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Xiao Baili had listened to her sister-in-laws instigation of Old Lady Shi and the others in the carriage.

Now that she saw Old Lady Shi and the others grabbing Old Lady Wu and were in the midst of a fight, she recalled how she had almost been buried with Young Master Wu and felt that she enjoyed seeing the beating.

She worshiped her sister-in-law even more.

She only needed to use her mouth, and she did not even need to use her hands, but she could actually make the two of them suffer so miserably.

She was a true expert.

She had many things to learn from sister-in-law.


Her sister-in-law was mighty!

Seeing this, the faces of Master Wu and Eldest Young Master Wu turned ashen.

“Are you both dead Hurry up and pull them away.”

Their own mothers were being beaten up like this, so they were naturally furious.

When the two of them arrived, Shi Qingluo gave the Shi family members a look and let go of the servant boys and servant girls who were blocking the way.

Old Lady Shi and the others were also very smart.

They took the opportunity to slap her a few more times and quickly released her after a few scratches.

Old Lady Wu was helped up and her entire body trembled in anger.

“Shrews, you bunch of shrews.”

Her hair was disheveled and her face was red and swollen.


She looked at Master Wu and said fiercely, “Ill definitely make them suffer.”

Master Wu nodded.

“Dont worry, mother!”

He instructed the servant girl, “Help the old lady and madam go back and rest.”

The two of them were in pain from the beating, and they were about to go back and change their clothes to see the doctor.

After Master Wu and the others were helped down, they looked at Old Lady Shi with a dark expression.

“You old shrew, dont go too far.”

Old Lady Shi knew that the Wu family was about to fall, so she was not afraid of him.

She rushed in front of him and spat a mouthful of yellow phlegm on his face.

“Ptui, you murderer who harmed my son, I will fight you to the death.”

Taking advantage of the fact that Master Wu was not paying attention, she directly slapped him.

He was so disgusted by the old ladys spit and hurriedly took out a handkerchief to wipe it.

Now that he was suddenly slapped again, he was stunned.

When he came back to his senses, his face was full of anger.

“Youre courting your own death!”

Seeing his father being treated like this, Eldest Young Master Wu couldnt care less that Old Lady Shi was an elder.

He went forward and was about to hit Old Lady Shi.

Old Lady Shi was used to throwing tantrums and pretended to sit on the ground and cry.

“Help! The Wu family not only wants to poison others to death, they also want to silence us.”

Eldest Young Master Wu was so angry that he wanted to slap her.

After all, they were at the Wu familys residence, there was no need to be afraid.

However, before his palm landed on the old lady, someone grabbed his wrist.

“What are you doing Are you trying to silence her”

Shi Qingluo grabbed him and said to the Shi family, “Watch carefully.

Eldest Young Master Wu is beating the old lady and he wants to silence her.

When the time comes, we will sue him in court.”

The Shi family nodded.

“We saw it.

We are going to sue this bastard.”

Eldest Young Master Wu was stunned.

This wretched girl was too shameless.

She actually reversed the truth.

It was clearly his family who had been beaten up, alright

He wanted to break free from Shi Qingluos hand, but he realized that he couldnt no matter how hard he tried.

The wretched girl was actually so strong.

He gritted his teeth and looked at her as he asked, “What exactly do you want”

Shi Qingluo looked at him innocently.

“This is what we want to ask.

What exactly do you want”

“My fourth uncle was poisoned by your family and is still lying on the bed half-dead.

“The doctor came and said that there was no way to prepare the antidote.

“Hand over the antidote and we wont make a fuss anymore.”

At this moment, she was talking nonsense with a straight face and deliberately stalling for time.

Mo Qingling and the others should be arriving at the Wu residence soon.

Eldest Young Master Wu was very puzzled.

“What poison We didnt poison him.

Dont throw dirty water on us.”

Shi Qingluo refused to let him go.

“You dont have to quibble.

