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Qi Yiyang felt that Shi Qingluo was very cunning and shameless.

After thinking for a while, he suggested, “Lets write down an agreement.”

Shi Qingluo raised her eyebrows.

“It doesnt matter to me, but are you sure you want to write down that youre a womanizer”

Qi Yiyang sighed, what does she mean that I am a womanizer Im not a womanizer, alright

“Of course not.”

He gritted his teeth and said, “What I mean is to write a promise between us.

As long as I do what you want, you will keep your mouth shut.”

“Thats not right.

Everyone in your family has to keep their mouths shut.”

Of course, he was not stupid enough to write down how this matter came about.

He just felt that it would be more reassuring for Shi Qingluo to write a promise to keep her mouth shut.

After all, this woman was very smart.

He was afraid that she would use this as a loophole to trick him again.

Shi Qingluo laughed dejectedly.

“Im not you.

I have a high degree of credibility.

“But since you have such a request, Ill fulfill it.”

It just so happened that every private room in the teahouse had a complete set of writing materials.

Hence, Qi Yiyang wrote down two agreements and signed them himself.

Shi Qingluo took a look and also signed her own name.

Seeing the small and regular characters she signed, Qi Yiyang was surprised.

“Your handwriting is not bad.”

Shi Qingluo smiled.

“Of course.

My husband is the top scorer.

If my handwriting is ugly, wouldnt it be a disgrace to him”


Qi Yiyang was speechless.

His heart was pricked by the show again.

He couldnt take it anymore.

“Well leave first.

Well contact you when we reach the capital.”

If not to complete what Shi Qingluo asked him to do, he really didnt want to see her again.

Shi Qingluo chuckled.

“Then Ill see you later!”

Then, Qi Yiyang called Liang Hengyu and left the private room in a hurry, as if they had fled in a panic.

Shi Qingluo was speechless.

She turned to Xiao Hanzheng and asked, “Am I that scary”

Xiao hanzheng chuckled and said, “Maybe to them.”

Qi Yiyang had probably never been pranked like this since he was young.

That was why he was afraid of his wife.

Shi Qingluo blinked her eyes.

“Im so friendly, but hes actually afraid of me.

He doesnt have good taste.”

She tugged at Xiao Hanzhengs sleeve.

“Youre not afraid of me, right”

Xiao Hanzheng pulled her back and whispered into her ear with a smile, “I like you more than anything else.

Why would I be afraid of you”

Shi Qingluo thought to herself, this fellow is getting better and better at sweet talking.

He really knew how to speak without someone teaching him!

However, she was just that vulgar and liked to listen to such sweet words.

She glared at him.

“Thats more like it.”

After the results were out, their family first returned to Xiaxi Village to pack up their things.

They did not know when they would be able to return after entering the capital again, so they had to make sufficient preparations.

The workshops were all handed over to the stewards Mother Xiao handpicked.

Each workshop had three stewards to cover each others duties.

At the same time, they asked the chief and Mo Qingling to oversee the workshops a little too.

As for the Taoist temple, the chief and the others volunteered to take up the important responsibility of taking care of it before Shi Qingluo mentioned it.

Too bad, after Shi Qingluo brainwashed them, the old immortal was too deeply rooted in their hearts, and the incense burning in the Taoist temple was even more vigorous.

After the arrangements were made, the family was prepared to set off in two days time.

Before leaving, Shi Qingluo watched a good show.

On that day, she had just packed up all the things for this trip.

Third Son Shi came.

Seeing his gloomy face, Shi Qingluo raised her eyebrows and asked, “Who provoked you”

She did not treat the members of the Shi family as her true family members.

The memories of what happened when she traveled through time were still fresh in her mind.

That was why she would only call himfather in front of outsiders.

Third Son Shis expression did not look good.

It was not because of his daughter.

“Not only did your fourth uncle lose all the money he stole from the Wu family, he even owed a few hundred taels of silver.


“Those from the casino chased after him to ask for money.

“They asked our family to use our house in the county town and the land in our village to repay the debts.”

This was completely within Shi Qingluos expectations.

After the old Shi family received the Wu familys money, they went to the county town to buy a large courtyard and moved over.

They even bought several acres of land in the village.

Now, the courtyard and land were about to disappear before they enjoyed it, wasnt this digging a hole in the old Shi familys heart

But this is the only way Shi Qingluo could vent her anger.

If they had never obtained them, at most, they would only dream of becoming rich every day.

However, they would be parting with it after enjoying it.

This was the most painful part.

She revealed an extremely surprised expression.

“How can he be a prodigal”

Then, she deliberately asked, “Previously, the people from the Wu family deliberately made him addicted to gambling.

“After he came back, you guys didnt help him quit”

It meant that the blame was still laid with the Wu family.

Third Son Shi sighed.

“Who would have thought that he would be so addicted

“We didnt even notice that he owed so much.”

Shi Qingluo asked, “Where is all the money that your family has”

Third Son Shi shook his head.

“He stole all the money from the old ladys room.

“Not only did he steal it from the Wu family, but he also stole all the tens of taels of silver that our family had saved for so many years and lost it all.”

Shi Qingluo looked at him meaningfully.

“Then why did you come to me today

“Dont tell me you want me to help him pay off his debts”

Third Son Shi felt very uncomfortable being looked at by his daughter.

“Im not.

“But I heard from others in our house that they will come to the village tomorrow to borrow money from you and repay the debts.

“If you dont agree, they will ask the gambling house to come to the village to ask for it from you.”

Shi Qingluo chuckled lightly.

“So youre here to remind me

“Although the old Shi family wants to take money from me, its impossible.

“My husband is the top scorer, so the gambling houses people wouldnt dare to come to our house to demand payment.

“But I still have to thank you for your reminder.”

She asked again, “Whats your motive Just tell me directly.”

Her cheap father was not only the most intelligent person in the old Shi family, but was also very scheming.

Third Son Shi smiled sheepishly when she hit the bulls eye.

“I hope that you can talk to the old immortal again to let us have a child.”

Shi Qingluo realized that her cheap father was almost obsessed with having a son.

“No problem.

I will mention it to him when I go to the Taoist temple to see my master later.”

As for whether her “master” would bestow a son or not, it was not up to her to decide.

Third Son Shi was delighted.

“Thank you!”

Then, he looked at her with some apprehension.

“Also, can you help me come up with some ideas”

Shi Qing asked, “For what”

Third Son Shi replied, “I dont want to stay in Xiaxi Village anymore.

Can you guide me on the route I should take”


The Shi familys current situation wasnt good.

He felt that in the future, for the sake of his fourth brother, there would definitely be chaos.

Furthermore, after losing the house and land, his life would also become difficult.

His fourth brother was already addicted to gambling and could not extricate himself.

If he could get into debt this time, there would definitely be a next time and another time after he cleared the debts.

Third Son Shi did not want to work hard to earn money so that he could pay off his fourth brothers debt.

Shi Qingluo understood what he meant the moment she heard him.

Her cheap father was indeed smart and rational.


He could see that the Shi family would have a miserable life in the future so quickly.

He could be considered a talent.

How should she use him


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