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They chatted for a while.

Shi Qingluo asked Bai Xu, “When we went to the capital, did the Wu family want to cause trouble for my mother-in-law and the workshop”

Bai Xu wasnt surprised by her question.

“Yes, Fourth Son Shi used the incident where the Wu family tried to frame Brother Xiao to threaten them.

“He successfully stayed at the Wu familys residence.

“In addition, Old Lady Shi and the rest would go to the Wu familys residence every few days.

The Wus residence was thrown into chaos.

“When you went to the capital, they felt that there was a loophole, so they found someone to steal the formulas in the workshops.

“But the main reason for stealing was to use this as a coverage.

“The Wu familys main intention was to find a old widower to make a move on your mother-in-law and ruin her reputation.

“If your mother-in-law was found to have a secret relationship with someone like him, it would ruin her reputation.

It would also implicate your husbands reputation.”

He paused for a moment before saying, “All in all, they just want to find a stepfather for Brother Xiao.”

Shi Qingluo and Xiao Hanzhengs faces instantly darkened.

Bai Xu immediately expressed his gratitude.

“I accidentally found out about this news and got my people to keep an eye on it.

“Then my people went to the village to split up the task and informed your chief in advance that these people wanted to steal the formulas.

“I didnt tell them about the old widower.

“Because of that, the villagers in your village treated him as a formula thief and sent him to the county office.”


He had done a good deed, so he would leave his name behind too.

Xiao Hanzheng restrained the coldness in his eyes and cupped his fists at Bai Xu.

“Thank you.

Well remember this favor.”

He didnt expect the Wu family to be so despicable to think of such a disgusting thing.

Although he had secretly hired his people to protect his mother and siblings, he still couldnt help but feel fear after hearing Bai Xus words.

If such a thing really happened, with his mothers temper, she would probably have no choice but to commit suicide.

Bai Xu waved his hand.

“Theres no need for that.

Were friends, and your mother is also my elder.

I found out by accident, so I naturally wont ignore it.”

Shi Qingluos face darkened.

“It seems like the Wu family is too free.

They only want to do bad things.”

This move was too vicious.

She thought for a moment and said to Bai Xu, “Why dont you wait for my husband to finish his exams and decide whether you want to stay in the capital or explore the outside world before you consider following us”

Bai Xu probably wanted to go to the capital to expand the Bai familys business.

Bai Xu smiled and replied, “Even if Im going to explore the outside world, Ill still follow you guys.”

He didnt know why, but he felt that following Shi Qingluo and her husband would give him a better future.

He trusted his own feelings.

Shi Qingluo laughed dejectedly.

“Thank you for believing in us so much.

“But it also proves that youre very smart.”

Bai Xu was quite bold and had a good eye.

Bai Xu was speechless.

If he didnt believe in them, wouldnt that mean that he wasnt smart


He didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

“Thank you for your compliment.”

Shi Qingluo asked, “Apart from them dealing with us, has the Wu family done anything else recently”

Bai Xu replied, “In order to prevent Magistrate Mo from finding fault with us, theyre whitewashing some businesses.

“For example, they are lending money at high interest rate and doing human trafficking.”

Shi Qingluo was taken aback.

“Theyre also trafficking humans”

Bai Xu nodded.

“Yes, I only found out about it recently.”

“The Wu family colluded with a group of kidnappers, who would abduct children or pretty women and hand them over to the Wu family to be sold.

“The Wu family doesnt sell them in Nanxi county either.

Instead, they sell them to the prefecture capital.”

Shi Qingluo narrowed her eyes.

“Does Magistrate Mo know about this”

Bai Xu shook his head.

“Im not sure about that, but the Wu family is very cunning.

They have a very secretive ties with that group of kidnappers.

“Unless we have sufficient evidence, theres no way to prove that theres such a cooperative relationship between them.

“The Wu family has also found a way to legalize human trafficking.

They did it through a middle man.”

He added, “I have a friend whose child was kidnapped not long ago.

He came to me and asked me to help him.

“I got someone to look into it carefully and found out that it had something to do with the Wu Family.”

He sighed and said, “But theres no evidence.

Theres only a little clue, so theres nothing we can do about the Wu family.”

He reminded her, “Oh right, the Wu family might be moving to the capital.

If we want to take them down, it would be best to do it in Nanxi county.”

Shi Qing raised her eyebrows.

“You want to use our hands to take down the Wu family and help your friend get the child back”

Otherwise, why would he have said so much to them

Bai Xu wasnt pretentious.

Not only did he admit it openly, he even praised, “Youre so smart!”

After all, the Bai family was just a businessman and their only powerful backer was still in the capital.

It would be too difficult to get rid of the Wu family, their opponent.

However, Shi Qingluo and her husband were different.

They had a grudge against the Wu family to begin with, and there were still many external forces that they could borrow.

Of course, if the Wu family were doing proper business, with the usual competition, he would not think of taking them down.

However, the Wu family relied on the support of the prefect to act too tyrannically and arrogantly.

The Bai familys business in the prefecture capital had been severely suppressed recently, and they had even been deliberately causing trouble.

They had already been forced to close more than half of their shops, and they had suffered heavy losses.

He added, “Of course, as long as I can help, I will contribute.”

At this moment, Xiao Hanzheng said, “Give us what you have found.

You dont have to worry about the rest for the time being.”

Originally, he had planned to wait until the imperial examinations were over before bringing down the Wu family and their prefect.

At that time, Mo Qingling had stayed in Nanxi county for more than a year.

With the iron ore and his other contributions, as well as the crown princes ability to operate behind the scenes, he as a new prefect had a very good chance.

However, the Wu family had actually set their sights on his mother.

They were so vicious.

No wonder that he wanted to pull in the net ahead of time.

“No problem.

Ive brought the things I found today.”

Bai Xu could tell that Xiao Hanzheng was really angry.

He had always known that this gentle and elegant young master, who looked like an upright and elegant young master, was actually very dark.

After all, to be able to live with Shi Qingluo and still be so affectionate, it was impossible that he was just a bookworm.

He took a glance at Number Four, who took out an envelope from his bosom.

He took it and handed it to Xiao Hanzheng.

“Its all in there.

“I suspect that whether its money laundering or human trafficking, there should be some shadow of that prefect.

“The Wu family sold the people they kidnapped through the local government.

It would be impossible if no one was involved.”

Xiao Hanzheng took the envelope.

“Thats for sure.

Otherwise, that concubine wouldnt have the face to let the prefect take care of the Wu Family.”

Only when the interests involved were huge enough would they welcome the Wu family with support and protection.

He asked Bai Xu, “No one else knows about this, right”

Bai Xu shook her head.

“I only told you and your wife.”

Xiao Hanzheng nodded.

“Dont tell anyone else about this.

Otherwise, if the news gets out, your life will be in danger too.”

He also knew that the Wu family was colluding with some outlaws behind the scenes.

They had committed many murders and plundered goods.

Seeing how serious he was, Bai Xu dismissed the idea of sharing this with his family.

“Alright, Ill listen to you.”


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