When we invited the doctor to take a look just now, the servants in your residence heard it too.”

A servant who was in charge of monitoring Fourth Son Shi stepped forward and told Eldest Young Master Wu about the situation when the doctor came.

Eldest Young Master Wu was a little stunned.

They werent the ones who had poisoned him.

They were interested in tackling the Shi family and the Xiao family together, but they wouldnt have so much extra energy to poison him.

He shook his head.

“We didnt poison him.”

Shi Qingluo refused to let him go.

“My fourth uncle said that you were the ones who poisoned him.

“You wanted to poison him to death and then let his wife get married again.”

Eldest Young Master Wu was speechless.

This was a bunch of nonsense.

Did they really have to do such a thing for their abandoned, illegitimate daughter

At this moment, Third Son Shi appeared at the entrance of the courtyard.

He gestured to Shi Qingluo.

The servants of the Wu family were trying to stall for time by stopping the officials from entering.

Shi Qingluo immediately said to Old Lady Shi, who was throwing a tantrum on the ground, “Grandma, since they dont want to admit it, you can go outside and let everyone be the judge.”

Before they came, she had already been taught what to do by Shi Qingluo.

She immediately got up nimbly and rushed out with her daughters-in-law.

Seeing this, Master Wu immediately got someone to stop her.

However, the other members of the Shi family blocked their way and followed her out.

When the old lady was about to reach the door, she endured the pain and even slapped herself in the face.

Just as she rushed out, Third Son Shi, Eldest Son Shi, and the others also took the opportunity to push away some of the servants who were blocking the door from behind.

They let several people from the county office squeeze in.

Then, the onlookers and those living nearby heard the miserable cries of the old lady.

“Help! The Wu family has poisoned and killed people, and they still want to silence them.


“Heartless people, they even beat up an old lady like me.”

When the onlookers heard her words, they looked over and saw that there was a palm print on her face.

“Eldest Young Master Wu is too much.

He actually attacked an old lady at such a young age.”

“Didnt you hear what the old lady said The Wu family wants to silence them.”

When the old lady heard everyones comments, she immediately cried and complained, “Yes, they want their daughter to marry into a large family in the prefecture capital as a concubine, so they poisoned my son.

“We only found out about this when we came to visit our son today, and the Wu family wanted to silence us.

“My poor… poor son!”

The onlookers could not help but curse the Wu family for being vicious.

At this moment, Master Wu and Eldest Young Master Wu also rushed over.

They were so angry that they fell on their backs when they heard the old ladys words.

The water they were splashing at them was too dirty.

They had never done this before, okay

Because Shi Qingluo was holding Eldest Young Master Wus arm, he and his fathers responses were delayed a little.

Therefore, a few people from the county office had already entered when they reached the scene.

However, Master Wu still had sharp eyes, and he saw the remaining bailiffs standing at the door.

Their butler stepped forward and said, “Master, they said that they received a report that our family wanted to poison our son-in-law, so they came under the orders of the county magistrate to investigate.

“They said that they wanted to go in and search, to see if they could find the poison.”

Master Wu didnt know why, but he was inexplicably flustered.

There was something wrong with their house.

Although that place was hidden, he also felt guilty.

Naturally, he did not want the county office to investigate.

However, the bailiff of the county office was determined.

He wanted to go in and investigate the poisoning incident, so he could only personally bring them to see Fourth Son Shi.

He had originally wanted to leave his son behind to deal with the old lady.

Who knew that a servant would come to whisper that a bailiff had already rushed into their house.

He was very shocked.

He hurriedly instructed Eldest Young Master Wu, “Go and take a look.”

Eldest Young Master Wu was also a little flustered at this moment.


He quickly ran in.

Shi Qingluos eyes flashed as she followed him in.

“If you dont hand over the antidote, dont even think about leaving.”

Then, she chased through the door and blocked Eldest Young Master Wus path.


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