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Since they had done those things, they would leave behind transaction records and ledgers.

As long as they found these, the Wu family would definitely not be able to escape.

Old Lady Shi felt that this idea was not bad.

“Then how do we act along What if the Wu family specially invited a doctor to take a look at Fourth Son Shi”

Shi Qingluo said, “Have you all forgotten about my hubbys skills as a doctor”

“When the time comes, let my hubby prescribe some medicine that doesnt harm the body, and has similar symptoms after one is being poisoned.

“When the matter is over, just take some antidote.”

Old Lady Shi was a little worried.

“Then, will he really be poisoned”

Third Son Shi added, “Mother, people from the capital all come to see our son-in-law for treatment.

He definitely wont ruin his own reputation.

“Moreover, it is impossible to gain greater benefits without making sacrifices.

Think about the countless gold, silver, and jewelry in the Wu family.

Does Fourth Son Shi not want a share of them”

Ever since he had witnessed his daughters ruthlessness, he did not dare to have any petty thoughts and completely sided with her.


First Son Shi and Second Son Shi added, “Thats right.

Its just pretending to be poisoned.

Whats the big deal

“If youre unwilling to let our fourth brother suffer, then our family wont be able to get so much gold, silver, and jewelry.”

They didnt really care about what their brother would do in the end.

What they cared about was how to get a share of money from the Wu family.

Old Lady Shi thought about it and said, “Alright, then Ill go to the county town tomorrow to discuss it with Fourth Son Shi.”


Shi Qingluo reminded her, “Find an open space to talk about it.

Dont let others hear it.”

Old Lady Shi nodded.

“No problem.”

After asking around about what she needed to know and coming up with a way to deal with it, Shi Qingluo stood up.

“Alright, then Ill go back.”

Old Lady Shi pretended to ask, “Dont you want to sit for a while longer”

Shi Qingluo shook her head.


Before she left, she waved at Fourth Daughter Shi, who was cowering not too far away.

“Accompany me for a walk.”

Fourth Daughter Shi was stunned for a moment before a trace of joy appeared in her eyes.

However, she did not dare to agree to it.

Instead, she looked at Old Lady Shi and Mdm Niu.

Mdm Niu did not like this daughter who didnt speak much, so she was very indifferent.

Old Lady Shi nodded.

“Since your sister wants you to go out for a walk, go then.”

Only then did the Fourth Daughter Shi follow Shi Qingluo out of the door.

The other girls of the Shi family looked at the door with envious eyes.

After walking for a while, Shi Qingluo stopped and asked, “Do you have any plans”

Fourth Daughter Shi carefully looked at her yearning elder sister with envy.

She pursed her lips and asked, “I heard that youre going to open a wool workshop and find unmarried girls to work there.

Can I go”

Some time ago, she heard from her mother and father that they would find suitable partners for her and her other sisters.

From what she heard, it would depend on which familys betrothal gifts were higher, and her family would let them tie a knot.

Her second elder sister would be valued by her mother, and her third elder sister knew how to coax others.

There was still hope for her to marry into a good family in the future.

She was the unlikeable one among all her sisters besides her eldest sister, so she was afraid that she would be sold because of the lofty betrothal gifts.

If she could work in a workshop and get paid every month, her mother would probably be “reluctant” for her to marry so early.

Shi Qingluo chuckled and said, “Whats wrong with that

“If you are willing, of course theres no problem.”

She then changed the topic.

“However, theres a condition.

Your are not allowed to be share the skills you learnt in the workshop to others without my permission.”

It was not easy for women to live well in this era.

Although this would involve the Shi familys troublemakers, she would still fulfill her fourth sisters wish to change for the better.

Furthermore, she had indeed given her an important clue, which could be considered her repayment.

Fourth Daughter Shis eyes lit up and she said excitedly, “I… I will definitely not spread it”

She added, “Even if my mother uses a stick to hit me, I will not say anything.”

Shi Qingluo nodded.

