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Obviously, other families in the capital heard of this matter.

Their impression of Xiao Yuanshi became even poorer.

General Xiao had really crossed the line.

Since he had broken off ties with his family, there was no need for him to go to Xiao Hanzhengs house and ask him to divorce his wife.

Moreover, they did not think that Shi Qingluo was a bad person.

In the past, they had believed that she, as a village woman, was not worthy of Xiao Hanzheng, who was an elementary scholar and was Mr Hous disciple.

However, ever since she offered the seeds and the iron refining formula, on top of having a good relationship with Xi Rong and the others, they also believed that Shi Qingluo was a lucky charm to her husband.

They heard that she was the one who woke Xiao Hanzheng up from his coma.

Xiao Yuanshi just wasnt comfortable seeing his son doing well, okay

On the other hand, Xiao Yuanshi returned to the generals residence and looked depressed.

Just as he sat down, Ge Chunru came in with chicken soup.

“General, I made chicken soup.

Have some.”

Xiao Yuanshi was also used to her love of making chicken soup.

He took the bowl and drank it.

He said perfunctorily, “Thank you for your hard work.”


He was tired of having chicken soup every day.

He could not help but think of the pigeon soup that Liu Ru had made for him yesterday.

The taste was much better.

Seeing that Ge Chunru wanted to say something but hesitated, he asked, “Do you have something to say”

She nodded.

“My brother and the others are going to the northern border tomorrow, so I would like the imperial physician to go with him.”

When Xiao Yuanshi heard this, he suddenly felt a little upset.

He had been so angry that he vomited blood just now.

When his wife saw that he was unhappy, she did not express his concern.

Instead, she mentioned her younger brother the moment she saw him.

He could not help but frown.

“The imperial physicians family is in the capital.

Im afraid that he wont be willing to go to the northern border.”

Ge Chunru was thinking about her younger brother at this moment, so she did not pay much attention to Xiao Yuanshis expression.

“Im not asking him to stay at the northern border.

Im just going to follow him there first.

When my younger brothers leg has completely recovered, he can come back later.”

Her younger brothers leg was already amputated.

He could use his crutch to walk on the ground with his other leg.

However, she was still worried that there would be some problems along the way.

Initially, she wanted her brother to go to the northern border at the start of next year, but her husband said that he wanted to strike while the iron was hot.

If he went late, it would be much harder to fault Eldest Grandson Xiao and let her brother replace him.

She thought about it and agreed.

Moreover, when her brother went out a few days ago, he was ridiculed by his former classmates.

Her brother did not want to stay in the capital anymore.

Xiao Yuanshi shook his head.

“Our imperial doctor definitely wont be able to do it.”

What a joke.

Ge Chunyi had committed a crime and was going to the northern border to be punished, not to enjoy his life.

If he were to sent a doctor along, what would the emperor think

Seeing Ge Chunrus expression suddenly turn ugly, he comforted her, “Ill find another doctor with good medical skills in the capital to tag along.”

When the time was right, he would say that he was worried that his parents were getting old and he was afraid that they might face problems along the way, so he got a doctor to follow along.

Not only would he be able to comfort Ge Chunru, the outsiders would also think that he was filial.

Old Lady Xiao and Old Master Xiao would also be at ease.

Ge Chunru did not know what he was thinking, and was instinctively unhappy.

She took the initiative to lean into Xiao Yuanshis embrace.

“Thank you for your concern, General.”

She even reached out and drew circles on Xiao Yuanshis chest.

“I will repay you.”

In the past, Xiao Yuanshi would have carried her into the study room by himself.

Now, because of what had happened previously, he was so aggrieved that he no longer had the mood.

At this moment, there was a knock on the door.

Xiao Yuanshi was stunned for a moment and said, “Come in!”

Then, he saw Liu Ru come in with a porcelain jar.

Liu Ru was surprised when she saw the two of them.

She bowed first.

“Greetings, general and madam!”

Then, she said, “It seems that I came at a bad time.

Sorry to disturb you, general and madam.

Ill take my leave now.”

Ge Chunrus face was cold.

“How dare you, a concubine, address yourself asI in front of the general and me.

Dont you know the rules”

Liu Rus face turned pale and the corners of her lips trembled.

“I… concubine…

“I wont bother madam from now on.

Ill just go back to where I used to live.”

She looked as if she couldnt stand addressing herself as a concubine or a servant.

Ge Chunru became angry when she saw her vixen appearance.

“Then go back! You actually still address your asI.”

Then, she instructed the servant behind her, “Go teach her how to be a concubine.”

She had long wanted to slap this vixen, but she had not found the opportunity yet.

Liu Ru bit her lip and tears flowed out, but lowered her head as if she had accepted her fate.

She did not ask Xiao Yuanshi for help.

When the servant girl walked in front of Liu Ru and raised her hand to slap her Xiao Yuanshi said, “Alright, I was the one who asked Ruer to address herself asI.”

He looked at Ge Chunru and said, “She used to be a young lady.

If it werent for you, she would have married someone else.

“It wasnt her wish to marry into the generals manor.

Its just a form of address.

Theres no need to put so much focus on it.”

Liu Ru raised her head and pretended to look at Xiao Yuanshi with mixed-feelings.

Her tear-filled eyes and light makeup made her look even more pitiful.

She looked hesitant.

“Its all my fault.

General, dont blame madam.”

“When you send me back next time, madam wont be angry anymore.”

Xiao Yuanshi saw her expression and his heart softened.

“Youre already mine.

Dont mention going back again.”

Liu Ru bit her lip and looked at him with watery eyes.

“But, but I dont want to make things difficult for you, general.”

Xiao Yuanshi pretended to put on a stern face.

“I know what you mean, but dont mention it again in the future.”

Only then did Liu Ru look at him emotionally.


Ge Chunru witnessed their interaction and was so angry that she almost wanted to kill herself, especially when Xiao Yuanshi called her “Ruer”.

She was disgusted.

Xiao Yuanshi had never called her that before.

He basically called her “Chunru”and occasionally called her “madam”.

But he called this cunning fox “Ruer”.

This name was also disgusting.

This little slut Tao Liu must have deliberately named her Liu Ru to disgust her.

She didnt know that Shi Qingluo had actually helped Tao Liu to name her Liu Ru on purpose.

Of course, Ge Chunru had guessed the purpose right.

It was to intentionally disgust her.

Ge Chunrus eyes were red as she asked Xiao Yuanshi, “General, are you blaming me”

Xiao Yuanshi sighed.

“Its not your fault, but the incident with Ruer was indeed caused by you.

“Ive been working outside all day.

I hope to see the two of you get along well when I come back, so dont be angry.”

This incident was Ge Chunrus fault.

If she had not tarnished Liu Rus reputation, his mother would not have brought her in as his concubine.

Ge Chunru and Tao Liu thought to themselves, are you blind How can we get along well.

Ge Chunru was so angry that she fell on her back, but she was also so choked that she could not say anything to refute.

She really regretted bumping into Tao Liu that day.

Instead, she was tricked into letting this little slut enter the generals residence as his concubine.

The feeling of throwing a stone at ones own feet was too unbearable.

At the same time, she felt a strong resentment towards Xiao Yuanshi.

After all, even if she had been impulsive that day, he could have completely sent her away.

Didnt Tao Liu want to marry into a good family He could have just helped arrange it.

If he insisted on letting her in and even touched her, she did not believe that he did not have any intentions at all.

Now, he was still blaming her.

The more she thought about it, the angrier she became.

Tears began to flow out.


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