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When Shi Qingluo heard about the gossiping in the village, she thought that the Xiao familys matter was already very melodramatic.

She didnt expect so many stories.

That scumbag father and his mistress were doing too much and were too disgusting.

No wonder Xiao Hanzheng was so angry after he woke up.

It turned out that falling off the mountain and having a high fever which didnt subside was a curse too.

Moreover, he was almost killed and his family members werent spared either.

If she was in his shoes, she would also want to chop up those two dregs.

She said, “We have to take revenge.

“And we have to be on guard.

That woman will continue to attack.”

Xiao Hanzheng and the others had survived.

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That woman would definitely not let them go.

There was a high chance that she would attack again.

With disgusting tricks.

When Xiao Hanzheng heard her words, he suddenly became much calmer and gentler.

“Yes, I will definitely take revenge.”

He and Shi Qingluo were thinking about the same thing.

Considering that womans viciousness, it was impossible for her to stop just like that.

Shi Qingluo clearly felt that after Xiao Hanzheng restrained his anger, he became more gentle, as if he was harmless.

But was he really harmless


She increasingly felt that he was not that simple to deal with.

Recalling what he had said just now, she asked him curiously, “Whats going on between your scumbag father and his niece”

Wasnt this incestuous What made his scumbag father so tasty


Xiao Hanzheng knew that she had misunderstood.

“They are not related by blood, but their statuses are indeed incestuous.

“When my scumbag father went to the battlefield, he had a sworn brother who was also a deputy general.

That person died protecting him.

“Before he died, he entrusted him to take care of his daughter.


“Therefore, before they were together, he was her uncle and she was his niece.”

Shi Qingluo clicked her tongue.

“Took care of his brothers daughter, all the way to the bed.

Your scumbag father was so good at his game.

“His niece was also shameless and powerful enough to seduce him and make him abandon his wife and children.

“Since she felt disgusted by the both of you and wanted to kill you, there was a high chance that she really fell in love with your scumbag father.

“Then, she would seduce him from time to time.

After the heavenly lightning and earthly fire, your scumbag father began losing his moral compass.

“He must have deliberately hidden their identities.”

Although the two were not related by blood, his scumbag father and that womans father were sworn brothers.

It was clear that they were in an uncle-niece relationship.

This was an ancient era which valued human relationships.

The two of them were really open-minded.

Xiao Hanzheng thought to himself, my little wife was amazing.

Her deductions were actually similar to what I found out in my previous life.

The woman started seducing him first.

His scumbag father could not control himself.

Thats how they came together.

Then, his scumbag father felt that he shouldnt do this, but continued to be with her.

As they spent more time together, he no longer felt that psychological burden.

He even fell in love with her and wanted to marry her into the family as his wife.

So he brought her back to his hometown to write her name into the Xiao Family.

That woman was unhappy that his scumbag father had a wife and children.

She was even more unhappy with his current spouse and did not want to be on equal footing with her.

So she used the unborn child in her stomach to come up with an abortion, so that his scumbag father would demote his mother to be a mistress in a fit of anger.

As long as his mother was successfully demoted to a mistress, it would be much easier for her to deal with her.

However, neither the woman nor the father had expected that his mother would ask for a divorce.

The father only had that woman in his heart, so he agreed to the divorce.

Then, the woman suggested that he bring her along to the capital.

After he rejected her, not sure what caused her to rage, she threatened to break off the relationship in a fit of anger if he did not go to the capital with her.


He agreed without hesitation.

At that time, no one knew that the two were uncle and niece.

His scumbag father had never revealed her identity, in fact he even deliberately hid by saying that he married an officials daughter at the border.

It was the same in the capital.

Except for a few people who fought the war with him, no one else knew her identity.

Therefore, no one knew that the duo had committed adultery.

Otherwise, others would definitely file a complaint against his father.

He only found out about their relationship when he wanted to take revenge.

The relationship between the two could be exposed in advance before he planned his next move.


Mother Xiao, who was originally panicking, was stunned when she heard the conversation between the two.

“They actually have such a relationship Xiao Yuanshi is also too disgusting.”

Back then, when Xiao Yuanshi said that the woman was a daughter of an official, the people of the old residence had held her in high regard.

Turned out that she had such a shameless identity.

At this moment, not only did Mother Xiaos feelings towards them dissipate, she also felt a strong sense of disgust towards them.

Only then did Xiao Hanzheng remember that his mother did not know her identity.

“Yes, I secretly found out about it.

“That scumbag father deliberately hid their relationships.

The people in the old residence and the village did not know about it, and very few people in the capital know about it.”

Shi Qingluo had a thought and asked, “Then their identity is a stain.

We can use this to make a fuss in the future.”

Very few people in the capital knew about it, yet Xiao Hanzheng was able to find out about it.

It seemed that her little husband had hidden it quite well.

Seeing that his wife had thought of the same thing as him, Xiao Hanzheng nodded and smiled.

“Yes, this is a point to attack.”

Mother Xiao watched the young couple discussing how to deal with them, but she realised that she could not keep up with their thoughts.

At the same time, she felt that this daughter-in-law had married well and had the same thoughts as her son.

She looked at her young daughter, who had been struck dumb by this fact, and her young son, who was extremely angry.

She sighed and reached out to pull their hands.

“In the future, you two can take it as if your own father has died.”

That kind of disgusting scum, it was better to treat him as if he wasnt alive.

Xiao Baili and Xiao Erlang nodded.

“Alright, we will definitely not acknowledge him.”

They did not want such a bad father.

Shi Qingluo pointed at the medicine bowl on the table.

“Now, lets settle this first.”

Her eyes turned cold.

“Since the doctor accepted a bribe to harm people, he should be prepared for the consequences after being discovered.”

Mother Xiao also hated that doctor.

If it wasnt for her daughter-in-law who provided the medicine, she would have continued to give her son that medicine.

She asked, “Should we sue that doctor”

Xiao Hanzheng replied, “Its hard to sue now.

After all, we didnt catch them on the spot that the medicine was problematic.

“They can deny that we added something else to the medicine ourselves and then frame them.”

He looked at Mother Xiao and continued, “Thats why I have to trouble mother and my wife to personally go to town in two days to purchase the medicine.

Then, deliberately say that my body is very weak.

“After getting the medicine, open it and see if there are any problematic medicinal herbs.

If there are any, expose the problematic medicine and immediately report it to the authorities.”

That woman had done it very discreetly.

It would probably be hard to trace it back to her.

However, he would not let go of this doctor who harmed others.

Shi Qingluo agreed, “Thats right, lets do it.”

“Not only do we have to put him in jail, we shall also destroy his familys reputation.

In the future, he shouldnt open any more medicine outlets to harm others.”

“We will also bring this medicine along when the time comes as proof of evidence.”

Xiao Hanzheng nodded.

“Yes, its good that mother has thrown them into the backyard.

These can be used as evidence.”

The family nodded in agreement.

They were prepared to go to the town in the next two days to deal with that doctor.

At this moment, the news had almost spread throughout the village.

The Xiao family knew how to make a type of food called tofu, and it tasted very good.

Shi Qingluo and Xiao Hanzheng had given tofu to those who had helped them before, which was just a handful.

Because of this, most of the people in the village who had never eaten tofu were curious about it.


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