“Alright, I believe you.

“A few days later, you will come to work at the wool workshop.

I will inform the Shi family.”

Fourth Daughter Shi said gratefully, “Thank you, big sister.

I will definitely work hard.”

Shi Qingluos words meant a lot at home now, and even her grandma had to listen to her, so this matter would go well since she approached her.

Shi Qingluo waved her hand.

“You can go back then.”

Fourth Daughter Shi smiled and said, “Okay.

Ill send you off first.”

Shi Qingluo did not refuse.

When they reached the door, Shi Qingluo left happily.

It also made Shi Qingluo feel that she had to help the women around her to change their circumstances.

Other than the wool workshop, she could also recruit women and girls to make soap.

In the afternoon, Xiao Hanzheng returned from the county town.

Shi Qingluo was in the study room.

to settle the accounts when she saw him walk in and put down her brush.

“How is it”

Xiao Hanzheng walked over to her and sat down.

“Shaoqing knows a little about it too.

Recently, he has been looking for the Wu familys evidence and accounting books.”

“Its just that he hasnt been able to find them.

The Wu family has hidden them very well.”

Shi Qingluo said, “Ive obtained two important pieces of information from the Shi family.

Its very likely that Mo Qingling will be able to find the evidence and ledger.”

Xiao Hanzheng asked, “What is it”

Shi Qingluo told him everything she had heard from the Shi family.

Xiao Hanzhengs eyes turned cold.

“So Ge Chunru is in on it again.

“Since thats the case, lets help make things difficult for her.”

Ge Chunru was most concerned about her younger siblings first, and then Xiao Hanzhengs scumbag father.

Then, she would targer these three people first.

Shi Qingluo nodded in agreement.

“Thats right, then lets hurt each other!”

Lets see who would be upset in the end.

“Ill write a letter to the old Xiao family and ask them to teach Ge Chunyi a lesson.”


She added, “Ill leave the capital to you to make things difficult for him.”

Xiao Hanzheng nodded.

“No problem.”

Shi Qingluo said, “Ill leave the medicine prescription to you.”

“Mo Qinglings side is ready.

Well let Fourth Son Shi get poisoned.”

Xiao Hanzheng nodded.

“Alright, Ill go back to the capital tomorrow to discuss it with him.”

Shi Qingluo thought for a moment and asked, “Should we tell your mother about Ge Chunru and the Wu Familys plan”

Xiao Hanzheng thought for a moment.

“Do you think we should”

After all, he was a man.

Even though she was his mother, he did not know whether he should tell her or not.

Shi Qingluo answered truthfully, “I think we should.

“Next year, you will go to the capital to take the imperial examinations.

Regardless of whether you stay in the capital or go out, we will bring mother and younger siblings along.

“Therefore, we have to let your mother come into contact with some darkness first.

Slowly, she will become wary.”

“After all, one must be wary of others.”

Her mother-in-law was just too pure and kind.

It didnt matter in the village, but once they went out, even if they protected them, they would definitely come into contact with some dark things.

Especially if they were to go to the capital to settle down, they would meet Xiao Hanzhengs scumbag father and Ge Chunru no matter what.

If her mother-in-law still had the same character as before, then she would only be bullied by the two scumbags.

This wouldnt work.

Xiao Hanzheng held her hand.

“Alright, Ill listen to you.

“Ill have to trouble you to tell my mother about this.”

As a man, it was not appropriate for him to say such things.

Moreover, he believed that his little wife would make his mother better.

Shi Qingluo gave him a reassuring look.

“Leave it to me.

“But in the future, if your mother becomes tougher or something, you cant blame me.”

She was especially looking forward to the day when her mother-in-law would be able to directly reward the two dregs when she met her father-in-law and Ge Chunru.

Xiao Hanzheng remained silent.

He suddenly had a bad premonition.

Then, not knowing whether to laugh or cry, he said, “Dont worry, its not your fault!”

Being tougher was better than being bullied.


Let his little wife be.


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