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Old Lady Xiao and the others knew that Ge Chunru couldnt bear to part with the items in the storeroom.

They were even more determined to get rid of this woman.

Letting her continue to be in-charge of the generals residence was too disadvantageous for them.

They couldnt let this little hoof and her younger siblings benefit from Xiao Yuanshis success.


Xiao Yuanshi also didnt expect the old Xiao family to be so ruthless.

He said, “Mother, two-thirds is too much.”

Old Lady Xiao did not haggle over the price.

“Then Ill report it to the authorities.

Divorce with this poisonous woman.

Ill let everyone in the capital know what kind of person she is.

“As long as we can vent our anger with this, we are okay not taking a single cent from the generals residence.”

Xiao Yuanshi thought to himself, why dont you all go to heaven

As expected, the moment the old Xiao family were together with his bad daughter-in-law, they became especially difficult to deal with.

“Mother, the second prince has taken a liking to Chunrus younger sister.


“After a while, he will marry her back as his second queen.”

Xiao Yuanshi continued, “No matter what, we have to prepare a generous dowry for her.

Otherwise, what will the second prince think of us”

“If Chunrus sister becomes his second queen, I can also ask the second prince to also take care of Eldest Grandson Xiao and Second Grandson Xiao.”

Since they were interested in the benefits, he would share it with them.

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They should be more concerned about this matter and not be so harsh to his wife.

The old Xiao familys hearts skipped a beat.

There was no justice at all.

Even Ge Chunrus sister could marry the second prince as his concubine.

Old Master Xiao, who had been silent all this time, suddenly looked at his son and asked, “Youve always helped a lot, right”

The old lady was always the one making decisions in the old Xiao family, but once the old master spoke, his words mattered a lot.

Xiao Yuanshi knew that although his father kept quiet, he was not as easy to fool compared to the old lady and the others.

His father had always been the smarter one in the old Xiao family.

He still remembered that when he went to serve in the military, his father secretly gave him a few taels of silver and prepared some food for him.

In the past, the old lady was the most biased one at home.

Hence, he still had some feelings for his father.

He said meaningfully, “Father, sending Chunrus sister to be the second princes concubine will bring more benefits than harm to the generals manor.”

Old Master Xiao sighed.


“When she becomes the princes concubine, wont you be a head shorter

“Your wife wont be able to give birth to a child, and you have also broken your kinship with Zhenger and his family.

What will you do in the future There will be no one left to shield you from anything.”

He looked at Xiao Yuanshi with worry in his eyes.

“When her status improves further next time, wont the three siblings suppress you

“This doesnt concern us.

We are going to the northern border anyway.

“If it really doesnt work out, we will go back to Xiaxi village to farm.”

“But I really cant bear that you dont have any descendants!”

The old mans words were only partially true.

Although he didnt like this son of his the most, this was still his biological son.

Previously, when his son wanted to break off ties with Xiao Hanzheng and his other children, he opposed it.


But his son seemed to be possessed.

He was so charmed by Ge Chunru that he couldnt find his bearings.

He didnt listen to him at all.

Now, it seemed like Ge Chunru was a troublemaker.

On the other hand, this grandson of his, Xiao Hanzheng, was a promising youth.

Xiao Yuanshis heart was still warm from the old mans caring words.

Xiao Yuanshi replied, “Father, I know that you care about me, but I know what Im doing.

Dont worry.”

Since he was going to send Ge Chunrus sister to the second princes manor, how could he not prepare beforehand.

Besides, how could a woman from a rear residence change anything at the imperial court.

If the second prince was such a muddle-headed person easily controlled by a woman, he wouldnt have received so much support from the people.

Getting her to be his concubine would only deepen the ties between the second princes manor and his manor.

However, after his fathers reminder, he was prepared to hold back a little more.

Ge Chunru was very surprised that the old man would say something so provocative.

This was basically telling the general not to support her sister in her marriage.

She hated him so much in her heart.

When they were on the way to the northern border, this old mans leg would be broken.

Old Master Xiao waved his hand.

“Its fine as long as you know what youre doing.

“Were old.

We only hope that the two of you will do well in the future.”

Anyway, his goal was to plant a thorn in his sons heart.

In the future, he would no longer care so much about Ge Chunru and her younger siblings.

He knew very well that his son was narrow-minded.

Mdm Wu pretended to wipe away her tears.

“Thats right.

Your eldest nephew is already like this, but you actually ignored him and went to help the sister of the person who harmed him.

“Your conscience has been eaten by a dog.”

Xiao Yuanshi took a step back.

“Ill give you two-thirds of the money in the storeroom.

Theres no use for you to take the paintings, antiques, and so on away.”

He still had a small private storeroom with quite a lot of money in it.

The old Xiao family knew when to stop.

After all, it wasnt good for them to take these items on their journey back.

Old Lady Xiao said, “Apart from silver, you must also give us two-thirds of the jewellery.”

Ge Chunru pinched Xiao Yuanshi.

She could not agree to this.

This was for her younger sisters dowry.

Xiao Yuanshi could not help but frown.

His wife cared too much for her siblings.

However, when he saw her swollen face, he felt a little guilty.

“One-third, no more.”

“After all, the second prince has already promised to marry Chunrus sister to become his concubine.

If the dowry is too little, it will be a disgrace to our generals residence.”

He looked at the old Xiao family members with a deeper meaning behind and continued, “If Im doing well, Eldest Grandson Xiao and Second Grandson Xiao will also have a better future.”

The old master made up his mind.

“Alright, this is a deal.”

It was a good thing that his son was able to get along with the second prince.

He could not force Xiao Yuanshi to completely cut off his relationship with the second prince.

This would end up benefiting Ge Chunru and her siblings instead.

The old Xiao family members did not reveal their cards now.

They did not share with them that they had a backup plan.

If they were to be intercepted or robbed midway, it would be Xiao Yuanshi and his wifes fault.

This was what Shi Qingluo had instructed them to discuss on the day they left.

Otherwise, they were afraid that Ge Chunru would do something bad again, which was very plausible.

After coming to an agreement, the old lady and the others left the courtyard.

Xiao Yuanshi hugged Ge Chunru and promised that he would never touch the concubines that he had taken in.

Taking in concubines was just for show.

Only then did she calm them down.

Xiao Yuanshi was tired when he returned to his courtyard.

A few days later, when he went to the yamen, his colleagues were sympathising with him.

The hidden meaning was that he was afraid of his wife.

This caused his face to turn black.

When did he become fearful of his wife These people were talking nonsense.

After asking around, he found out that his mother went out and told others that his wife could not bear children and that he was not allowed to take in concubines, so he didnt have any.

After Xiao Yuanshi heard this, he really wanted to vomit blood.

He only wanted to send the old Xiao family out of the capital as soon as possible.

He was really afraid of being tricked..

Ge Chunru waited until the swelling on her face had subsided before bringing her sister to the jewellery shop, where she received many looks of disdain and sympathy.

She could not resist and got her servant girl to ask around.

The reasons caused her to almost faint from anger.

This damn old woman actually went out and said that she couldnt give birth anymore.

She was simply too vicious.

She was in no mood to buy jewellery.

She grabbed her sister and took the stairs down.

They were prepared to return to the generals manor.

Then, she suddenly heard someone speaking in a low voice not far away.

“No wonder theres rumours that General Xiao had a concubine outside.

It turns out that the generals wife cant give birth anymore.”

Hearing this, Ge Chunrus face turned pale and her body softened.

If her sister didnt support her, she would have fallen to the ground.


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