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Xi Rong was stunned when she heard Shi Qingluos words.

She blinked.

“Ah, youre going to the palace to complain”

Why didnt she think of this

Shi Qingluo smiled and said, “The difference between our statuses is too big.

“If we do it forcefully, well definitely be at a disadvantage.

“Since shes using her status to bully others, then Ill use mine as well.”

Moreover, it was not enough to just keep a low profile most of the time.

She had to flex herself and let others see for themselves.

If they wanted to touch her, they had to think twice.

If she went to the capital magistrate to report the case, presumably, all the well-informed families in the capital would soon know about this matter.

They would definitely keep a lookout for this matter.

In the end, would she fight back or just endure it

Many would think that she would choose the latter.

But if she really endured it, many people would also look down on her and think that she was easy to bully.

So fighting back was inevitable.

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She had to fight back in a neat manner.

She had to let the aristocratic families in the capital know that she and her husband were not to be trifled with.

Perhaps everyone thought that she would not or should not fight head-on, but she would not.

She wanted to fight head-on.

She could take a step back in some situations, but in some situations, she absolutely could not.

Since she could not be forced to keep a low profile, then she would make a big show out of this.

Now, she had to let others know that she was not to be trifled with.

She also had to thank that vicious third prince consort for giving her the opportunity to do so.

Xi Rong smiled and clapped her hands.


If we are talking about bullying others based on ones status, then of course, the emperor is the best to look for.”

She asked, “Why dont I go to the palace and complain”

If Luoluo used the matter of offering the seeds to complain, her uncle and other officials would think that Shi Qingluo was blackmailing the emperors with favours and using something as weak as a chicken feather to give her command.

After all, she had already received her reward.

Ultimately, Fu Wenzheng was still a consort.

If Shi Qingluo insisted on the emperor announcing the punishment, it would be quite embarrassing for the royal family.

Of course, with the emperors personality, he would definitely take care of it.

However, he might not value Luoluo so much in the future.

Shi Qingluo smiled and shook her head.

“No need.

Ill have to trouble you to pass on a message to the emperor saying that I still want to offer a recipe that is beneficial to the country.”

Originally, she had planned to wait for Mo Qingling to announce that she had found the iron ore before sharing how to make steel.

This way, it would not be too eye-catching.

Now, it seemed that she could only take it out in advance and offer it to the emperor.

She wanted to let the emperor know her value right now.

Now that she could offer the corn and take out the steel-making method, how capable would she be in the future

Compared to the third princes consort who only knew how to bully others, the emperor had to make up his mind on who was more important.

Xi Rong had always known that Luoluo still had a lot of ideas in her mind.

When she heard what she said, she did not have any doubts.

“Alright, well enter the palace now.

“When the time comes, go to my residence first.

My uncle will announce it, and then you can go directly.”

Shi Qingluo nodded.


Thus, the two of them entered the palace in a carriage.

As Shi Qingluo had expected, the news of her reporting the case art the capital quickly spread.

All the well-informed residents knew about this.

At this moment, the second prince and fifth prince were still drinking tea and discussing some matters.

Hearing his subordinate come to report this matter, Liang Hengshao immediately furrowed his brow, and a hint of disgust appeared in his eyes.

“A woman like her who had done more than enough to ruin things actually dared to do this.”

He was truly angered.

He was still thinking of trying to rope Shi Qingluo in, but Fu Wenzheng was dragging him down.

After two encounters, he realised that Shi Qingluo was very smart.

The fact that Fu Wenzheng had once liked him was not a big secret.

Minimally, Xi Rong must have known about it.

As long as Shi Qingluo heard about it from Xi Rong, she would be able to guess that Fu Wenzheng had done this because of him.

Then forget about trying to rope him in, it would be good if there were no enmity between them.

Liang Hengshaoyu was lost for words.

“Fu Wenzheng is too vicious.

She actually sent her people to do such a thing.

“Furthermore, did she not take the seed offering matter seriously.

“The heaven-gifted seed came in such a timely manner and solved my fathers problem.

“If Shi Qingluo was really stripped and thrown onto the street, and was unable to take this insult and committed suicide, what would all the officials think

“That the royal families are bullying others too much”

“The person who offered the seeds was actually forced to commit suicide.

“If anyone find something good in the future, who will still dare to come in and offer it”

He then sighed, “Second Brother, you and third brothers eyes are a little lame!”

Liang Hengshaos face darkened.

“I didnt fancy her.

I thought it was fun back then, so I contacted her.

I didnt expect to be entangled with her afterwards.”

“Third brother is really not opening his eyes big enough.

I wonder what he likes about this kind of vicious and stupid woman.”

Back then, when he heard that hisvthird brother was interested in Fu Wenzheng, he had the intention to snatch her away.

After all, Fu Wenzhengs family background was still very helpful to princes like them.

Who would have thought that after contacting her twice, he would discover that she wasnt suitable to be a prince consort.

She acted wantonly, bossy, and was narrow-minded.


Marrying her would definitely be a disaster.

Therefore, he decisively chose another woman with a less superior family background to be his consort.

As expected, his consort was virtuous and capable.

She managed the princes residence so well that he did not have to worry about it.

She was also not harsh to his other concubines.

If Fu Wenzheng were to be his consort, his domestic arrears would probably be in a big mess.

Perhaps two of them would die soon.


He did not see that third brother did not even marry a other second-tier consorts or take in concubines.

The palace ladies that his third brother had previously raised were once Fu Wenzheng people.

In the past, he had gloated over Shi Qingluos misfortune, but now that Fu Wenzheng had gone to mess with Shi Qingluo, he couldnt be happy anymore.


Instead, he hated her more and more.

Liang Hengyu cast a sympathetic look at his second brother.

“This time, youre probably going to be harmed by her.”

“Right, what was Shi Qingluo thinking about Isnt she too naive to think that she can take down Fu Wenzheng just by complaining to the capital magistrate”

Wasnt his second brothers impression of Shi Qingluo earlier a little too great

After all, even if the capital magistrate did not deal with the matter unfairly, the servant girl by Fu Wenzhengs side who would definitely be taking the blame eventually.

They had made such a big fuss, but in the end, they only dealt with a servant girl.

This made Fu Wenzheng even more resentful as the loss outweighed the gain.

Liang Shaoheng rubbed the teacup in his hand.

“Maybe she still has a backup plan”

Just then, someone came to report that Shi Qingluo and Xi Rong had entered the palace in a carriage.

The second prince and fifth prince were stunned.

“Shi Qingluo actually went to the palace to complain”

Liang Hengshao shook his head.

“If she used the matter of offering the seeds to complain, our father should have stood up for her.

However, it would be a bad move.

Her good contribution would be gone just like that.”

“Moreover, our father doesnt like others to make a fuss about their contributions the most.”

Moreover, the target of the complaint was still the daughter-in-law of the royals.

After the matter was blown out, the royals would also lose face.

Keeping the contribution of the offering of the seed was much more useful than using it to tame Fu Wenzheng.

It would be better to encourage Xi Rong to subdue Fu Wenzheng.

Was Shi Qingluo Stupid

Could it be that she had forgotten that Xiao Hanzheng still wanted to enter the civil service through the imperial examination

Liang Hengshao frowned again.

“I have a feeling that it might not be that simple.”

He added, “Of course, if Shi Qingluo really did that, then its fine if we cant win her over.”



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