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Ge Chunru threw herself into Xiao Yuanshis arms and burst into tears.

Her lowered head was filled with hatred, and she was tempted to eat away the hearts of the old lady and Mdm Wang.

When these people were on their way to the northern border, she would let someone snatch their money and break their legs.

Otherwise, it would be difficult to appease her anger from being beaten up several times.

“She is not one of my people at all.

You have accused me wrongly.”

She cried until she looked like she was about to die.

“Since my mother-in-law doesnt like me, why dont you get me a rope Ill hang myself.”

This implied that since the old lady was forcing her to die, she would throw a tantrum.

But what was Old Lady Xiaos identity An ignorant village woman who was pestering her.

She actually took off her belt immediately and threw it over.

“Come, come.

Ill give you a belt.

If you dont hang yourself, then Ill do it.”

Ge Chunru did not expect the old lady to be so shameless.


Her body stiffened.

Xiao Yuanshi sensed his wifes reaction.

With a darkened face, he said, “Enough!”

He asked, “Mother, do you have proof that she is one of Chunrus people”

He knew and tacitly agreed to this.

He had also seen the woman shaking her head to his wife just now.

Old Lady Xiao sneered, “We dont have any evidence, but we can be sure that she did it.”

She pointed at the woman on the ground.

“When we asked this little b * tch just now, she said that your wife is behind it.”

When they returned to their courtyard just now, they beat this b * tch and asked her if Ge Chunru had instructed her to do it.

Although she did not admit it, she was stunned for a moment.

It was obvious that she was surprised that they knew about it.

Xiao Yuanshi raised his hand and rubbed his brows.

“Mother, even if you want to accuse someone of theft, you have to show the stolen items.

You cant be so unreasonable.”

Old Lady Xiao spat at him.

“You bastard.

Even when your nephew has a fatal disease, youre still protecting this woman.

“Alright, since you say that she did not instigate her to do so, then well report it to the officials and let them investigate.

“If she didnt do it, I will kneel in front of her and kowtow to show my sincere apology.”

These words successfully caused Xiao Yuanshi and Ge Chunrus expressions to change.

If they really went to report it to the officials, regardless of whether they managed to discover the truth, he and his wife would be humiliated again.

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Moreover, the possibility of digging out the truth was very high.

Xiao Yuanshi was about to go crazy.

“Mother, dont air our familys dirty laundry.

Why do you always like to go out and ruin our reputation”

“Ptui, youre clearly the one who married a poisonous woman to stir up trouble.

You wont even spare your own nephew.

The two of you are beasts.”

The old lady couldnt help but hit Xiao Yuanshi, who was shielding his wife.

Xiao Yuanshi hurriedly dodged to avoid the slaps.

He also knew that it was useless to reason with the old Xiao family.

He had to divert their attention to the benefits.

“Doesnt Eldest Grandson Xiao still want to go to the northern border In the future, do you still need my help to transfer him back to the capital”

Old Lady Xiao sneered.

“Then dont go to the northern border.

“My eldest son, bring my eldest grandson and grab this little hoof to the capital and report the matter to the magistrate.”

Eldest Grandson Xiao and the others were really going to bring this little hoof along.

Xiao Yuanshi felt a splitting headache.

“Mother, what exactly do you want”

Since they didnt bring her to the magistrate yet, they definitely had a motive.

The old Xiao familys tactics were similar to those when they had first arrived.

It could only mean one thing – his son and that bad daughter-in-law had taught them these.

He was also not very satisfied with Ge Chunru.

Since she knew that Shi Qingluo was not easy to deal with, why did she still send the old Xiao family over to wait for Shi Qingluo to use them as her pawns.

Now, not only were they unhurt, they even stabbed them back.

He was really depressed.

When Old Lady Xiao heard his question, she snorted coldly and said, “Fulfil my two conditions and we wont report it to the authorities, nor will we seek revenge on this poisonous woman.”

Xiao Yuanshi knew that it would be like this.

“Go ahead.”

Ge Chunru felt like vomiting at this moment.

She originally wanted to let this damn old lady and the others go and make a good fuss, to diminish Shi Qingluo and Xiao Hanzhengs contribution to the seeds offering.

She wanted to see them fail.

However, she had never expected them to discover the problem of Eldest Grandson Xiaos concubine.

Needless to say, it was definitely done by that cheap and bastard Xiao Hanzheng.

What made her even more upset was that he had actually become the divine doctors disciple.

If her husband could not find other disciples of this divine doctor, would she have to ask Xiao Hanzheng to treat her illness

Just now, this damn old woman said that she was a hen that did not lay eggs.

This had hit her sore spot.

She really wished for a child.


Now, she did not refute and waited to hear the old ladys request.

She was also afraid that the old Xiao family would report it to the authorities.

If others discovered that she arranged that concubine to her husbands nephew, how would she be able to continue living in the capital

Old Lady Xiao raised her head and puffed out her chest.

“First, for the sake of your lineage, you have to take in a few concubines.”

“No!” Ge Chunrus expression changed and immediately voiced her displeasure.

Old Lady Xiao could not help but pinch Ge Chunru a few times.

“Youre a hen that doesnt lay eggs.

You cant bear a child yourself, and you even want my son to have no descendants.

How can you be so vicious

“If you dont agree, then Ill go to the imperial court and let the officials decide for you to divorce my son.

“Not being able to bear a child is already committing seven sins.”

Shi Qingluo told them not to argue with these two beasts.

Regardless of what happened, they should report to the authorities.

This would guarantee that the two beasts would give in.

As expected, Ge Chunru was so angry that her face turned green, but she didnt know what to say.

If her in-laws wanted Xiao Yuanshi to divorce her, this was possible as their society placed a lot of importance on filial piety.

Although this usually wouldnt happen, if this damn old woman really wanted to do it, it was still possible.

When Xiao Yuanshi heard this, his opinion of this old hag changed a little.

It seemed that his biological mother and father still cared about him.

Otherwise, why would she waste a condition on him

He nodded and said, “Alright, I agree to this.”

Ge Chunru raised her head and looked at Xiao Yuanshi in disbelief.

He actually wanted to take in concubines.

In the past, he had said that he only wanted her.

Xiao Yuanshi gave her a comforting look, meaning that he wanted to stabilise the situation first.

Just dont touch the concubines even if he took them in.

Ge Chunru saw his gaze and heaved a sigh of relief.

However, she did not feel good.

She once again hated Mdm Kong and Old Lady Xiao.

If not because of them, how could she have suffered a miscarriage and damaged her health.

She clenched her fists tightly.

In the future, she would definitely settle the score with them.

Xiao Yuanshi looked at the old lady.

“Mother, whats the second condition”

Old Lady Xiao said impolitely, “Its not easy to treat your nephews illness.

He needs good medication.

“Since this is your wifes fault, she has to take the responsibility.

“When we leave the capital two weeks later, we have to take away two-thirds of the items in the generals manors storeroom.”

Ge Chunru widened her eyes.

“Dont push your luck too much.”

After the incident with the capital magistrate, the items in the storeroom had all been restored.

It was practically all the assets in the generals manor.

If they took away two-thirds of it, what was left

The general had already come to an agreement with the second prince that her sister-in-law would marry into the second princes manor as his second queen.


Thus, he still had to prepare a generous dowry for her to establish her identity as the second queen.

This damn old woman and others were too greedy.


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