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The third prince, Liang Hengxiao, watched his father leave with a cold expression.

He knew that this was coming.

At this moment, his mind was a little muddled.

He was unsure of what to do at all.

He had finally obtained the chance to fight for the throne in the imperial court, and it was all gone just like that

As for taking out his anger on Fu Wenzheng, he couldnt take it out on her either.

After all, he was the one who had asked for her.

He had somewhat dug a grave for himself.

He walked out of the main hall in a daze and happened to bump into the second prince, who didnt seem to be in a good mood.

The corner of his mouth twitched.

“My brother, are you satisfied now”

If it wasnt for his second brother, Fu Wenzheng wouldnt have done such a stupid thing.

Liang Shaoheng raised his eyebrows.

“Satisfied Your own imperial consort did a stupid thing.

What has it got to do with me”

He was also very depressed now, okay

Fu Wenzhengs sudden move not only made it harder for him to rope in Shi Qingluo, but also disrupted his plans.

His third brother had a close relationship with those at Jiangnan.

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He had already hinted for Fu Wenzheng to steal those ledgers and evidence.

Now that she was demoted from an imperial consort to concubine, it would be difficult for her to steal them.

Of course, if his third brother was still hot-headed and doting on that stupid woman, this plan was still possible to carry on.

Liang Hengxiaos face revealed a hint of ridicule.

“It has nothing to do with you.

You really have the nerve to say it out loud.”

“Take care of yourself.” After saying this, he turned around and left.

His father had asked him to hand over the task in his hands to second brother.

It would be up to his second brother to see if he could catch it.

Seeing Liang Hengxiao leave with a cold expression, Liang Hengshaos expression became even more unsightly.

He cursed Fu Wenzheng in his heart again.

A woman who couldnt do much but ruined his plans so much.

When Liang Hengxiao returned to the third princes estate, he heard the butler report.

“Your Highness, the imperial consort has been making a fuss and said she wants to see you.”

Liang Hengxiao rubbed the space between his brows.

“Whats going on now”

He had returned to his courtyard as soon as he left the palace, so the imperial edict that deprived the imperial consort of the crown prince had yet to arrive.

The butler replied, “The empress dowager has sent a few etiquette grannies to the residence.

She wants the third imperial consort to learn the rules.”

He looked carefully at the third prince and then said, “She also said that she wasnt rule-abiding and has disgraced the royal family.

“If she does not learn well, she will not be able to leave her courtyard.”

Liang Hengxiao hesitated for a moment.

He did not expect the empress dowager to interfere.

However, he remembered that Xi Rui had entered the palace yesterday to seek an audience with the empress dowager.

Not long after, Xi Rong had also gone and returned to the palace.

This must be how the emperor dowager knew about it.

For the first time, he felt very tired.

“Then let her learn the rules properly.”

Fu Wenzheng had indeed gone too far.

He also knew a little more about the yushi that came to court today.

He had always thought that his consort was just unruly and willful, but her personality also filled him with freshness.

But he really did not expect her to be so ruthless.

What made him feel the most uncomfortable was that the women she dealt with all had something to do with his second brother.

Did she really want to marry his second brother so much

Did he do something wrong

He ordered, “Dont address her as the third princes consort anymore.”

The butler was stunned.

“Then how should I address her If I dont address her like this, Im afraid that she will be unhappy.”

Liang Hengxiao said, “Today, my father has already demoted her to a concubine at court.

From now on, she will only be a concubine in the third princes residence.

Do you understand”

The butler was shocked.

He had never thought that the third princes consort would be demoted to a concubine.

This was the first time such a thing had happened in the royal family.

How big of a mistake was it to be able to anger the emperor to give this imperial edict!

“Yes!” He hurriedly said respectfully.

Liang Hengxiao thought for a moment and went to Fu Wenzhengs courtyard.

He and Fu Wenzheng did not live together.

It was actually laughable even if he said it out loud.

He had married her for nearly a year and had yet to touch her.

She resisted him to touch her, although he was her husband.

When he reached her courtyard, he heard her ear-piercing screams.

“Im an imperial consort.

I dont want to learn any rules.

“I dont want to learn.

You can leave.”

The three etiquette grannies darkened.

“This is the empress dowagers imperial decree.

Its not up to you.”

When she saw Liang Hengxiao walk in, Fu Wenzhengs uneasy heart instantly calmed down.

“Liang Hengxiao, let them go.

I dont want to learn any rules.”

She had never learned any stupid rules before she got married.

Now that she was the imperial consort, why did she still need to learn

Hearing her arrogant and commanding tone, Liang Hengxiao said calmly, “This is my grandmothers imperial edict.

I cant resist it, so you should obediently learn it.”

She knew that she couldnt resist, so why did she have to make such a fuss

Fu Wenzheng was unhappy when she heard that.

“Wont you go and plead for me Why are you so useless”

These words made Liang Xiaohengs heart shrink.

He couldnt help but say, “I am very useless.

Then who isnt useless Liang Hengshao”

Fu Wenzheng was stunned.

She clearly didnt expect him to say such words to her.

“You were the one who begged to marry me back then.

What do you mean now”

She began to throw a tantrum.

“Im not going to be an imperial consort anymore, alright”

As usual, as long as she said that, Liang Hengxiao would lower his voice and coax her.

This time, Liang Hengxiao revealed a smile that Fu Wenzheng could not understand.

“You really cannot be the third princes consort anymore.”

Previously, she had often used this to threaten him, but now, she was done for.

Fu Wenzhengs expression changed.

“Liang Hengxiao, what do you mean by this”

“Do you think I care about being the third princes consort If you dont make it clear today, dont ever set foot in my courtyard again.”

In the past, she was used to being domineering in front of him.

She always felt that he would still coax her like he did in the past.

Liang Heng closed his eyes.

“Youll know later.”

“Stop fooling around.

Stop it.”

He suddenly did not want to stay here after he finished speaking, so he turned around and left.

Fu Wenzhengs swearing voice came from behind him, which made him even more tired.

Soon, the news of the third princes consort being demoted to a concubine spread out in the capital.

Naturally, Xi Rui and the others contributed to this.

They ran to the largest restaurant in the capital and did not go to a private room.

Instead, they went to the hall downstairs and celebrated with drinks.

Many of the things that Fu Wenzheng had done had already been spread by Liang Youxiaos people.

Therefore, everyone in the capital knew that she had persecuted many women.

She had framed women from aristocratic families, forced women with low status to marry coachmen or porters, and even got people to ruin a womans purity.

She had even circled the good fields of the common people in the outskirts of the capital to raise horses for fun, but she had paid them off with very little money.

No matter where she was, as long as she took a fancy to something, she would forcefully buy it back and so on.

She had even beaten a few servant girls to death and prevented the third prince from taking in concubines and touching other women.

These things came out one by one, and the people who heard it were very disgusted.

Because of their preconceived impression, everyone clapped their hands in joy after hearing this result.

Especially the women who had been harmed by Fu Wenzheng.

After hearing this news, some people were so happy that they wept, shouting, “Retribution, this is retribution, serve you right!”

After two hours, the eunuch who had announced the imperial edict went to the third princes residence.

Fu Wenzheng, who was already tired of being angry at Liang Hengxiao, received the imperial edict.

Then, her face was filled with disbelief.

How, how was this possible

Demoting her to a concubine was simply humiliating her.



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