.

She had never expected that the second prince would actually go and investigate these things.

Also, she had secretly investigated a few unmarried men, as well as instigating Lady Zheng to let Zheng Tongfeng marry Xiao Baili.

All of this had been found out.

And because the investigation including her conversations with other, it could be proved that she knew that Zheng Tongfeng had taken in a woman from a brothel as his mistress.

Actually, taking in a mistress was not a big deal.

Moreover, the conversation between Zheng Tongfeng and the mistress had actually been heard by the second princes people.

This was making matter worse.

She held the paper in her hand and suddenly panicked.

She was not thinking about what would happen to Xiao Yuanshi, but whether her sister would be implicated in the second princes residence, causing him to have a bad impression of her sister.

Seeing that she was distracted, Xiao Yuanshi asked, “What are you thinking about”

Ge Chunru was used to being unguarded against Xiao Yuanshi, so she happened to be lost in thought again.

So she blurted out, “Im worried that the second prince will vent his anger on my sister.”

Xiao Yuanshi remained silent.

This woman was actually thinking about her sister now.

Why didnt she think about whether the second prince would vent his anger on him

This made him angry.

The words of the old lady and the others resurfaced in his mind.

Ge Chunru regretted saying it out loud.

After all, she had always known that Xiao Yuanshi was the kind of person who wanted others to take him to heart.

She hurriedly tried to remedy the situation.

“Im also worried that the second prince will vent his anger on you.”

Xiao Yuanshi thought, it was too late.

“The second prince has already vented his anger on me.

He told me not to contact him for the time being.”

He looked at Ge Chunru with disappointment.

“I really didnt expect that you would push Baili into such a fire pit.

“If Baili really married into the Zheng residence, Zheng Tongfeng would probably do something like deliberately lose his wife for the sake of that woman.”

Only when one lost ones wife would the status requirement for a step-wife drop.

Zheng Tongfeng could just give that woman from the brothel a clean identity since she came from a small family.

But his daughter had become a sacrifice.

It was the first time Ge Chunru saw Xiao Yuanshi looking at her like that.

She could not help but feel flustered again.

Now that the evidence was conclusive and the second prince had already vented his anger, if she continued to quibble, it would only make Xiao Yuanshi even angrier and more disappointed.

One of the things that he had liked about her was that he did not hide anything from him.

Hence, she burst into tears.

“I, I was wrong.

“My husband, Im jealous of Mdm Kong because she was able to have so many children with you.

“I dont like her children, so I cant help but vent my jealousy and anger.

“Xiao Baili can be considered to be of high social status to be able to marry into the Zheng family.

“Thats why I want to promote this marriage between the two families.

“I think that even if Zheng Tongfeng has someone as his mistress, the Zheng family wont dare to do anything to Baili since you are a general.”

She wept and shed tears.

“I really didnt know that Zheng Tongfeng would want his mistress to bear his eldest son and even want to make her his official wife.”

Xiao Yuanshi did not pity her as he used to.

It was because what she had done was too unfair.

“Ive repeatedly emphasized to you that you shouldnt do anything harmful to Baili in this matter, but you ignored me.

“I broke off my marriage with my three children for the sake of you and Mdm Kong.

Whats there for you to be jealous of her Isnt that enough

“The point is that this is no longer my matter.

It even involves the second prince and your sister.”

“Husband, I know I was wrong.

I wont do it again in the future.”

Ge Chunru also regretted it.


She really did not expect that such a thing would be discovered and that the second prince would investigate it further.

In her opinion, even if Zheng Tongfeng had someone in his heart, so what

Xiao Baili was already holding a high social status to marry Zheng Tongfeng

Xiao Yuanshi shook his head in his heart.

There wouldnt be a second time.

In the future, he would never let Ge Chunru do such things again.

His little wife came from a small family.

She used to be fine, but now she was becoming more and more petty.

He swept his gaze over and saw the account book on the table.

He reached out and casually flipped through it.

Originally, he was just going to flip through the account book to think about how to salvage the situation.

Who knew that after seeing the account book for the past two months, his face could not help but turn black.



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