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The blacksmiths in the ironmaking workshop were very efficient.

They had built the iron table and stove that Shi Qingluo wanted in just three days.

They painted it according to Shi Qingluos instructions and hung it out to dry for another day.

The beehive stove was even completed two days ago and placed under the sun to dry.

After the iron stove was ready, Mo Qingling had someone call Shi Qingluo and her husband to the county town.

They experienced the effects of the iron stove and beehive stove together.

Mo Qingling quickly fell in love with this kind of square table iron stove.

It was sealed on top and a cushion was placed on it.

Their hands and feet were warm.

Mo Qingling said, “Ill get someone to make an urgent batch of these and send it to the capital.”

Shi Qingluo nodded with a smile and said, “Okay.”

Then, Mo Qingling followed Shi Qingluos instructions and got the blacksmith of the workshop to make some iron stoves.

The honeycomb coal was indeed good and could be carried around.

He had people make a few stoves in the county office for the bailiffs on duty.

He also gave two stoves to the gatekeepers.

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In about half a month, more than thirty iron-sheet stoves were built.

Shi Qingluo and Xiao Hanzheng also brought a cart of sweaters, woolen pants, woolen socks, and woolen scarves.

Mo Qingling had people to expedite the delivery to the capital.

Another ten days later, in the capital.

The Nanshan marquis manors, the Fei family, the Xi family, and the Liang family all received gifts from Shi Qingluo.

The Liang family was the first to receive them.

Liang Youxiao got someone to move them into his courtyard.

After discovering that there were three iron tables and some black coal with holes, he was a little dumbfounded.

Why did Shi Qingluo give them this

Hence, he opened the letter and read it.

When he finished reading the information leaflet of the iron-sheet stove, the smile in his eyes intensified.

Recently, he had been begging Old Lady Liang to go into business, who finally relented.

She helped him plead with Old Master Liang, who recently became more relaxed about this too.

He was concerned about what he should do to make Old Master Liang happy so that he would be even more relaxed about this.

When he needed help, Shi Qingluo gave him a helping hand.

Shi Qingluo was his lucky star!

On the Friday of every month,the whole Liang family would have a meal together among the young and old, men and women.

Today was the 25th, and the family members were going to the old ladys courtyard for dinner.

Liang Youxiao got someone to bring a sweater, wool pants, and woolen socks, and two iron stoves to the old ladys courtyard.

Dinner hadnt begun yet, but the people from the other courtyard had already arrived at the old ladys house one after another.

The daughters from the first wife of Master Liang coaxed the old lady until she was beaming with joy.

The old master was drinking tea in boredom at the side.

The weather was too cold now, so his friends did not ask to play mahjong anymore.

Matters at the imperial court and the family were all left to their sons, so they were really super bored at home.

Soon, Liang Youxiao walked in.

Liang Mingcheng saw his son like this and could not help but ask, “What are you carrying in here”

Liang Youxiao replied with a smile, “Im sharing good stuff with my grandparents.”

His words successfully attracted his grandparents attention.

Old Master Liang looked at the painted iron table and asked inexplicably, “What good stuff”

Liang youxiao smiled and said, “Isnt it boring that you cant play mahjong recently I happened to get this good stuff, so I quickly brought it over.

“Youll know in a while.”

He then instructed the servant boys, “Put the stove in the side hall and set the fire.”

Very soon, the servant boys carried the iron table to the side hall.

Liang Youxiao got someone to open the two bags of clothes.

He picked up a set of dark purple sweater, woolen pants, and woolen socks and walked in front of the old lady as if he was presenting a treasure.

“Grandmother, I asked Shi Qingluo to specially find someone to knit this sweater and woolen pants.

Its very warm after putting them on.

Please try them.”

The old lady naturally could not reject her grandsons filial piety.

“Alright, Ill try them on then.”

Then, she got the servant girl to hold the clothes and helped her to put them on in the inner room.

Liang Youxiao then presented a set of cigarette-gray clothes to the old master.

“Grandfather, this is for you.

Would you like to try it too”

The old master glanced at the sweater and sweater and said nonchalantly, “Ill accept your kind intentions.

I wont want to try.”

He then casually said, “Besides, how warm can this thing be It looks thin.

I might as well wear a jacket.”

Liang Youxiao did not force him.

“Alright then.”

The others did not take these things to heart.

They only felt that Liang Youxiao had really used everything in order to curry favor with the two elders.

Fortunately, the old master was smart and was not fooled by Youxiao

After a while, the servant girl helped the old lady out.

“Youxiao, as expected, you are the most filial.”

The old lady was obviously very happy.

“This sweater and woolen pants are really warm.

There are also woolen socks.

After putting them on, my feet wont be cold anymore.”

As one became older, one would naturally be more afraid of the cold.

After putting on this sweater and woolen pants and woolen socks, not only was it tight fitting to the body, but she also felt much warmer.

Seeing the old ladys response, the old man was skeptical.

“Is it really that warm”

The old lady glared at him.

“Why would I lie to you”

Then, seeing the clothes in front of him, she said disapprovingly, “My grandson is kind and filial to you.

Why arent you wearing them”

The old man knew his wife very well.

He felt that if she said that it was good, it wouldnt be bad.

Hence, he picked up his sweater, wool pants, and woolen socks.


Since Youxiao is so filial, Ill give it a try.”

Very soon, the old master walked out happily.

He asked Liang Youxiao, “What is this made of Why is it so warm”

Liang Youxiao thought to himself, I must have slapped you in the face.

However, he did not show it on her face.

“This is knitted from wool threads.”

He asked, “Grandfather, is it comfortable to wear”

Before he left the house, he had already put on a set, so he naturally knew what to expect.

The old man smiled and said, “Its warm and close to the body.”

The old lady raised her eyebrows.

“Didnt you want to wear a jacket”

The old man smiled and waved his hand.

“The jacket is too thick.

Its not easy to move around with it.

This is better.”

The Liang family members were speechless.

Who was the one who said that it was better to wear a jacket

The old master was too fickle.

He asked Liang Youxiao again, “How many more sets are there”

Liang Youxiao smiled and replied, “You still have one more set, and my father has two sets.”

The old master said directly, “Your fathers body is very strong.

Theres no need to wear such warm clothes.

“Im about the same size as him.

Ill take the other two sets.”


Liang Mingcheng remained silent, I am his biological father, right

Liang Youxiao must have been picked up from the streets then.

Moreover, this was clearly given to him by his sons filial piety!

He said with a dark expression, “Father, its rare for Youxiao to show filial piety to me.”

What good things had his parents not seen before

Since he wore them and didnt intend to take them off, and even wanted to take these clothes away from him, this meant that they were definitely warm.

When winter came, his father would tell the emperor that he was not feeling well and would not go to court.

However, he still had to go.

Every morning, he would stand in the main hall.

Although there was a brazier, it was still cold.

It was not good for them to put on coats and fur cloaks on top of his official robes.

Hence, he was never interested in such warm clothes.

The old master acted shamelessly.

“You have never given me anything.

Just treat this sweater as a gift to an elder.”

It would be easier with a few sets to swap around and wash.

How could two sets be enough

Liang Mingcheng uttered under his breath, I just gave you a coat made from fox fur a few days ago.

This is called forgetting selectively!



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